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Discover your PASSION…


When you discover something in life that you really enjoy, you tend to do this with passion. Passion quickly translates into happiness.
Those of you that are earning a living out of doing something which is ‘your passion’, probably don’t feel like you’re working for a living!
Passion is an amazing feeling. Take the person who decides to change their life; stops doing the job they didn’t really enjoy and goes back to college or university to study ‘their passion’.
That takes guts (some would say), and their zest for life increases ten-fold over night. Why? Because they’re following ‘their passion’. They’re happier and in some areas of their life the stress has gone.

Those of you that have children, here’s a quick fact. Children don’t actually care what you do for a living. What they do care about is being able to spend time with you! Why do you think children enjoy going on holiday so much?
If you’re unsure about this, put it to the test as I did. It turns out that our daughter thinks Mummy works for Morrisons and that Daddy is a Trainer for Rise & Shine.
When probed a little more, she didn’t really have any idea what we did.

Are you one of those people who hears themselves asking; “where does the time go…”? If you are, ask yourself these 3 questions:
1. Are you happy and passionate in your current job?
2. Are you happy and passionate about the people you work with?
3. Are you happy and passionate with your opportunities to develop in your current job?
If you can answer yes to all 3 you’re probably in the right place right now.
If you’re not happy and passionate right now then it’s time to discover ‘your passion’.

For those of you thinking… ‘I don’t know what I’m passionate about or I don’t know what I want to do’; my challenge to you is – YES YOU DO!
The likelihood is:
- you’ve never given yourself the time to focus on what ‘you’re passionate about’
- you’ve told yourself you can’t afford to do it right now (what with the mortgage etc)
- you’ve told yourself you’re too old and it’s too late
- you’ve resigned yourself to this being the path that’s laid out for you
- you’re comfortable doing what you’re currently doing and unsure about being able to do something different

Here’s what PASSION is and how it’s different from just doing the everyday things!
You know you’re passionate when you become ‘animated’ about it; or you ‘light up’ when someone asks you about it; or you feel ‘alive’ when you’re doing it…
My 4 simple steps to discovering ‘your passion’:
1. Write down all the things you really enjoy doing (take your time doing this)
2. List ‘what’ you enjoy about those things
3. List ‘why’ you enjoy those things
4. List as many ideas as possible under ‘How’ do you get yourself more time to follow your passion

Here’s an example:- Passion for working with animals as you are a caring person and want to do a job that is rewarding for you and others (the animals)
Give yourself more time by:
- Finding somebody that does this already and will let you get involved at weekends
- Looking at relevant courses / classes to study in the evening
- Getting involved from a Corporate Social Responsibility perspective (if your company does Corporate Social Responsibility)
- Telling others about your passion (people pass things on and tell others)
- Getting others involved with your passion (family or friends)
- Setting up a local group or getting involved with local animal charity (they always want more volunteers)

Very quickly ‘your passion’ turns into happiness and new doors will open up for you.
Who’d have thogught that when Susan Boyle walked onto the stage for the first time that she would be embarking on a career as an international singer?

We all have the potential to follow our passion and find true happiness.

Thank you for your continued readinng and subsequent comments. It inspires me to write each week.
We all need a helping hand from time to time, so if my blog inspires you, motivates you or just gets you thinking differently – it may do the same for a friend or member of your family so please pass it on to at least one other person.

Enjoy whatever it is you do until next week…


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