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HR Briefing #3



HR Zone Newswire - Issue 3
3 August 2000


HR Zone complements the existing TrainingZONE website and focuses
on employment, legislation, personnel and human resource issues.



1. Part-time Workers: New Rights
2. Employee Reporting
3. Is the internal interview an employer con trick?
4. Is teleworking the way forward?
5. Employers Tax Tips: Tax Free Benefits



View from the HR Zone

By next year, worldwide e-business will be worth 1,700 billion
sterling. Put into perspective that's the combined economies of
the UK, Germany and France. The internet is big business. Its
happening now and if you're not ready for it, someone else will

So consider the following impacts that emerging technologies will
have on HR:

The internet releases employees from a fixed location. The mobile
office can be wherever the nearest phone socket is, and soon, even
that won't be needed either. Expect other employees to want to
work from home, and if you won't let them another employer will.

Hierarchies are going; teams and team skills will become higher
profile; supported by improved communication and more widely
accessible information.

Results will drive the team rather than the ego of a manager
working on building a power base.

Those that want to get ahead will work on their own skills and
their ability to communicate and market themselves; possibly on
a freelance basis.

Human resources administration activities will move toward lower-
cost, on-line processing of information that will be entered and
updated by the employees themselves. Expect HR data pushers and
payroll staff to develop wider HR roles.

Human resource functional activities will move toward higher value
results from selection activities, with more effort and thought
going into development, retention and welfare issues, as well as
more easily managed appraisal and planning activities.

The HR strategist will of course be anticipating the business
(and thus HR) imperatives from a far better informed position.

Of course, I may have got it wrong!

Jon Seaton
Editor HR Zone
mailto:[email protected]

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Latest News

Part-time Workers: New Rights
On 1 July 2000 the Part-time Workers (Prevention of Less
Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2000 came into force.
Approximately six million part-time workers within the UK now
have a statutory right to be treated no less favourably than
persons doing the same job full time.

Employee Reporting
Dr Philip E Dunn of the Esk Valley Business School provides a case
study on how to prepare a report for employees on the performance
of a company.

Is the internal interview an employer con trick?
In a new report, the Institute for Employment Studies reveals what
really happens with internal job vacancies.

Is teleworking the way forward?
Around a quarter of a million British people joined the
teleworking workforce last year, an increase of 19%, according
to figures released from The Institute for Employment

Employers Tax Tips: Tax Free Benefits
In a period that has seen a tightening overall of the tax regime,
it is a pleasant surprise to find that there are still many ways
of providing employees with valuable benefits that produce no tax

Caring Employer Strategies
Comparisons are made between recruitment in the US and recruitment
in the UK, where unsuprisingly, the UK is starting to come across
the problems that the US faced a couple of years ago.

New Chair for ACAS announced
DTI Secretary Stephen Byers has announced the new chairman of the
government backed Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service

UK Economy to suffer as Gordon jilts prudence
With the burden of tax on Middle England increasing and top taxes
being cut in Germany, Britain could replace Germany as the sick
man of Europe during the next Parliament. This article has
prompted lots of replies.

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