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Conscious Affirmations for Aligned Leadership



Affirmations sometimes unfairly get a bit of a bad press… you might even be thinking twice about reading this article as you sense I might be limbering up to get all new agey on you.

I hope to put your mind at ease. Let’s start by thinking about affirmations as powerfully intentional self-talk. Through this lens, affirmations become an intensely practical self-coaching tool that cultivates self-compassion and a growth mindset. I am assuming that as a leader, you understand the importance of personal growth and transformation as central to your professional development. And for Conscious Leaders, it is crucial to align your thoughts, beliefs, and actions with your intentions. Affirmations cultivated from this awareness can serve as a tool to help achieve this alignment.

Here are five practical ideas to help you assemble yours:

1. Positivity Matters

Phrase your affirmations in positive terms, emphasising what you wish to create, achieve, and inspire. For instance, instead of saying, "I will not lead from fear," reframe it as "I lead with courage”. By directing your attention towards positive outcomes, you set the stage for Conscious Leadership.

2. Flex Your Range

Utilise a varied vocabulary when phrasing your affirmations to hit all the senses linguistically. Conscious Leadership requires a multidimensional approach, so ensure that your affirmations engage all aspects of your being by incorporating a diverse range of sentence starters such as I am, I feel, I lead, I love, I speak, I see, and I know. Think of this as broadening the welcome mat of possibility and inviting in different dimensions of your leadership persona. By embracing this range, you invite a holistic alignment within yourself, empowering you to discover hidden truths.

3. Open to The Unknown

While setting clear intentions is crucial, great leadership often involves embracing the unknown and allowing for unforeseen opportunities for growth. So, think about how you can craft affirmations that remain open enough to invite in new possibilities, unimagined outcomes, and unexpected wins. An obvious example might be: I see myself delightfully surprised by unexpected leadership successes. By doing this, you create space for the vibrational matrix of possibility to respond with unforeseen goodies that still align with your leadership journey.

4. Cultivate Presence Before You Affirm

The practice of speaking your affirmations silently or out loud is a ritualised intentional one and should be seen as sacred. The approach to any sacred moment must be presence-filled and so set aside a few moments prior, to centre yourself, loosen your grip on the daily swell of activity, and release yourself into a series of deepening breaths. Your surroundings need not be pristine, and the world need not be quiet, as long as you are settled spaciously into your inner reality. This state of presence enhances the energetic impact of your affirmations, amplifying their potency on your mind, body and being.

5. Practice Every Weekday

Consistency is paramount when working with affirmations. As a professional with demanding responsibilities, it is essential to make affirmations an integral part of your daily routine. Incorporate them into your morning awakening ritual when your mind is receptive and primed for new impressions - making it an ideal time to align your intentions with your leadership aspirations. Repeat them right before you go to sleep at night, when the subconscious mind is particularly active, allowing the echoes of your affirmations to do their work as you rest and rejuvenate.

By following these five steps, you have everything you need to design a set of affirmations that will set you on course for your next chapter. And as you align your thoughts, beliefs, and actions, rest assured that you will be creating a ripple effect of positive transformation, both within yourself and throughout your team and wider network of influence.

So, let's embrace affirmations as practical tools for aligned leadership, use them for cultivating self-compassion, fostering a growth mindset, and consciously creating the positive impact we desire!

And now… over to you.

By Neil Seligman


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Mindfulness Expert and Conscious Life Coach, Neil Seligman is dedicated to delivering inspiring learning experiences and catalysing conscious creativity in all aspects of life and business.



Author Profile Picture
Neil Seligman


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