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5 Tips For Promoting Workplace Learning


When you need to make the absolute most out of your company's presence, there are always some key strategies to execute. The best thing that you can do for yourself is build capable employees that understand how to get more positive visibility to the company. When you nurture your employees in this regard, you will have a better opportunity to market and set a strong foundation for your business. 

Since it all begins with strong employees, your company's management and training will be essential. To learn a bit more about how you can make this happen, read on and follow these points. 

#1: Help your employees define their niche and identity

The most important step you can take is to set goals and objectives with your employees. 

This needs to be a collaborative process, rather than something that you're simply passing down. Speak with your employees and ask about their big picture hopes and desires, so that you can then figure out how you can help them where they want to go. These objectives should be split up into plans 3 to 5 years down the road. By having these objectives in place well in advance, you and your employees can work together in this regard to make it a reality. 

Make sure that you and your employees are setting specific goals that are suited to their personality and what fulfills them, rather than simply designating meaningless goals simply to hit benchmarks. Take a people first approach to figuring out what your employees hope to get out of their careers, and they will be better able to communicate this to you. When your employees feel that you are actually giving them tools to succeed long-term, they'll work harder for you and have some purpose to your work. This way, it becomes much bigger than simply fulfilling the requirements you ask of them. 

#2: Hold seminars and brown bag sessions to teach and learn web marketing

Take the time to get everyone on the same page so that they're always growing and learning. When you have everyone get together to learn the nuts and bolts of marketing, you can always expect them to pick up new strategies of marketing little by little. Brown bag sessions and seminars can be an  excellent way for your employees to brush up on and learn new skills related to search engine optimization, digital marketing, search engine marketing and so many other objectives. 

The more that you have your professionals learn these facets of marketing, the better you can hope for your company to improve and remain a force among your competitors. In this day and age, there are plenty of online courses and modules you can participate in, in addition to continuing education opportunities. By exposing your company to these sorts of opportunities, they will be more likely to pick up the skills that will carry them through their entire careers. 

Since your professionals value the opportunity to stock up on game-changing skills,  you will find that they will also value working for your business in general. This lends to retention and job security, which is essential when you are trying to build your company from the ground up. 

#3: Create outreach opportunities with your customer base

If you follow sports, you might notice that athletes on professional teams are responsible for community outreach programs in addition to the work they do on the field and in preparation for games and matches. The reason for this is that connecting with your community is a big part of building the brand, and will allow you to foster some goodwill with people that will one day do business with you. 

You should especially key in on opportunities to give back as it relates to areas related to your field. For instance, a car dealership might consider holding a free carwash day, or offering free rides to people partying on New Years Eve. These sorts of acts not only foster goodwill, it will add up and create an opportunity for people to do business with you at a later date. 

Let your employees be hands-on when it comes to finding and creating new opportunities to reach out to the community. When they feel as though they have some say in it, they'll feel connected and able to contribute. In terms of social media branding, make sure that your employees are always interacting with the public, rather than simply posting and forgetting about it. This way, they will learn more ways to truly connect to the public, rather than simply taking a purely scientific approach to marketing. 

#4: Get serious about blogging

Blogging is still a centerpiece for growing your company's brand and reaching the public -- even as marketing continues to develop and expand at a rapid rate. Because of this, you need to be sure that your employees have a solid handle on creating and maintaining a blog. 

Start by making sure that they feel comfortable creating excellent content that will stand the test of time. The best thing that they can do is create long form evergreen content that customers find great value in. Writing well-researched content between 2,000 and 2,500 words is the winning strategy today, because blogs have evolved and people are relying on them more than ever. Whether your blog is news or entertainment based, you will need to figure out how best to reach your public and connect with them.

Once your employees feel comfortable writing quality content, give them a chance to also learn and execute strategies that will get more notoriety to the blog. 

#5: Make seminars an essential part of your company

When you send your employees around the country to seminars, they'll consider it a perk of the job and will find great value in it. This is also where some of the most important conversations in the industry are happening, so you need to infuse new energy your workplace by getting in on the ground floor. 

Consider these tips and use them so that your employees are much better because of it. 

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