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How to know if you’re getting great coaching pt2


Kirsty Baker concludes her piece for the community about what to look for in your coach - and yourself.
A great coach will also challenge you, stretch you and ask you the difficult, direct questions that no-one else would. The challenges they put to you will all be in the service of your bigger, better life. A really powerful question from a coach who is fulfilling the role of challenger can often make you feel like you've been hit about the head. It's not unusual to be left physically reeling from realising that something can be transparent on one level and totally opaque on others.
You'll recognise this when:
  • You are stumped by some of the questions you are asked, and find yourself pondering them for days afterwards
  • You recognise the growth in yourself and the feeling of stretching yourself that comes with it
  • You know that your coach believes in you and will be there for you as you reach new heights

You are inspired and have new perspectives

"I feel inspired, excited and ready to take on the world again!" - Tia Sparkles
"I've discovered things about myself that have rocked my world."-  Janice Cunning
"I'm excited to do something that I was previously afraid of/was avoiding/didn't want to do." Emma-Louise Elsey
"A great coach will inspire you to achieve things you never thought you would, simply by anchoring your self-belief in your most positive self."
Great coaches do two things simultaneously: they ignite the possibility in you by inspiring you to connect to your deepest intentions, and they open your eyes to new perspectives - even in the times when you feel most stuck.
A great coach will inspire you to achieve things you never thought you would, simply by anchoring your self-belief in your most positive self. They'll do so in a way that takes account of the all the possibilities and realities of where you are today, without letting them become limitations.
In situations where you feel that there are no multiple possibilities or realities, but that you only have one option, a good coach will help you explore the alternatives and to choose the one that's really going to serve you best.
You'll recognise this when:
  • You realise you have choices, even when you feel stuck
  • You believe that anything is possible – and then you take steps to make
  • You start seeing things in new ways and from different perspectives 

And what about the results?

I imagine some of you are thinking 'that's all very well – but how do I know I'm getting the best results?'
My experience shows that when you have all of the above in place, the results follow naturally – and will be the best possible. You are getting great coaching when you and your coach are connected; when you retain your independence; when you feel empowered; when you are given challenge and support in equal measures – and when you are inspired and given alternative perspectives.
You'll recognise good results from this coaching relationship when:
  • You are clear about your goals and what they mean to you
  • You understand what actions you need to take
  • You have the confidence to take those actions
  • Your life is transformed
Or to put in the words of one of a fantastic coach I know:

“you know you're getting great coaching when you're having an ADVENTURE."

Some questions for reflection when thinking about getting great coaching:

  • How do you measure your coaching results?
  • What's the balance between short and long term evaluation?
  • What's the split between quantitative and qualitative evaluation?
  • How would you know if the coaching was failing?
  • Where are your coaches giving the people they work?"

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Kirsty Baker is founder of and Certified Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC). Kirsty has a proven track record of helping individuals and organisations achieve long-term change through her work

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