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Experiential Education Directory – March 1999


Experiential Education Directory Monthly Newsletter -

~ ~>> S I T E F I N D E R ~ ~ Vol 2 Issue 3 ~ ~ ISSN 1465-8224

~ ~>> Adventure and Experiential Education Directory Ezine


~ Site of the Month: KAGEMUSHA + AfOL
~ New Sites in Sitefinder
~ Trackers' Tips: TOPIC EXPERTS
~ Site Owners' Tips: WEB TV + UPDATES
~ Tips for All: PRIZES + IE5
~ More About SiteFinder Ezine


I'm guessing again. But I think you signed up for this free ezine
to save time - to find useful adventure and experiential
education sites quickly. Wouldn't it be useful to have a 'portal'
that quickly took you to where you wanted to go?

Before a 'portal' became web jargon, I think it was a sci-fi term
for a lamp, rabbit hole, looking glass, wardrobe or police box
through which people 'teleport' themselves into a completely
different world.

As I see it, a 'portal' is simply a list of 'useful links',
'favorites' or 'bookmarks' neatly arranged on a single web page.

For examples of GENERAL interest 'portals', take a look at these
'teleportation' sites:
The NetCenter
The Whole Internet Catalog

But you have a SPECIAL interest in adventure and experiential
education resources on the web, so I am developing a special
'portal' for you!

A test version should be ready before the next issue of
SiteFinder ezine. It will be in the form of a web page that you
can save to your own PC. If you would like to help out with this
'MapMakers' project, send an email to
When it's ready you will
receive a test version (as a file attachment) and a short
questionnaire for feedback.

One question will be suggestions for a jargon-free title!!

~ ~>> Sites of the Month

You can play drums on this site! I know that some entries in
SiteFinder boast 'no nonsense', but this is *not* nonsense.
Kagemusha Ltd. provide teambuilding training (and lots more)
through Taiko drumming. It beats Spider's Web any day for a team
building experience. I have certainly found drumming to be a
versatile and powerful tool in 'development training'.

Kagemusha is UK based, but the site has links to Taiko drumming
sites around the world. I didn't get round to exploring the
links. I got too carried away with the drumming at

Maybe the drums lend themselves to promotion via the web. But I
am sure that with a bit of imagination other outdoor or
experiential exercises can be 'experienced' in some way online.
Any other contenders or recommendations for for imaginative web

This site has just gone online. It is already a good looking and
useful site (sporting the new AfOL logo) and is certain to become
one of the main UK information sites now that AfOL is starting to
become an umbrella body for the acronym jungle of 'outdoor'
organisations in the UK. The site has made a colourful and
inspiring start. The first substantial item to appear is on
spiritual values.

~ ~>> NEW SITES in SiteFinder

Individuals interested in expanding their horizons
To learn about a dynamic program which offers many diverse
methods of increasing your self-esteem
Management Seminars, Survival Seminars, Ropes Course, Rock
Climbing, Wilderness Survival Training.
Published wilderness survival expert and psychotherapist combine
skills to run life changing program

Gene Cass
Adventure Links
Everyone who is interested in Adventure and Education
Find links to Adventure with an Educational bias
Geology Trips, Virtual Meteorite Site, Adventure Rail Travel,
Cybercafe. Links to many related sites

Jonathan Kirby
Kagemusha Ltd
Managers, team-leaders, trainers, movers and shakers
Learn about exciting and effective team-building, based on Taiko
Workshop overviews, photos and quotes from clients. And more
about Taiko.
It's a fun site that's easy to explore. Play Taiko drums online!

The Outdoor Experience
All welcome, particularly relevant to health professionals as
courses have appropriate accreditation
Details of courses we run and the basic format that we find works
very well for many client groups
See how outdoor education is applied practically to healthcare
and business settings
All welcome, particularly relevant to health professionals as
courses have appropriate accreditation

Ropes Online
[email protected]
All individuals with an interest in ropes course and adventure
Site provides valuable information, links, and resources for the
ropes course and AE Industry.
Links, publication listings, organization/providers database,
membership database, & classifieds
A membership site maintained by the membership itself,
development by the site visitors.
Do you know of good sites that should be in this directory?

Please copy and paste this message and send it to any web site
owners you think should know about SiteFinder:

''Here's two FREE services for you: 1. SiteFinder Directory is a descriptive index of
websites about Adventure and Experiential Education.
2. SiteFinder Ezine [email protected]
provides monthly updates, reviews, search tips etc.''

~ ~>> Trackers' Tips: TOPIC EXPERTS

The last Trackers' Tips was about finding humans to help you
search the web. Too late, I found Far too
late, because this $8 per search service has closed down. Were
they beaten on quality by another fee-paying service? Or were
they simply beaten on 'price' by the free search services I
described in the last issue?

If you know of any other free or fee-paying human-powered search
services please write in to [email protected]

This month, I want to introduce you to a panel of training and
learning experts you can find on the web.

It's a brand new 'Topic Experts' service at
The six experts can provide advice on technology-based training,
lifelong learning, learning organisations, coaching, stress
management, small businesses, and team building. It's so new I
haven't tried it yet. If you try it, why not tell us how you get
on? It could be a good model to follow - or join. They are
looking for more experts. Here's your chance!

You might think that there are already plenty of 'panels of
experts' all over the web. You can readily find them by asking
a question to a discussion list or news group. Some are listed
Is the 'Topic Experts' service any different or any better?

Please tell about your favourite
places for asking questions about adventure or experiential
education on the net. All ideas automatically qualify you for the
next prize draw on April 1st.

~ ~>> Site Owners' Tips

Are you WEB TV compliant?
You can see (more or less) what your site looks like on WebTV by
downloading this free WebTV(r) Viewer
Your site may even look better! But graphics and large areas of
red and white may look worse. ('Linen' is better than 'white'.)
Anything wider than 544 pixels may be distorted. And if you want
your email address viewable don't hide it under a link (good
advice for any browser).

Are you a site owner with an entry that was last checked in 1998?
Please check it now and send an 'OK' email to
and you'll get a 1999 date.
Or just tell me the changes you'd like to make.

~ ~>> Tips for All

The next Prize Draw is on April 1st (no kidding!) and will
automatically include people who do something extra
(however great or small) to help promote or develop SiteFinder.
That's all you need to know to enter, but you can find out more

Free download out today (18th March)!


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