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Sudhakar I. Prabu


Leadership Coach, Leadership Development Consultant, Performance Improvement Consultant

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Importance of Leadership Effectiveness


What is Leadership?

Leadership is an interpersonal dynamics, is about the process of influence. How leadership influences others and brings diverse people together to do purposeful things. This brings out three concerns, what is the influence for, how the influence happens and what is the experience of people who are part of such influence.

Leadership Effectiveness must result in enabling and empowering the team of people to do what they ought to do. Effective Leadership is not about coercive and manipulative tactics that force people to act according to the wishes of the one who influences.

Effective leadership accomplishes common goals but also helps people to connect with their immense potentials and enable them to accomplish purposeful things collectively that give the individual contributors sense of personal accomplishment and fulfillment. That's when business and organizations have the power of people working for and with others in an organization, rather than organizations trying hard to find ways to get what they want from people.

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Why Leadership is important today than ever before?

You know the changing market dynamics, changing profile of the people who join organizations, and the intense competition you are dealing with, is business knowledge alone enough to take your business to next stage? Achieve your organizational objectives effectively? Sound business knowledge gives advantage but effective leadership makes things happen in business and organizations.

Having the best of interest and bright ideas is not enough, to make things happen and get things done one has to effectively engage with people and bring them together in ways that help them achieve common goals. Competent individuals perform irrespective effective leadership, but when there is an effective leadership they reach new heights.

Does Leadership Make any Difference to Business or organizations?

Every organization faces challenge that is specific to them that threaten their survival or obstruct their growth and success. Strategies are worked out to deal with such challenges. Effective leadership is critical for both setting the right direction and implementing strategies effectively to drive business or organizations in the right direction.

If there are two equally competent teams, one have an effective leadership and the other lacks effective leadership, the one that has effective leadership more often comes out as winner over the other. That is the difference an effective leadership can make in a business / organization.

A business/organization that has effective leadership at all levels is more likely to survive in times of challenges, sustain its growth momentum, and reach greatness that no one has thought it could achieve.

What difference effective leaders make?

Different individuals play different key leadership roles at the different levels of the organization. They all combined together create the leadership synergy that results in visioning, strategy building, and effective implementations, individually and collectively they contribute to business /organization survival and success.

At the heart of every successful business/organization are dynamic leaders who inspire, direct, enable, and empower individuals to do more with less and achieve business/organization objectives.

A team is only as good as the leader and the leader is only as good as the team. It is not so much about who is dependent on the other to create the interpersonal dynamics that result in leadership effectiveness, it is about how interdependently they work together to create the interpersonal dynamics.

A greatest contribution a leader can make is to enable others to contribute effectively. Effective leadership brings together diverse people and helps them find common purpose and work towards to achieve purposeful common goals. Effective Leadership inspires and empowers people to realize their fullest potential and harness their potentials to achieve common goals.

What is the best way to learn leadership?

Leadership is the highest level of interpersonal dynamics. Leadership inspires and influences people positively to get the job done through people. This sound more exciting and easy, but in practice it comes with challenge of its own. Perhaps that's the reason leadership must be learned in groups. One can read as many books as possible, they learn something from it, but for the real transformational learning, leadership must be learned in groups. When you work together with a group of people, you learn how the interpersonal dynamics works and draw lessons and apply that lessons in real life situations.

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Sudhakar I. Prabu

Leadership Coach, Leadership Development Consultant, Performance Improvement Consultant

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