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Experiential Education Directory January 1999


Latest issue on the subject from Roger Greenaway.

Experiential Education Directory Monthly Newsletter -

~~~~~~~~>> S I T E F I N D E R ~~~~~~>> Vol 2 Issue 1

Adventure and Experiential Education Directory Ezine

~~~ a free monthly newsletter associated with the ~~~
SiteFinder Directory:

The editor, Roger Greenaway
welcomes you to this unique service. Please tell me if it's not!
You are in control of your subscription. Details are at the end.
Do you use active experience as a source of learning and
development? Then you have found the right newsletter -
especially if you want to learn and share ideas via the internet.
Just read on. You can join in too!

Please note the new *website* and *email* addresses (above).
Please update your records, bookmarks, links etc. now before the
old addresses expire.
There are also new addresses for signing up to this *newsletter*
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~ The New Look SiteFinder Directory
~ Trackers' Tips
~ Finding back issues of SiteFinder Ezine
~ Why This Directory?
~ What Makes a Great Website?
~ The Next Prize Draw
~ End Bits


'I just visited your updated site Roger, and must say it is
developing into a great resource for experiential ed.'
Rich Weider

SiteFinder Directory has changed a lot during 1998.

Many of these changes have been 'behind the scenes' resulting in
much quicker and easier navigation. Its performance ought to be
good given that it is hosted by Global Internet "the best
internet service provider on the planet" - according to tests
carried out by Internet Magazine (Dec. '98).

More features (e.g. site awards) will be added to the Directory
once the number of entries reaches 100. Please recommend sites
to include or award. Write to:

The easiest way to navigate the SiteFinder Directory is using the
NEW Directory Site Map which you can easily find from the
SiteFinder home page at:

On the DIRECTORY SITE MAP you will see these 5 sections:

~> Introduction
~> 6 things to do
~> Free Newsletter (this is it!)

~> SiteFinder Index
~> Organisations A-Z
~> People A-Z
~> Research
~> UK Sites
~> Where Can I Find ...? [in the Adventure and Experiential
Education Directory and at other web sites]

~> Add URL [This now includes many more ideas about 'special
attractions' to add to your site.]
~> Making a Link
~> Prizes
~> Ezine Archives
~> Site Reviews
~> Awards explained
~> Recommend A Site

~> Mapping the Field
~> Acronyms

5) LINKS [A selection of outdoor adventure education links in the
Guide to Active Reviewing]
~> UK Web Sites (A-Z)
~> World Web Sites (A-Z)
~> The Outdoor Index
~> The Outdoor Tour
~> The Outdoor Noticeboard
~> Search Help

NEW: In addition you can search for ANY WORD in SiteFinder from
the search box on the home page of the 'Guide to Active
at: To restrict your search to SiteFinder
just include SITEFINDER as one of your search words.


I have discovered two brilliant time-saving search utilities.
Every week I receive emails that tell me about new or changed web
pages that match my chosen search words. Amongst my search words
(it will not surprise you) are 'experiential education',
'adventure education' and 'Roger Greenaway'. So each week I get
web and usenet links that take me to my search results.

For example, this week's results included:
Adventures in lifelong learning: educational adventures for
adults aged 55 and over.
information on careers, colleges, and financial aid for students
and families.
Outdoorlite Ventures - offering outdoor adventure courses and
training in climbing, survival and mountaineering.
adventure sport courses, adventurous expeditions and outdoor
development team-building and leadership
courses in the UK and overseas.

So choose your own search words and try out these free search
services. And if you find sites to recommend then write in to: and let us know!

The Informant:

I was surprised to find my own site coming out top for most of my
keywords - especially because I have not even entered my site!
Like this search engine seems to track
down UK sites and list them - without being asked to.
If you are a UK web site owner, check that you are listed.
If you are searching for a UK site (or for anything in the UK) I
highly recommend both of these search engines. The drop down
lists at UKMax make the 'advanced search' very easy to use.

Most readers of this ezine are not from the UK.
Non-UK recommendations are welcome too!


As a subscriber, you can now access back issues by clicking on
the 'ListMembers' link at But you will only see
the issue number and not a list of contents.

To view a list of contents use the 'ARCHIVES' link from the
Directory SiteMap. [Tip: open separate windows to do this.]

Meanwhile this short index gives you an overview of 1998:

~~>> SITEFINDER EZINE INDEX (shortened version)

SiteFinder 1.1 includes:
* Why this directory? * Why this newsletter? * Tracker's Tips

SiteFinder 1.2 includes:
* Announcing a Prize Draw * Research Sites * U.K. Sites

SiteFinder 1.3 includes:
* 3 websites reviewed * What? No ropes course! * What makes a
great website?

SiteFinder 1.4 includes:
* Discussion Lists * Directories + Databases (Youth, EBDT + UK)

SiteFinder 1.5 includes:
* Minimal Impact Camping * Moderated Discussion Lists
* Information Sources

SiteFinder 1.6 includes:
* Single Activity Courses * Horses for Courses * Sustainability


In case you missed the first issue, here's how it started ...

~> Extract 1: from SiteFinder 1.1

'SiteFinder' simply arose from my own frustrations while
searching the net for inspirational web sites about
'adventure-based learning' (one problem being the vast array of
'non-unique' keywords that describe our field).

I wanted to know ... 'HOW and WHY are people using
outdoor adventure for learning, growth, development,
empowerment, education, training, therapy, reflection,
inspiration, etc.?'

I was slowly finding some great sites via search engines and
discussion groups and recommendations. But the pace (and
effort) of searching was more like an archaeological dig
than the speed I expected on the 'Information Superhighway'.

I now find that some great sites are coming to me (and you)
- via 'SiteFinder'. But the process has only just begun.
There must be lots more interesting sites out there! With
your help they too will be finding their way to the directory.

** Jan 1999: Thanks for the help so far. Please carry on
recommending sites that you think will interest other readers.
If you know of a site that should be in the Directory please
invite the site owner to apply by forwarding this ezine to them.
Remember to change the subject header and add your own brief
message at the beginning. A recommendation is better coming from
you than from me!


The main site review issue SiteFinder 1.3 described 3 very
different 'experiential' websites about:
* community work
* leadership training
* youth development.
The full article is now published at:

** There will be more site reviews (long and short) in 1999 -
especially if you send in your comments (long or short!) to
. ..

~~~~>> The NEXT PRIZE DRAW is on *1st February*
(This is your final reminder before the draw.)

The SUCCESS of this ezine and directory depends on people like
you telling each other about useful and interesting web sites
that you find. I have created a system that makes it easy for
you to do this. You can use the RECOMMENDATION FORM in
the directory. Or you can send an email to

To help convert your willingness to share into action, there are
also PRIZES on offer! So far there have been 2 lucky winners
(of books). Another winner (it could be you) will be announced in
the next newsletter.

To emphasise the value of site reviews (or page reviews if the
site is a big one) any review comments you send in will count for
*double points*.

More details about the Prize Draw are at:

STOP PRESS: I have received an offer of a prize for the Draw in
April. Does anyone want to offer a prize for June's Draw? Draws
are currently every two months.

~~~~>> END BITS

COPYRIGHT: Roger Greenaway 1999 Reviewing Skills Training

FORWARDING: Please feel free to forward this WHOLE newsletter to
your friends. Please DO NOT forward it to a discussion list or
newsgroup (it may be seen as 'spamming'). But please DO
recommend this newsletter to any lists or newsgroups that you
visit - if relevant. Thanks :-)

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