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HR Briefing – Issue 7 – 28 September 2000


HR Briefing - Issue 7 - 28 September 2000

A free newswire brought to you by HR Zone focussing on employment,
legislation, personnel and human resource issues.


1. HR News in Brief
2. Radar: Disabled people are denied jobs
3. HR and employee benefits programmes lack respect
4. Adapt to survive - success through change
5. Lunch? Sorry, I'm pit-stopping today!



View from the HR Zone

The last HR Briefing was written at the height of the petrol
crisis and my editorial reflected and commented on the action
being taken. It was and is an issue that evokes strong opinions.
My mailbox saw serious activity in the days following publication!

I have read articles about the protests, spoken with protesters on
the road and at the refinery gates and also heard from businesses
and individuals affected by the action. Assumptions were easily
made and promulgated as facts. Emotions ran (and still run) high
giving a situation where opinions easily become entrenched and

HR people and training people are often thrust into similar
circumstances where complex situations are further complicated by
strong emotions and vested interest. It is important to remember
that people - even those who hold different views and opinions -
are still people. They are still deserving of being given
respect and fair treatment, and their dignity being maintained.

Jon Seaton
Editor, HR Zone
mailto:[email protected]

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Latest HR News
This is just a selection of recent HR news stories. Read more
headlines and stories, updated every day at

HR News in Brief
A collection of brief synopses of UK news with an HR impact

Radar: Disabled people are denied jobs
The campaigning and advisory group for disabled issues and disabled
rights tells us that despite legislation, disability discrimination
is still out there - mainly because employers don't know where to
go for advice

HR and employee benefits programmes lack respect
David E Ellender of Pricewaterhouse Cooper has written a thought-
provoking article comparing cost views and value views of HR and
employee benefit programmes.

Adapt to survive - success through change
The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) organised
conference 'Recruitment Industry Conference 2000' will give the
message that recruitment businesses need to adapt to survive.

Lunch? Sorry, I'm pit=stopping today!
Lunch appears to be a thing of the past according to market
analysts Datamonitor.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development's annual
flagship event, the National Conference and Exhibition takes place
again this year in Harrogate and runs from 25 to 27 October.
Advance information, full programme details and an online booking
form are available at the Conference website

New Employment Law
Are you having problems getting to grips with the volume of new
employment law hitting the statute books at the moment? This
synopsis will cover the essentials for you.

Stakeholder Pensions
Stakeholder pensions will be available via many employers from
April of 2001 but will have to be available through many employers
from October at the latest. Do you know enough about stakeholder
pensions and their provision?

Humour Resource Development
Do you sometimes feel that the world of work is becoming a bit too
serious? Looking for a bit of light entertainment to brighten the

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Watching HR on the Web
HR Zone is the fastest growing Human Resource site on the internet
for UK-based HR practitioners. In each HR Briefing newswire, we
plan to review at least one other HR website. If you want your
site reviewed send me the URL and tell me why you think it's
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This weeks reviewed site -

The following paragraph was used in last weeks review, and
applies this week too:

quote -
The internet, and the web in particular, is fast filling up with
sites in the human resource field. It surprises me just how many,
because there will be a shake out and many will go by the wayside
but some will survive, and some will prosper. Many of the new
entrants enter because they have a related product or service.
- unquote

This is the case with HRLooK. The site itself is operated by
Midland Software, one of the UK's leading providers of HR
systems and payroll software as well as outsourced payroll
services and IT training.

Now I have to declare an interest here because I was the editor
commissioned to start the site which launched back in March of
this year. Although I must say that the site has changed
drastically since then.

HRLooK aims to provide a service for HR people giving them daily
news stories, feature articles and most of all a fun element. It
does this adequately, especially the fun bit! But, (and I sense
former colleagues cringing) the site now needs to think of
developing pull technologies and systems to provide
self-perpetuating service development. The site is backed by
a dedicated team of HR experts and has an under used discussion

From design and functional perspectives the site contains
animated gifs, scrolling text boxes and animated banners which
all take extra download time and cause reader distraction.
(These are items to use sparingly if visitor numbers are to
rise.) But hidden amongst the collage is some useful content.

The site deserves a visit, especially the coffee break area!

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