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Any Answers Digest #16 – best and worst managers, succession planning tools, internal trainer training…


TrainingZONE Any Answers Digest - Issue 16
Wednesday 31 July 2002

********** THIS WEEK'S TOPICS ***** THIS WEEK'S TOPICS **********
Best and worst for succession planning sought...
...why hate flip charts on racks?...measuring the capability of
internal spend for FMCGs...
********** THIS WEEK'S TOPICS ***** THIS WEEK'S TOPICS **********

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What you asked this fortnight
New questions posted include:

What are your experiences of best and worst managers?, asks
Colin Hamilton

Is anyone willing to share any tools, templates or other pro
formas used in the course of their work to support succession
planning processes?, asks Sue Chew

I'm looking for lively ideas for grievances and disciplinary
training!, asks William Chadwick

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Featured question: Measuring the capability of internal trainers
I use a lot of internal 'non-training' colleagues to deliver
aspects of technical training programmes. Some of them are hugely
knowledgeable, but bad trainers. I need a mechanism that ensures
that these people are genuinely capable of delivering training to
a consistently good standard. Has anyone got any ideas as to how
we should do this?

I don't want to scare anyone off so the method we use should act
as an incentive rather than a barrier.

Question submitted by Dan Pond

Members responses

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Two companies I know are in a similar situation with a large
number of non-trainers supporting the rollout of both technical
and non-technical training, over 100 people in each case. They
have both decided to put these people through facilitation skills
training, with an emphasis on sharing and building on knowledge
and its application in the workplace. Not only are they more
productive in their training role, but it also enhances their
leadership skills.

Tim Drewitt


I have been in exactly the same situation as you are in now,
where you need the knowledge transferred to end users, via
training. I overcame this by designing an ongoing training and
development programme for the 'non-trainers' and taught them all
the training skills they needed via an ongoing programme.
Be warned though, you cannot expect everyone to be a good

Angela Holroyd


One should no more expect non-trainers to meet 'consistently good
standards of training' than to expect non-surgeons to meet
consistently good standards of surgery. The price you have to
pay for good training is as simple as in any progression - you
have to either hire capable trainers or have your technicians
trained as trainers and screened to assure their ability to meet
your needs. As to incentives you should consider some
recognition for your technicians who are also serving as

James Scalise


I have recently used NVQ as a method of progressing 80 on site
trainers who previously had little experience. This was preceded
by a three day train the trainer course developed internally.

Colin Bingham


Hi Dan,

Try talking the Institute of IT Training. They have a good
Trainer Assessment Programme which is not that expensive.

Gary Homes MIITT


Dear Dan
You are right to be concerned! Research by the ASTD shows that
more than 90 percent of the effectiveness of any classroom
learning experience results from the trainer's communication and
people skills, as opposed to subject-matter expertise.

Adrian Snook


I'd firstly quantify why these people are bad trainers. Assuming
that its their understanding of how learning takes place and
their delivery style that's in question, I'd then get them on a
train the trainer programme. Be prepared however for some people
not to be able to adapt their training style and methodologies
even after training. You then have to make a call on their
training future.

Mark Brown

You're right, just because someone is fantastic at doing the day
job, does not necessarily mean they will make it as a trainer.
You can attach a trainer to them, to document their content and
convert it into a standardised course. Or you could train them to
become more effective communicators (not necessarily trainers),

Wayne Thomas


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Any Answers Answered:
This fortnight, new responses have been added to the following

Q - Am I the only one to loathe flip charts hung on rail racks!,
asks Bill Chadwick. They are usually so distant from the
delegates, invariably rip when being turned over and are useless
removed and propped on a desk .In short, of limited use. A small
break out group can cluster round one but that seems it! Is there
any case for their defence?

(edited responses appear - see site for full responses)

A - I'm not able to offer a positive about these flips but please
don't go off the rails, says Celia Bourne. I also find the a
safety hazard if you knock against them they are very easy to
derail. As for a good thing about them - I can only guess the
non-trainer that designed them thought they looked neat!

A - I never have liked them....even the concept, says Lisa Bates.
The problem is that you end up with flips stuck at the same level
around the room...and they never slip into the rail rack. I now
purchase post-it note flips. These can prove expensive but the
benefits far out-weigh the cost, with the beauty of ripping off a
flip and placing it anywhere in the room...

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Q - Does anyone have the figures in GBP of what is considered as
best practice on training spend per head for an FMCG company?,
asks Jerry Hodge

(edited responses appear - see site for full responses)

A - I have been reading article after article about how
appropriate and effective training can increase the bottom-line
profits of a business, says Nigel Higgs. Therefore, maybe your
company should be considering not what is best practice but can
they afford NOT to spend as much as possible on training their
people AND their senior management.

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