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4 Pillars Of Synergy And Team Building


We live in a time where small businesses are growing and thriving by leaps and bounds. 

In fact, small businesses are responsible for creating close to 1.5 million jobs in a recent calendar year, with close to 40% of those coming from businesses that have just a few employees. This is the age of the small shop winning,  but you need to know how to build a winning team. 

When you have a team foundation that is built around camaraderie, a common mission, unyielding effort and cooperation, you'll be able to last for decades. There are four pillar values you need to remember when it comes to building this team. 

Consider these four strategies so that you can create a winning team. 

Be Ready To Sacrifice For The Team

As the leader, you need to always be the first willing and able to sacrifice for the good of the team. This is easy to do when you have a giving spirit that revolves around putting the common goal over individual ego and accomplishment. When you truly live this idea, make sure that you lead by example. 

For instance, choosing to take a pay cut so that you can fix financial shortfalls or have money for talented employees shows that you're willing to sacrifice. When people see the leader being the first to jump into the line of fire, they'll be inspired to follow suit and do what's best for the team. 

The sky is the limit when everyone puts the mission first in this manner. 

Build A Mission That Everyone Buys Into

When you have a solid mission, it's easier for everyone to provide the best value and contribution. 

Start by outlining a general mission that built around the company's values. For instance, if you have a mission statement of "Living Your Highest Principles", everyone in the company can use the team as a resource to always strive to be their best selves. They can do this by cultivating their skills and pushing themselves, while also holding fellow co-workers responsible for this growth. 

Think about how powerful accountability groups are. Treating your company as a tribe of accountability, rather than just a job, makes it easy for people to feel inspired to get out of bed every morning to serve the company. 

Learn To Communicate With Each Individual

You need to get into the heads of every person that works for you to know what makes them tick, what their motivations are and how they communicate. Opening these communication channels helps you to get the most out of everyone. 

Trying to inspire people with the same approach won't work, so you need to always strive to have personal relationships with each individual. This shows that you care and builds synergy. 

Make The Mission Plain

As a team, everyone needs to know their role in the greater goal of accomplishing objectives. This can only be done when you have an ultimate mission that is broken down into smaller goals. 

For instance, if you begin the year with the goal of getting out of debt, you can break it down into quarters, months and weeks, making sure to track progress every step of the way. Have managers or other points of communication so that you're able to keep track of each step of the goal. 

Update everyone on progress and celebrate each accomplishment. 

Building your team with these four pillars in mind is a winning formula for synergy and team building. 

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