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Any Answers Digest #5 – making inductions exciting, using online tools for learning styles, launching a learning environment


TrainingZONE Any Answers Digest - Issue 5
Wednesday 13 February 2002

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********** THIS WEEK'S TOPICS ***** THIS WEEK'S TOPICS **********
...making inductions more exciting... using an online tool to
help assess learning styles... What's the best way to launch a
learning environment?...
********** THIS WEEK'S TOPICS ***** THIS WEEK'S TOPICS **********

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What you asked this fortnight:
New questions posted include:

Kenneth Deane is looking for members' comments on pros and cons
of e-learning versus the traditional tutor led approach.

Does anyone have any factual evidence that having an open
learning centre in a room with no daylight impacts learning or
has lower occupancy rates?, asks Peter Dunn

How can I encourage staff in our company to attend in-house IT
Training sessions? With no cost issue, only people's time, I need
to demonstrate to staff and, more notably, managers how IT
training will benefit them, asks Charlotte Holloway

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Featured question: Making inductions more fun/interactive
I am not happy with the way that our inductions are being done.
We have certain topics that need to be covered e.g. company
history/structure, GMP etc. and I want to try and make inductions
more interesting as I can tell that inductees are bored.
Our inductions last from 09:30-13:30 with 1 1/4 hours dedicated
to Health and Safety. The number of inductees can be anything
from 1 -10 and from all areas of the company. Any suggestions
would be greatly appreciated

Question submitted by Allison Preece

Members responses

We make interactive e-learning simulations using a tool. In a
number of recent applications some large corporates have taken
an interactive simulation that we provided for their managers and
given it to a trainer to redeploy it for shop floor workers. The
benefit of this approach is that the simulation is/can be changed
to suit an audience or because of any change in the process.
Because it is interactive the student has a chance to learn at
his/her pace and the organisation can confirm electronically that
the student has understood and completed the tasks. Fallout from
computer course is 50 per cent+. Fallout from interactive courses
is under 10 per cent. Neil Cameron

(Edited response appears - see the site for full response)

Hi Allison. With the limited information supplied, it is only
too easy to view your situation with some scepticism!
I agree with the previous comments, especially Gary's. Firstly,
it would appear that your company does not place sufficient
emphasis on the importance of the induction process. It may well
be a budget limitation! But to the main issue! Put yourself in
the shoes of your new employee(s). A new job, new environment,
new people, and new culture...the list goes on. The most
important starting point is to ensure that people are at their
ease. A good icebreaker should achieve this. If practicable, take
them on a short tour around your facility.
Clive O'Donnell


I run a 2-day company induction course and have found that to
keep attendees interested I have to keep changing the media
used - sometimes it's PowerPoint, sometimes a video, often it is
games and quizzes based on things about the company, and
sometimes 'scavenger hunts' on the company intranet.
There is a team 'shoot-out quiz' on the last afternoon, with
prizes for the winning team. Hope these ideas help!
Jennie Falconer


We have made a CBT Induction Programme covering eight modules
(the usual ones; history, benefits, safety etc.) and then follow
these up at a later date with an Induction Workshop.
At this stage people already 'know' so the workshop is a very
interactive question and answer session.
Time is cut, costs are cut and the new employees are far better
informed. regards,
John Sim


(Edited response appears - see the site for full response)

Hi Allison,
I have designed/redesigned several induction programmes in the
past. I believe that one of the issues we face is our own or
management's expectation of how we transfer knowledge. If you
look to accelerated learning techniques, there are many ways
other than lecture sessions that important knowledge can be
imparted to your group. The induction programme is one of the
most important things a new hire can go through as it can have
such an impact on the individual and if they are bored, not only
will their learning experience be impaired but the sub-conscious
impression they could go away with is that they are working for a
boring company - which I am sure is not the case.
Gary Homes


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Any Answers Answered:
This fortnight, new responses have been added to the following

Q - Software Application Training
My company provides finance solutions to clients using complex
accounting software, I have to train the sales team to be
proficient in these systems. Every session I run is very flat as
I struggle to maintain enthusiasm in the subject matter - any
John Wright

A - Steve Holloway says, check out an earlier Any Answers
question at first,
then be enthusiastic about your subject, get a hook, Make them do
things and make it fun.

To read the full responses, see

Q - Is anyone using or recommending an online toolkit to help
assess learning styles etc. I have looked at the traditional
route of Peter Honey and wonder if there are any other tools and
resources out there that will also offer user friendly feedback
and assistance vision is access this independent information via
Intranet learning facility
Thanks. Guy Hunter

A - Robin Henry, David Howells, Andrew Gibbons and Gareth Pugh
all suggest options - to read the full responses, see

Q - What's the best way to launch a learning environment?
I am about to launch a learning environment to 900 staff, which
will include an Intranet site and a suite of CBT packages. There
is a Training Team in existence already who deliver on the job
training - the Learning Environment is more about personal
development. I have a small budget and the support of senior
management. Has anyone got any ideas of how to appeal to the
staff and get them interested in using the facilities? What can I
add to the Intranet site other than work related information?
Rachel Benson

A - I believe that your next step needs to be communication and
support, says Gareth Pugh, Tell everyone about the new service
via email, presentations, line manager briefings etc. Make sure
you explain to people why they the service will be beneficial

A - Gary Holmes suggests the best way is to see if you can get
people to want to visit your site by making it potentially
rewarding (other than in the learning sense) and useful place for
them to browse around.

To read the full responses, see

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