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How to Increase the Teamwork in HR and Sales Team


In many organizations, the remarkable achievements recorded in sales and increase in revenue is due to the collaboration between the HR team and the sales team. Working closely with the sales team enables the HR officers to understand the sales strategies enough to know the areas of improvement that will complement their efforts. A good understanding of sales operations also helps the HR team to identify and select the best candidates who can add more value to the sales team.

The following strategies can help HR teams make better decisions that will complement the efforts of the sales team.

    Organizing recruitment exercises based on the sales teams goals

The success of every recruitment exercise depends on how well the HR team understands the strategies being implemented by the sales team. When the HR team understands the kind of candidates needed to add value to the sales force, they can make better decisions during recruitment. In view of understanding these values, the HR team strives to study the economic factors, market size, and consumer demands of the business.

Some crucial areas that the HR team and the sales team need to collaborate include:

•       Planning – The planning involves identifying the best-selling products, how customer segmentation is established, and knowing the sales methods that have yielded positive results in the past.

•       Execution – What is required to achieve sales goals through the various sales channels? And the appropriate benchmarks for to determine accomplishment of sales goals is determined.

•       Increasing employee productivity – How can the employees be encouraged to perform better? What standards are put in place to measure employee performance? Does the sales team have the right resources to meet customer demands?

    Planning a successful collaboration between the sales team and the HR team

The functions of the HR team and the sales team are distinctively different. It is necessary to find strategic ways to make these two operations complement each other. For example, a sales representative may have excellent ideas and product knowledges regarding sport facilities, trampolines etc. They can give useful information to the client about trampoline weight limit or other specifics of the products and could convince to make buying decisions but they will not have the ability to manage customers in view of encouraging customer loyalty.

In this case, the HR team works to find candidates that have better customer management abilities to complement the efforts of the sales team.

    Employing the best candidates during recruitment

It will be almost impossible for the HR team to make the best decisions during recruitment if they do not have a good idea of how the sales team functions. According to, determining the need to organize a recruitment exercise can be more accurately done when the HR team notices some lapses in the functions of the sales team. Other aspects such as employee training and self-development are enhanced when the HR team identifies the weakened areas in the sales force that should be improved.

     Attracting the best candidates in the labor market

In recent times, the best candidates tend to be selective when accepting job offers. Candidates need to work in an environment where they can develop themselves while contributing meaningfully to the advancement of the company. The HR teams are tasked with the responsibility of convincing the best candidates that working in their company will help them become even more proficient in their duties.

In conclusion, a disconnection between the HR team and the sales team will lead to loss of resources and reduced productivity. The sales team depends on how well the HR department understands the tools and resources they need to increase sales and customer satisfaction. However, the HR team depends on the interaction and openness of the sales team to attain this level of understanding before they can organize training programs and recruitment to support the sales teams’ efforts.



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