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Five tips for a successful elearning project


Here, Docebo Elearning give us some great advice on how to make your project successful.

Today in the field of technology and education, the elearning model is an exciting way to transform a business. Managers who operate within human resources departments realise that the most important topics are related to the results that can be achieved; not only in a professional environment, but also in the personal growth of a business’ team.

Distance education is a valuable key asset for many reasons. In every company, training for employees and legal rights are mandatory. This affects not only middle-level management, but also senior managers and supervisors. By using this type of learning model, the business can share an innovation, manage talents, and create a real internal community of learning, and practice. Human resource managers are convinced about training potential and effectiveness. This is why the market is rapidly growing. However, in order to make an effective economic investment, companies are required to properly engage and motivate learners and users.

Here are some tips on how to prepare a project, and how to motivate, and engage users, thus obtaining the maximum return on investment.

Communication channels

The beginning phase of a training project is crucial. Success is based on a few crucial factors. The project leader should set a positive and productive tone, with an informative, and honest opening. They are accountable for, and committing to ensure that every piece of the puzzle is in place.

We often forget that this can maximise creativity. The strategic decision that will lead to the definition of the project, as well as the implementation reasons, should be shared with the learners before the project’s official debut.

Participants need to know what expectations they can have of the program, so that the objectives are realistic.

Motivate your users through elearning stimulus

Motivating your team is one of the best ways to have an effective elearning debut. Highlighting the positive effects it will have on your business will stimulate interest, and promote a positive learning environment for your team.   

Providing users with real-life examples can help them understand scenarios relatable to their career. Users of the module will find this beneficial, and will ensure positive feedback and continued use of your project. Project definition, communication, and sharing must be transparent and closely related to the learners’ professional routine. In this way, you are able to efficiently train in skills and information that are immediately applicable to the user’s position.

This is the recommended method to stimulate and increase the user’s interest in the project. Without motivation, there is no action, and without action there is no result.

Learning objects

Pre-launch testing is most effective when managed within a very small focus group. This group should be composed of people that are familiar with the project objectives, and can provide comprehensive feedback. Before you launch a complex elearning project, you should always run a pilot test to ensure it’s close to the planned result.

To guarantee success, you should:

  • Validate the process, and the usability of the selected courses
  • Focus on the single learning objective; that it is eye-catching enough for a high-impact response
  • Place the 'learning object' in an online environment that is easy to navigate
  • Consider a mix of visual and multimedia support

LMS users should find it easy to access the module. Students should be able to conclude their first elearning experience with positive takeaways.

Collect as much feedback as possible

Obtaining and consolidating feedback is not a simple operation. It requires users to be as clinical as possible, while still allowing for personal feedback. With that said, any feedback is important and meaningful. Even if we gather pure personal opinions, the return of information will reinforce the training and development culture within your company. The information can boost employees’ relations, and thus help us to act accordingly and to take the necessary steps to make corrections.

Always follow up with the testers of the project. This will allow you to complete a successful elearning module.

Edit and launch your elearning project

When it comes to editing, companies often picture major storyboard changes or technical requirements that can drastically alter the draft of the project. The potential cost effectiveness may seem less likely when major modifications are implemented.

The reality is that even though these situations may arise, they usually happen much earlier than the final draft of the project. This is why it is so important to work closely with your testing team, and to make the appropriate edits as they arise.


These are just a few tips that HR, curriculum managers, and elearning specialists suggest to make training sessions effective and enjoyable for participants. The key to being successful is equipping your business with the proper training. Ensuring the education of your team will allow your business to grow effortlessly. Elearning is a cutting-edge, versatile, and affordable technology that helps companies enhance their HR training and development programme.

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