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Dare to be…


As with the majority of my blog posts, I go through each week  not necessarily knowing what I'll write about the following week.

I continue to embrace and experience what comes along and at regular points I find my new inspirations to blog about.

Last week I wrote about Making a splash and this week sees me focusing on; daring to be...

When you're brave enough to be daring and bold enough to make that leap; that's when the impossible becomes possible.

That's when you look back and think; that wasn't so scary after all.

When you see others doing things you didn't think they could; that's when you start to think to yourself, I could do that too.

Why wait for others to do things, before you start to tell yourself; I can do that too...?

Dare to be that successful photographer; dare to be that animal rescuer, dare to be that sales trainer, or dare to be whatever it is that you're putting off until the time is right!

In 'Living your dreams' by Miles Hilton-Barber, Miles shares a wonderful tale of 2 friends who go in search of some apples from a nearby orchard. When they reach the orchard there's a 10ft wall stopping them in their tracks. One boy turns to the other and says; "we'll never get over that wall, so we'll have to go back...". The other boy decides to throw his school cap over the wall. The boy still wearing a cap says; "you stupid thing, why have you thrown your cap over the wall. If you go back without your cap you're going to get a beating...". The boy without the cap turns to his friend and says; "now we'll have to get my cap back, so we may as well  get some apples whilst we're there...".

Daring to be can result in YOU being different to others. When you consider that we're all different anyway; does it really matter?

Who's to say the green fish isn't looking at the other fish and saying; "crikey, you guys look a little different, what happened to you"?

Who's to say the goldfish aren't looking at the green fish and saying; "wow that's different, how do we get to be like you"?

YOU can spend a lifetime putting things off or YOU can live a lifetime having done those things that YOU dared to do!

I dare you to do the things this week (and in your life) that move you closer to where you want to be.

Remember: you're never too old to be daring...

Have a great week and feel free to pass on this blog to someone in your life that's looking for some inspiration or a friendly nudge



PS. Check out this fab website -

Sally is brilliant at what she does; helping people dress confidently and much more...

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