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Any Answers Digest #20 – customer service exercises, fun sales training, voice coaching in call centres…


TrainingZONE Any Answers Digest - Issue 20
Wednesday 25 September 2002

********** THIS WEEK'S TOPICS ***** THIS WEEK'S TOPICS **********
N7 and O7 methodologies...customer service exercises...voice
coaching in call sales training...examples of
performance review...formulas for setting training course costs
********** THIS WEEK'S TOPICS ***** THIS WEEK'S TOPICS **********

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What you asked this fortnight
New questions posted include:

- Is there a formula available to help me set the amount per day
that learners will pay for a training course?, asks Patrick

- What are 'N7 and O7 methodologies'?, asks Jim Wade

- Is anyone willing to share examples of performance review /
appraisal systems in their workplace?, asks Carole Goodwin

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Featured question: Quick hit tips for voice coaching/awareness

I need to make some quick hits for coaching call centre staff on
voice awareness - any suggestions?

Question submitted by Jason Burns

Members responses

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For one aspect of voice coaching/awareness, what springs to mind
is the old favourite exercise of reading the same sentence many
times over, each time placing the emphasis on a different word.

Perhaps this use of recording could be used, so that your staff
are aware of how they sound? I can remember when we first
introduced voice mail, many were horrified when they played back
their outgoing messages! They had not realised that they sounded
differently to other people.

Tim Drewitt



Getting someone to realise that the way they feel - their mental
state - will affect their vocal delivery (and their body
language) is not always easy to do. To get someone to do this
you first have to get them to 'hear' their own voice.
As already suggested, listening to taped voices can help but they
also need to get confident with their voice by recognising how
their voice works from inside their heads.

Nigel Higgs


It's not clear from your entry just why you want call centre
staff to be more aware of their voices. Prevention of voice
injury is arguably an area enormously neglected; awareness in
this context includes awareness of psychological hazards as well
as physical ones.
Kieran Duignan


Calls can be simulated with pre-recorded callers with different
accents and the call agent's responses can be similarly recorded
for analysis and coaching.

Jeet Khaira



I'm confused what are your learning objectives? Unless you
identify them specifically your coaching will be generalised and
you wont be able to evaluate your success.

Mark Starling

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Any Answers Answered

This fortnight, new responses have been added to the following

Q - Do you know of a good game or exercise to use on a customer
service training day for telephone customer service operators? I
want something which will generate enthusiasm and participation.
There are about 24 people on the course.

Paul Sloane

(edited responses appear - see site for full responses)

A - Paul, I have just purchased a good book 'The big book of
Customer Service Training Games'. It contains 50 games for
various situations.

Steve Mosley

A - Hi Paul. I have quite a number of energisers - could you let
me have some more background information? Once I have more
details I will see what I can share with you to match what you

Tony Mann

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Q - Does anyone have any fun sales exercises or know of any good
resources for basic sales training. I am struggling to find
resources to integrate into an in house training programme.

Steve Mosley

(edited responses appear - see site for full responses)

A - I use a number of from Management Learning Resources as well
as my own from many years of sales training.

Bob Hayward

A - Hi Steve,

Try this one: Have small cards and on each is one word or a
phrase. Give 6 cards to each delegate but put them face down
until you tell them to begin. In pairs the delegates have to
describe to each other what's on each card, without using any of
the words. E.G. The word 'windows' could be described as 'You
look through them and they are made of glass'.
Use an egg timer or clock and give the group 1 minute to guess as
many as possible before changing round to give their partner a
turn. The objective of this exercise is to develop good concise
communication skills, listening skills and to understand that
people see things in different ways.

Colette Johnson

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