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HR Briefing #6


HR Briefing - Issue 6 - 14 August 2000

A free newswire brought to you by HR Zone focussing on employment,
legislation, personnel and human resource issues.


1. Industrial Society: Advisers are the key to New Deal success
2. Equal Opportunities Review: Race bias awards up 65%
3. Everything you want to know about workplace rights
4. TrainingZONE seeks representatives in other countries
5. What the job adverts really mean!



View from the HR Zone

This week I was going to call at the Softworld Annual Forum in
Warwickshire on the way to the office in Bristol. I haven't been
able to make the Softworld visit due to the fuel crisis. So, I'm
sorry I cannot report how good the Forum was this time round,
nor what developments in HR and payroll systems have been made,
or how helpful all the exhibitors were.

Now I don't like to pay a high petrol price, and I wish it was
lower. But, I would take a different approach to that seen this
week. I certainly wouldn't claim that I represented anybody else
if I didn't, nor would I obstruct other people in their lawful
business. If I don't agree with what the government does, then
I vote against that government at the next election. The same
principle applies with the leadership of trade unions and
professional bodies.

It appears however, that if you own a haulage business or a farm,
you can do what you like. You don't have to represent anyone, all
you have to do is vent your frustrations on anyone around you and
then blame the government.

Jon Seaton
Editor, HR Zone
mailto:[email protected]

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Latest HR News
This is just a selection of recent HR news stories. Read more
headlines and stories, updated every day at

Industrial Society: Advisers are the key to New Deal success
The Industrial Society disagrees with the Institute of Directors.
The IS say New Deal needs good advisers, the IoD says New Deal
needs money passing to business to train people properly.

Equal Opportunities Review: Race bias awards up 65%
We see regular reports about this and tribunal award.
Compensation figures appear to be rising. But which cases pay out
the most.

Everything you want to know about workplace rights
(but were afraid to ask huh?). Whilst the TUC make whoopee in
Glasgow this week, I would rather draw attention to something
that is likely to become the definitive guide to worker rights.

TrainingZONE seeks representatives in other countries
As the TrainingZONE online community grows Sift puts out the call
for companies and individuals with overseas contacts and networks
to consider the opportunities

What the job adverts really mean!
The first in a limited series, this tongue in cheek article gives
the alternative meanings of those job advert phrases.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development's annual
flagship event, the National Conference and Exhibition takes place
again this year in Harrogate and runs from 25 to 27 October.
Advance information, full programme details and an online booking
form are available at the Conference website

Download a free guide to the Finance Act 2000
Download a free in-depth guide to Finance Act 2000, written by tax
expert Nigel Eastaway of WJB Chiltern, known as "the accountant's
accountant". (Show them you're not just a pretty face!)

Bad Backs 3
No, not a post-apocalyptic movie from Australia, but the tale of
how businesses, unions and back-care agencies work to prevent back
strain in the workplace. Know a 'bad back' person? read this now!

IT Professionals need to develop Business Skills
Research has highlighted the need for IT Managers to acquire
People Skills especially as 80% of projects fail because of poor
people skills.

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Watching HR on the Web
HR Zone is the fastest growing Human Resource site on the internet
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plan to review at least one other HR website. If you want your
site reviewed send me the URL and tell me why you think it's
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This weeks reviewed site -

The internet, and the web in particular, is fast filling up with
sites in the human resource field. It surprises me just how many,
because there will be a shake out and many will go by the wayside
but some will survive, and some will prosper. Many of the new
entrants enter because they have a related product or service.

This is the case with hr-now. The site itself is operated by GEE
publishing. GEE Publishing is one of the UK's leading providers
of high quality business information. The company is part of the
Thomson Corporation, a leading global e-information and solutions
company in the business and professional marketplace.

Unsuprisingly therefore, the site has seriously useful content.
But..and it's a big but, you can only access it after registering,
and more worrying is that some of those details will be accessible.
See the contributions into the discussion area to see what I mean.
Gee are not the only player in their field, and other providers
of specialist HR materials and facts are already playing. More
still will enter. Gee's hard line therefore on both registration
and on a subscription service is brave, and possibly risky.

>From design and functional perspectives the site is OK. Design can
be a personal thing and there are things that I would change. The
web is a tool for making links between different documents and
different parts of different documents. I think they could have
been used better in some of the site construction here. But
whilst talking of personalisation I can see that Gee are working
toward personalising the presentation for each user.
The site is going to be worth watching.

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