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Diary of a Business Development Manager


Day 1
Arrived feeling quite excited, although my feelings changed to cynicism the minute I was surrounded by the hand-clapping and whooping that surrounded me. The morning was spent learning how we let negative experiences in the past affect our futures life in the present. All made perfect sense to me, but I still felt a little uncomfortable with all the hysteria. Plus there seemed to be too many religious undertones to the event. As A Christian, I found it hard to ignore the fact that this guy is 'healing' people who come from miles around to hear him speak...ring any bells?

The evening culminated in the fire-walk, which somehow I managed to do without even feeling it. Admittedly I would say that the positivity and altered 'state' I was in allowed me to do it. I was elated afterwards and full of energy. I was absolutely amazed that I could do something like that.

Day 2/3
More whooping and hand slapping, interspersed with high NRG dancing and what I would call 'regression' therapy. We put ourselves into a situation in the past that had affected us negatively and Robbins encouraged us to multiply the feeling, until it became unbearable, thinking of how that feeling had affected us in our lives so far and how it will affect our future if we don't break the pattern. The idea is then to replace that pattern with a new one. I'm still working on that one. This technique was used by people wanting to excel themselves at work, or be better parents, or react differently in their personal lives.

Both days were exceedingly emotional, and added to the fact that we were 'working' from 8.30 til 11pm, I was totally exhausted by the evenings. It was all I could do to fall into bed!!

Day 4
The day was focused on the body needing to be in peak physical condition for your mind to work well enough to enable us to achieve all that we wanted to. By this point I was exhausted and could barely take in the lessons about food combining that Robbins was extolling. In fact I left early in order to make the trek home!

I have definitely gained from attending Unleash the Power. I feel more positive and understand my actions and reactions better. The downside, according to my partner is my incessant "Anthony Robbins said..." comments! But when it comes down to it, I walked on fire.


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