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Automation’s cool but we still need a human touch


The year is 2023, and no one talks to one another. The times of face-to-face conversation are arcane and long forgotten. All our information and entertainment is pumped into us though the inbuilt headphones and optical headsets we observer form our small cramped bedsit apartments. No one ever needs to leave the house; all work is conducted through a string of automated text messages that fly between us forming a web of virtual commands, requests and aid. All commerce is conducted online, the last shops closing nearly half a decade ago. Now the global government known only as Amazon creates all we could desire with its army of 3d printers, to then be flown to us by drone, landing on the doorstep of a door that never opens to see a face. 
Flash back to today again and things certainly aren’t this bad. But some similarities could be drawn between our two not so distant time periods. More and more socialization takes place online through sites like Facebook and twitter. Dating websites thrive as more and more of our time is taken up by work, giving us less time to meet a significant other spontaneously and organically. 
We travel to work on the bus with our headphones plugged in as we sit with the same people we see everyday, not knowing their names or where they are going. And now Google glass aims to occupy more and more of our senses as were on the go. 
At work we answer emails constantly as our phone lines stay silent. We even email our coworker on the neighboring desks save we have to get up and ask them something directly.
We shop more and more online, Amazon and Asos expand every day as even the biggest high street chains struggle to survive and we visit our local supermarkets, to then stand in line for self-service as we watch the one lonely cashier stand hopefully waiting behind a cash register that no one queues for. 
2023 now doesn’t seem quite so far off!
But this dystopian future need not happen. There is hope for brighter days. John Conner sent back Arnold Schwarzenegger to stop the world from ending. But you need not wait for an ex-bodybuilding Austrian to save you. There is an alternate version of the future that you can live today with the accessplanit help desk, last bastions of the personal touch. 
Ok maybe I’m being a little over the top. But to us the personal really does matter. When we implement an accessplanit training management system for an organisation or training provider, our relationship doesn’t end there. We strive to maintain an ongoing relationship as part of the service. You can call our helpdesk at any time during working hours for help and support from our highly specialized and knowledgeable team, who you should already know. How? Because when you choose an accessplanit system we will come out to you, teaching you everything you need to know and training you personally on every aspect of our LMS. We also offer regular open training courses for any one who feels their knowledge could do with a little touch up, or new staff who need to be brought up to speed. 
Thinking about installing a new LMS or course management software?  Why not sign up for one of our regular webinars, giving you the opportunity to speak directly to a member of accessplanit’s staff and have us field any questions you may have.
Unfortunately there may be times that we can’t be there. When this occurs don’t let visions of 2023 haunt you, our expert knowledgebase is online to help solve any issues you may have until we can be reached, and our client support portal is live 24 hours a day. 
Yes, we believe automation is the future, but we also believe it can be delivered with a human touch…  

Author Profile Picture
Dave Evans

Managing Director

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