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Effective Research Based Email Marketing Strategie


In this day and age, the inbox of an average customer is full of competitive subject lines, marketing messages, and lots of attention-grabbing emails. Email marketing is one of the best channels to promote business communication with around 144 billion emails which are sent every day. So how could you separate yourself from the noise?

It is essential to learn how to stand out your message, whether bottom line is cold, community engagement, hard cash, or anything around them. Here are the best targeted list building services research-based email marketing strategies to get your emails clicked. 

1. Personalize Your Email without Recipient Name

You no longer need to start with “Dear (Recipient Name).” Many customers are wary of emails, especially with personal greetings, by considering various cybersecurity concerns like identity theft, phishing, and credit card fraud.

The relationship is an essential element of email marketing. Does a recipient know about you? Do they trust you? Intimacy can be earned in real life, and it would appear with email. However, faking familiarity with them may a significant turn off for many conscious email readers. It does not mean all personalization forms are off-limit.

Forget millennials! Focus on training the modern learner

The key is to use personalization in a meaningful way as an email strategy. It takes a bit of relationship or knowledge to place your name in greeting. It takes much care to send a personalized email which is specific to the history and needs of the recipient.

2. Best Time to Send Email – 8 pm to Midnight

When a lot of quality email may be curated on business hours, it is not right to send them from 9 to 5, especially the ones that have best open rates. It is best to send those emails at night.  According to experian best time to targeted list building services rollout emails is from 8 pm to midnight. This block was also performed for sales and click-through. Deployment times of marketers and inbox crowding go hand in hand.

3. Long and Short of Subject Lines

When deciding how to craft an ideal subject line, it seems to be the only area to avoid – 60 to 70 characters of the subject line. According to research which tracked up to 900 million marketing emails, there is no hike in either click-through or the open rate at subject line with a length of 60 to 70 characters.

On the other side, subject lines of up to 70 characters seem to be very beneficial to increase your engagement in click-through rate of the content and subject lines with 49 characters or below worked well in open rate. According to another report, subject lines with only ten characters had 58% of open rate.

4. Give Something Away

Here example from help scout-

Consumers love a free template or a free lunch. In a study on 6300 subscribers of the email list, Bluewire Media tested different types of content to find out which increased the highest click through and opened rates. Tools and templates were the winners. Most customers ask “What’s in the mail for me?” According to test reports, tools and templates outperform expert interviews, eBooks, photo albums and brain teasers.

5. Email Reigns over Twitter and Facebook

Social media is a recent trend in email marketing data providers. However, content is still the king of inbox which holds great social influence. SocialTwist has kept track on 119 campaigns from top companies. It showed a huge advantage to the ability of an email to transform new customers over the Twitter and Facebook.  Out of 300,000 referrals who are now customers, 50% were reached through email, as compared to 22% on Facebook and 26.8% on Twitter.

6. Mobile Devices have 47% More Open Rate

In June, mobile devices opened around 47% of all emails, according to Litmus, an email marketing firm. If your email list could give you sales of $100,000 per month, are you okay to compromise $44000 just because email seems funky on a mobile device? You need to design your email responsively so it would look appealing, no matter where subscriber would read it.

7. Send Emails on Weekends

Weekends like Saturday and Sunday can outweigh their weekday counterparts, i.e., from 8 pm to midnight of timing. The volume of email is also low on weekends, just like in evening emails, which could help you stand out more.

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