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IT Trainers Newswire #47 – Skills shortages and free IT training for all? TNA for IT, accrediting contractors


IT Trainers Newswire - Issue 47
September 2002

REFERENCE: IT Key Skills Guide, IT Resource pack
NEWS: No national shortage of IT skills? Free IT training for all
ANY ANSWERS: TNA for IT, accrediting contractors

Editor's Note

September's edition of the IT Trainers newswire will be the last
for a while. Instead of publishing a newswire, we're making the
IT training pages themselves a place to share experiences and
thoughts which we hope you'll find helpful.

As a niche audience of TrainingZONE, we've now created the
Professional Interest Group for all those interested in IT
training issues which can be found on the site now at

It's an opportunity to make direct contact with other IT training
professionals and gain support from others in similar situations.

And don't worry if it's IT training news you're looking for -
we'll be ensuring all the key IT training topics are covered in
our weekly LearningWire (if you're not currently subscribed to
this newswire, you can do so by going to the My Newswires link at )

Stephanie Phillips
Editor, TrainingZONE
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IT Training resources

Key Skills
Established Library author Lynne Callister has produced a
collection of useful resource packs aimed at candidates studying
on key skills programmes (Level 2). Buy the IT Key Skills pack

IT Resource Pack
Do you know who was the leading figure of Artificial
Intelligence? What is the RIP Act? Whose brains were behind, iVillage or AltaVista? Could you list different
computer manufacturers or Internet Service Providers? This 80-
page series of light-hearted quizzes, word searches, website
addresses, case studies, activities and exercises to check
candidates' knowledge and understanding of working in an IT
environment. The activities can be used between more formal
training sessions, to recap previous workshops, or as ice
breakers. Or they could be included in a staff newsletter or on
an intranet. Download a sample and purchase the entire pack now

Professional Interest Group

IT TrainingZone Forum postings

New subjects include:

- From what I understand, the ECDL qualification doesn't follow
the national curriculum framework but is recognised Europe-wide.
What advantages and disadvantages are there in this? Is it better
to offer accredited qualifications that are comparable to other
national recognised certificates and can be built and added to?
Or is there more value in a system that is marketed much more
widely (outside of the UK) and is therefor more transferable?

- Do you train delegates in Word, Access, Excel et al? Share your
thoughts with others here...

Post a reply, or a new comment here:

BBC Worldwide
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insights, case studies and a comprehensive catalogue of BBC
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Latest IT News

There is no national shortage of IT skills!
It's official, the government has decided that there is no need
to give special treatment to would-be immigrants with IT skills,
as we have enough qualified workers already. What do you think?

E-learning taskforce backs IT training
The government's e-learning taskforce thinks that IT skills are
so essential that the public should receive training in them for
free, through online channels. And there are other

Short ICT courses prove to be a success
The Learning and Skills Council has declared that a programme of
short ICT courses in colleges has brought people into learning
from social groups traditionally difficult to reach. But where do
these college-based courses leave private providers?

A week in the life of an IT Training Manager
Niall Gavin, IT Training Manager with Sussex Police, shares his
working week with us:

Have you heard this one...'Buy our product, it's the best'?
What they really mean is, 'Buy our product, because it's all we
have'. For the last 10 years as Trainersoft in the UK we
presented one good product. Now, as Trainer1, an independent
supplier, we have a whole range of products for you to compare
and choose from to meet your e-learning needs. Make an informed
choice - go to
- Improving Performance with Technology


Do you have an IT training contract to advertise? Post it here,
free of charge:

Any Answers
Any Answers questions on IT issues continue to flood in. Do you
know the answers? If not, do you want to?

- My company is developing an IT system to replace an existing
manual system. As usual the training requirement was not
considered until late in the project and training time scales are
very tight. Does any one have any advice on performing the TNA
and creating a training course for such a situation?
Colin Evans

- I need to carry out a training needs analysis for all our staff
to assess IT skills levels on Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Do you
know of any software I can download that actually 'tests' people
rather than asking them to score themselves or can you recommend
any companies who could provide and analyse the information?
Nikki Clack

I've been asked to put together an accreditation programme that
would certify outside contractors to provide consultancy to
clients on the products that my company produces. Has anyone had
any experience of this?
Belinda Price

To answer any of these questions, or add your own, see

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