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How To Successfully Achieve Your New Year Resolutions!


So, we’re into Week 4 of the New Year Resolutions – how are they working for you?

We're always reading doom and gloom about the custom of making New Year's Resolutions and why they are not worth signing up for because we never stick to them. Apparently making the resolutions in the first place is just a knee jerk reaction to the whole ‘New Year, New You’ theory and it’s just a waste of time because they never come to fruition…

The problem is, too many people trust in ‘willpower’ which will only get you so far. That’s why gyms are busy in January and February. What we need is a daily routine that keeps us on track without having to make ourselves give things up or do things.

So, how about thinking about how we can make the resolutions work, how we can achieve those goals we set ourselves by making them part of the daily regimen.

Follow this simple step-by-step guide:

Make a resolution that is both challenging and achievable  Ensure that your resolution is one that you believe you can achieve. If the goal is too easy, you won’t feel a sense of achievement; if it’s unrealistic, you will feel deflated if you are unable to succeed at it.

Make your resolution assumptive For example, ‘I enjoy leading an energetic and healthy lifestyle’ – repeating this to yourself leads to behaviour that reinforces the goal e.g. you are more likely to choose healthy food and choose to walk rather than drive short distances. Telling yourself you want to lose weight merely brings thoughts to your mind of lack of food, weighing scales and other negative connotations - think yourself slim!

Put pen to paper and write down your resolution or goals for the year ahead. If you write it down, Mark McCormack, who founded the very successful IMG sports sponsorship company said:  ‘you have a 1000% more chance of accomplishing them’.

A goal is a dream with a date stamp on it. The human brain responds well to self-belief and clarity; if you have a clearly defined mental picture of what you want – and when you want it – you (your brain) will be much more innovative in creating a game plan for its achievement.

Ensure your resolution is in-line with your values. For example, if you set yourself a goal to work harder and improve your sales figures by x% to be achieved by March 2013, this may require 15 hour working days resulting in less time with your cherished family;  consequently, this resolution will not ‘sit right’ with your values.

Make the journey fun! A goal or resolution that is arduous is less likely to be continued. Perhaps give yourself a small reward on the way to achieving the big goal, maybe a trip to the cinema if you finish a chapter of the book you’ve set yourself to write.

Keep a Victory Log. Write down markers you reach on the way to achieving your main aim e.g. if your goal is to train for a marathon, write down each training run you achieve so if you ever feel disheartened, pep yourself up by reminding yourself of how far you’ve come!

Visualise your goal. It makes it even more real if you get a sense that you are able to achieve it. Visualisation is a powerful tool using your subconscious to make an imagined event real.

Talk about your resolutions and goals with those around you who are supportive If you are surrounded by people who support your goals, they will help to encourage you to reach your target.

Manage your mindset! Ultimately, achieving your resolutions and goals is down to you – it’s about thinking about the way you think about what you think about! Run your brain, don’t let it run you!

Your resolutions are achievable and there is only one person who can help you achieve them - YOU! ...So, GO FOR IT!

Kirsty Perrin

Mancroft International - The Winning Edge - specialists in Mindset Management

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Kirsty Perrin

PR Manager

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