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IT Trainers Newswire #7 – Latest developments in IT affecting the IT Trainer


IT Trainers Newswire - Issue # 7 13 December 2000
Yell Awards 2000 - Best e-Commerce Site (B2B)

Editor's Note
Are you winding down in preparation for Christmas, tidying up
those training manuals that have been scattered around the
training room for some months now? Have you built yourself up to
throwing out documents that took hours of production some ten
years ago and it breaks your heart to let them go? Well, before
you go any further and switch that trusty PC screen off, have a
look at some of these articles and you will only be too pleased
not to have missed out on any of this information TrainingZONE
have provided you with.

1. A very basic review of the Data Protection Act should help
clarify this complicated Act for those of us who struggle, not so
much with the technical jargon, but the legal jargon.

2. Windows 2000 has overtaken sales in Windows NT, owing to the
support provided to new hardware technologies by this version.

3. Microsoft have unveiled their beta version of Microsoft
FrontPage 10, an additional facility to their Office 10 due
for release sometime next year.

4. Be aware of the Shockwave Virus making its way to the UK.

5. Backgroundpalooza! PowerPoint Tips #2. Hints and tips on how
to spice up the background of your ordinary presentation.

This will be the last IT Training newsletter before Christmas, so
all of us here at TrainingZONE would like to take the opportunity
to wish you all a very merry Christmas and look forward to
providing you with even more news articles and events in 2001.
Start the festive season by having a go at our Christmas quiz
found at you can
win either 12 bottles of champagne, a case of wine or a fine
selection of champagne and chocolates.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Carrol Rowe
Editor, IT Training

This newsletter covers a range of stories for the IT Trainer from
general training issues through to latest software/hardware
releases from a variety of organisations and is intended to keep
you informed of as many IT issues of relevance that can be found.

TrainingZONE's dedicated IT Training pages can be found at editor, Carrol Rowe,
is eager to hear your news and any information you feel would
benefit other trainers.
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Latest News
A selection of recent IT Training related stories from

Freelancers advice page
Go to TrainingZONE's freelancers page, which is building into a
comprehensive resource for those who are self-employed and those
who are interested in 'going freelance' alike. Check out the one-
stop shop at

Review, Microsoft FrontPage 10
Microsoft have recently unveiled their beta version of their web
development application, FrontPage which boasts new graphics and
content tools and improvements to the applications collaboration

TrainingZONE workshop area for hire
Looking for a location for a training event, but struggling to get
everyone together in one place at the same time? How about
meeting virtually instead? TrainingZONE's workshop area is now
available to hire for training events, meetings or conferences.
It is easy to use, simply type in what you want to say, hit
return and you are away! We will forward you a transcript of the
event afterwards, so no note-taking needed either! For details of
how to book, e-mail:

Windows 2000, bigger sales than NT
The sales of Windows 2000 has overtaken NT owing to the support
for new hardware technologies that 2000 has to offer over and
beyond NT. How long is it before we wave goodbye to NT?

A basic and brief overview of the Data Protection Act
The Data Protection Act always appears to be quite complex to
understand (usually, when mentioned, it has the same effect on
people as Health & Safety Regulations) also, try explaining it to
someone who does not understand its implications. This Act has
an impact on more people than they realise and it is important
that freelancers are quite clear about the facts when explaining
the relevance to those businesses that do not understand the
importance of registering with the Data Protection Commission.

TrainingZONE is a community of 25,000 professionals. Join today.
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Backgroundpalooza! PowerPoint Tips #2
Creating custom backgrounds for PowerPoint is a challenge that
most users never attempt and yet, it can make a tremendous
impact to your presentation.

What are storage systems?
When an IT Sales Director was approached and questioned regarding
the areas of IT that had effected businesses most of this year, he
replied with "the implementation of storage systems". So, what are


Did you know you can quickly check
on the credit-worthiness of any
UK company with TrainingZONE?
Check out your clients
financial status before doing
business with them.


Shockwave Virus worming its way to the UK
More viruses are reported to be making the rounds, the latest
reported to look out for are the Shockwave and a follow on from
Navidad, called Afeto. Even though everyone is aware of viruses
and the devastating effect they can have, daily stories are still
arriving from computer users who have been caught out and suffered
as a consequence. What measures should governments be taking
against individuals who purposely develop such devices? Are
governments doing enough, should responsibility lie with the
government? What further actions should be taken to counteract
such acts of violation against the average computer user? Add any
comments or stories of virus attacks you have experienced to the end
of this article; TrainingZONE would be interested to hear your
views, comments and any experiences you may have had with viruses.

Plea to government to help IT contractors with training
The Association of Technology Staffing Companies have approached
the government in order to create training incentives for self-
employed IT people which could be seen as making a move towards
bridging the current IT skills gap.

* * * * * * * SHOOTING STARS * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Major Account Manager, based in Twickenham, Salary 40,000

Training Consultant, East Anglia, Salary 17,000 to 25,000, basic +
10 bonus, life assurance, private medical insurance incl. family
cover and free staff meals.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * *
Check out the latest job vacancies for Trainers at

Latest hints & tips from Microsoft for Office users
This article includes some useful features and links to pages
that may benefit those regular users of Office, such as creating
reports when using pivot tables in Excel and additional fonts for
PowerPoint presentations.

Community Features

Any Answers
The Any Answers page enables you to ask questions of our 25,000
users at

Nicky Simmons is looking for the appropriate NVQ units around
levels 3 and 4 to underpin a presentation skills course, can
anyone help?

Allan Clarke has recently installed the Compel HR database and is
now looking for someone to help with the inputting of data and
the setting up of codes.

Thanks go to John Nugent for answering Gabriela Pai Kesslers
question about training experiences of
charismatic/transformational leadership training, and Ali Gill who
may have helped answer Mari Jacksons request for a Training Needs
Analysis Questionnaire.

To answer these and any other questions, go to use the Comments
facility at the end of each question.

Below you'll find a selection of recent IT Training requirements
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- Quark Xpress, Freelance Trainer
- Microsoft C++ 1012 Trainer, 18 December
- TAP Certified Application Instructor

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Have a look at a selection of IT-related jokes and even better,
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