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Job titles of the future


Resilience expert Joao Bocas muses over a few future job titles.

Today, having a job is not just a necessity but a question of pride and endeavour. If you think that 50 years ago the focus would be on a much needed wage to deal with hardship of life, this still applies today but its context and the focus has clearly changed.
A job is not just a job, it's a position, an accomplishment, a status and sometimes even an egotist front. Many might think that authority, power, property or prestige directly related to your position is not significant anymore, but not everybody shares this simplistic view. I think hierarchy is a must-have in any credible organisation. After all, organisational management and performance are extremely important and cannot be left to luck or divine powers.
While more and more organisations are taking an approach of eliminating power structures, they are still concerned with organising, managing and making decisions. The marketplace suggests that many business skills are missing amongst employees, specially in the younger generation. But, they are still asked to make important decisions, so it seems like a paradox to me. Organisations such as Google are extremely successful in giving new employees the freedom and space to make mistakes. Perhaps this is good management - learning through experience is always a good way to practise your know-how in a particular environment.
The world of work is evolving at an incredible pace, if you consider technology as an example. New gadgets, tools and tech products come out every day to help us in our everyday lives. Although technology may be seen as useful to all working age people, it can also be detrimental if used in excess, and while flexible work is extremely good for productivity and enhanced personal happiness in doing a job, being switched on 24 hours a day can be extremely bad for personal health and can affect those around you.
But back to jobs of the future, starting with traditional top-end executive titles such as Chief Executive Officer, Managing, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and Marketing Director. The job market has clearly changed, in such a way that organisations are trying to offer innovative job titles to successful professionals, to the extent of letting the job owner choose his/her own job title. Standing out from the crowd is not just a metaphor anymore, it's here for real. We are experiencing an interesting trend in the world of work - more innovative and creative job titles are seen every day; Chief Resilience Officer, Chief Happiness Officer, Chief Engagement Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Wellness Officer are a few examples. How many independent professional call themselves experts, gurus and other distinctive labels representing their expertise and their uniqueness? Why is being called Manager, Consultant, or Director not fashionable anymore?
When you visit your doctor next time you should suggest to him/her to be called Patient Happiness Officer, or when you have your next fitness training session with your personal trainer tell him/her to call themselves Feelgood Specialist. These are certainly new ideas to be considered as job titles of the future.
What are your favourite examples? Leave a comment beneath.
Joao Bocas is CEO of Sports13

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