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Experiential Education Directory – February 1999


Latest issue of this Directory from Roger Greenaway:

Experiential Education Directory Monthly Newsletter -

OLD subject header: 'Experiential Education Directory ...'
NEW subject header: 'SiteFinder AEED ...'
The more things change ... the better they get!

~ ~>> S I T E F I N D E R ~ ~ Vol 2 Issue 2 ~ ~ ISSN 1465-8224

~ ~>> Adventure and Experiential Education Directory Ezine

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SiteFinder Directory:

The editor, Roger Greenaway
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My website and email addresses changed early Jan. '99 to: and [email protected]


~ Editor: Another Issue with a Difference!
~ Site of the Month: A Living Map
~ New Sites
~ Trackers' Tips: Finding Helpful Humans
~ Prize Draw: Winner
~ Site News: Searching Sitefinder
~ More About SiteFinder Ezine


You will find *some* continuity from one issue to the next - but
not much. All I can promise is that variety is guaranteed. Some
issues will be packed with site reviews (especially if you send
them in!). Some will list lots of new sites added to the
directory (when this happens). Some will summarise (or link to)
interesting outdoor-adventure-experiential discussions happening
on the net - especially where there are bulletin boards or public
archives (help wanted!)

What I will NOT do is run features for the sake of continuity (as
happens in many print journals). For example, if I do not find
(or am not told about) a high quality 'Site of the Month' there
won't be one! If there are 3 sites worth shouting about in any
one month, then there will be '3 SITES OF THE MONTH'. I won't
hold back good news to fill out the next issue - so you might
find that some issues are shorter than others.

This month's 'Site of the Month' happens to be about outdoor
research - but there are plenty of other ways in which sites can
qualify for this prestigious spot!

The other special feature this month is on

You can be one too [:-) ...

Correspondence for (or about) SiteFinder is always welcome.
It automatically gives you an entry in the bi-monthly prize draw.
(If you would you like to offer a prize please ask for details.)

~ ~>> Site of the Month: 'A LIVING MAP'

The Online Research Directory is one of the many free services of
CRN - the Countryside Recreation Network in the UK at:

As well as the Online Research Directory, CRN provides a free
newsletter (online and offline).
CRN also organises annual research meetings where agency
- exchange details of existing research projects
- inform each other about forthcoming programmes of research
- identify patterns of research
- look for any gaps
- look out for opportunities for co-operative research

CRN manages an impressive network that uses electronic media,
print media and regular face to face events throughout the year.
It's a great example of the internet supporting and developing
face to face networking. CRN's website aims to provide 'a living map'
of research in its fields of interest.

Does anyone know of anything similar in 'our' field(s)?

The host 'sausage' site the Social Sciences
Information Gateway and is full of useful internet links for
researchers such as the British Educational Research Association
at - from where you can find countless more links
to research sites in the UK and other countries.


Here are the last six sites added to the directory.

Action Learning Associates, Inc

Adventure Learning Associates
New name ('learning' replaces 'training')

Adventure Alternatives

Call Of The Wild - Adventure Consultants

Erkettu oy
This Finnish site will soon be translated into English.

Stanmore Software Systems
student-centred learning materials for self-development

Do you know of good sites that should be in this directory?
Please send this message to any personal or organisational
website managers you think should know about SiteFinder:

''Here's two FREE services for you: 1. SiteFinder Directory is a descriptive index of
websites about Adventure and Experiential Education.
2. SiteFinder Ezine [email protected]
provides monthly updates, reviews, search tips etc.''

~ ~>> Trackers' Tips: FINDING HELPFUL HUMANS

Have you noticed how search engines are evolving into HUMANS?

First we got SPIDERS working round the clock to index their
rapidly growing web.

Then came a FERRET and some DOGS
including - an excellent meta-search engine.

Then came the robot with a HUMAN face:
who prefers Plain English questions to Booleanish or NerdSpeak.

Now come the real HUMANS! They're a team called
'The Clickers' beavering (?) away at
Not only do they carry out your searches for free, they also have
a well organised search page - like the helpful numbers page you
find in a phone directory - only better.

The Clickers helped me find GORP - the Great Outdoors Recreation
Pages. On the GORP Forums page at will find 12
forums where more humans are eager to answer your questions on:
Conservation, Biking, Hiking, Paddling, Gear, Climbing,
Destinations, Family, Skiing, Campfire and Fishing.

'HUMANS do it better' is the slogan of the Open Directory
Project (formerly NewHoo) and now found at:
The Open Directory is compiled and edited by volunteer
(human) enthusiasts.

Within the Open Directory you will find more humans at:
where you will currently find 21 'Ask an Expert' services.

The 'Ask an Expert' editor recommends Dr. Universe at:
''Ask Dr. Universe a question you've always wondered about.
Remember, Dr. Universe tackles all questions, not just science.
She has a whole campus of experts to call on, experts in just
about everything. From global warming to neural networks. From
Jane Austen to soil nematodes. From cow belching to quasars. And
remember -- the university is just about the only place left that
still employs philosophers. So Dr. Universe can tackle the really
big questions.''

Dr. Universe turns out to be a cat! But the cat will find the

If you test out some of the free 'human' services listed above -
and LET US KNOW how you get on!

Please tell [email protected] about your favourite
places for asking questions about adventure or experiential
education on the net. In case you need a special incentive - all
ideas automatically qualify you for the next prize draw!

Your replies will appear in a special feature on 'Favourite
Places to Ask Questions'. (Your tips will be anonyomous or
acknowledged - whichever you prefer.)


Congratulations to Carol Horner who has just won a copy of
Reviewing Adventures.
The next Prize Draw is on April 1st (no kidding!) and will
automatically include helpful humans who do something extra
(however great or small) to help promote or develop SiteFinder.
That's all you need to know to enter, but you can find out more


As well as the search box for the whole of
you will now find a search box on the SiteFinder Index page will ONLY search
SiteFinder pages.


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