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Rob Kirby | Founder of People People | Executive Coach | Facilitator | Speaker

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5 Tips from Actors to Improve Presentation SkIlls


As we all know, a presentation can make or break a pitch, a training session and/or our reputations. But how do you take your presenting game to the next level? Well, why not get some tips from one of the most accomplished presenters out there: actors! Actors have been perfecting their craft for centuries, so let’s take a look at five tips from actors to help you become a better presenter. 

1. Speak with Confidence

Every actor knows that the key to great performance is confidence. The same is true when it comes to presenting. Speak with clarity and confidence and your audience will be more likely to pay attention and engage with what you have to say. 

2. Know Your Lines

All solid actors have mastered their lines, which is why they know exactly what they are going to say before they step onstage. As a presenter, it’s important that you do the same by preparing ahead of time and researching your material thoroughly so that you don’t get caught off guard when questions come up during your presentation. 

3. Use Gestures

Great actors use gestures in order to convey emotion on stage, and these same techniques can be applied when presenting as well. Utilize hand gestures or body language to emphasize certain points or draw attention away from any potential slip-ups during your presentation. 

4. Connect with Your Audience

Acting isn’t just about delivering lines; it’s also about connecting with the audience on an emotional level in order to draw them into the story being told onstage. When presenting, try connecting with your audience by asking questions or using storytelling techniques in order to keep them engaged throughout your session. 

 5. Have Fun

At its core, acting is supposed to be fun! So don’t forget that when presenting as well; if you are having fun, then chances are your audience will too! So relax and enjoy yourself while delivering your message and watch as engagement levels soar!  


The best presenters understand how important their performance is if they want their audience members to listen intently and engage fully with their message – luckily for us all there are some amazing tips we can learn from our friends in the acting world! By following these five tips from actors – speaking confidently, knowing our lines, utilizing gestures, connecting with our audiences and having fun – we can transform ourselves into masterful presenters who deliver unforgettable presentations each and every time! 

Author Profile Picture
Robert Kirby

Rob Kirby | Founder of People People | Executive Coach | Facilitator | Speaker

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