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HRD corner – humour resource development!


Do you sometimes feel that the world of work is becoming a bit too serious? Looking for a bit of light entertainment to brighten the day? We at TrainingZONE have decided to lighten the load a little by offering you some Humour Resource Development! Feel free to mail us with any jokes or amusing stories you come across with a training or HR flavour.

IT jokes

Well, as anyone knows, working in the IT sector deserves a page to itself, so we've created an entirely separate page of IT and IT Training jokes just for your amusement.

Training humour

One good source of training-related amusement is the Performance Management Company Home Page, better known as Square Wheels. Here you'll find jokes, more jokes and some timely advice on how to tell whether you've you've been a consultant for too long...

Also check out the Myers Briggs type prayers for an irreverent look at the MBTI.

Read a previous TrainingZONE article with useful comments to add to the blank part of appraisal forms!

If you're looking for a cautionary tale to illustrate problems with language barriers, look no further than this story which has been doing the rounds on the web.

IF you've spent time grappling with attempts to influence changes in company culture (and who hasn't?), you might be interested to read how it's formed in the first place....

To celebrate issue 101 of LearningWire, we asked you what you'd consign to the HRD Room 101 - we got plenty of suggestions!

Ever been involved with managing a project or taking a project management workshop? Check out the definitive laws of project management for some illuminating facts!

A couple of funny thoughts from our colleagues 'over the pond':

  • There was a man once who cut classes in correspondence school. He sent in empty envelopes.

  • Education is important. AFter all, if you could not sign your name, you'd have to pay cash.

  • You can lead a horse to water, but if you could teach him to float on his back, then you're a trainer.
  • HR humour

    As anyone who's been responsible for it knows, the recruitment process can provide rich pickings for those wanting a bit of amusement to lighten the pile of applications flooding in.

    Try the teacher's cupboard for an interesting tale of a HR manager who gets put through a different type of recruitment process.

    At the Good Clean Funnies List, there's a new angle on undertaking assessment for recruitment.

    It's often unclear whether candidates have actually bothered to read through applications they put in - there's a load of amusing CV content to check out on the web, but we're sure you'll have plenty of your own examples to contribute!

    If they do get as far as the interview stage, there's plenty more potential for amusement - apparently these are taken from genuine encounters across the interview room table!

    Nevertheless, there are obviously some bitter people out there, because this site gives tips on how to reject rejection letters!

    Managing sickness absence can be a hard task, and of course is a serious issue to handle. These ridiculous excuses for being off work should raise a smile, if only for the barefaced cheek they would require to be used!

    The final word goes to Dilbert's Laws of Work. Enjoy!


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