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Today morning I was thinking about leadership. Nearly 200 business gurus and management leaders have defined leadership. I had also observed very minutely leadership in 18 countries. "Change in the leadership style." is seen and feel by all of us. Leadership was very different in 1970 and in the year 2008, leadership is dramatically different. Even in different sectors, you find change in leadership  styles. Leadership is completely different in Army and Not profitable Organization. Leadership is very much different in education and Business world.

Leadership in Beijing - 2008 is shown by all of us. The way china have participated and organize the Olympics were mind blowing and matchless.

Leadership is demonstrated by Army of any country and Terrorist are totally different. Principle, Cause, Discipline, Civic sense, Financial benefits, human rights -policy are found at 180 degree of these two different institutions. I had not find any match except dying. Both the organizations are leading and performing. OHH, YES!

Leadership of political institutions is also found unique. In Business houses we train managers to create leaders at all levels. In politics, Leader is always a leader and follower is always a follower. I had found that political leaders play with the emotions of the people. They are so good in finding out the emotions of people, and then they play with it very intelligently. In Business houses managers lead with intelligence and motivate people to perform with emotions.
Leadership is never position or power or star on your sleeves and cap on your head and multi colour printed visiting card or revolving chair. It is always regardless of power. Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther king are the examples of leadership. Even in home  you are able to distinguish difference between power and authority. Father most of the time lead with fear and mother lead with love. Father is a power centre but mother is an authority. Leaders are authorities. They lead with WALK AND TALK formula, that's why they do not need power or position.

Leadership is not moving in an open car and receiving salutes from the citizens or civilians but making those people ready to die for you.

You receive actual certification and amount of respect in your absence. Whatever demonstrated in front of you is most of the time fear, not love .

How many executives and managers remember you after your retirement or resignation?
How world will recall you in your absence?
What people will write on your cemetery after your departure from this world.?
Leadership for 2020 is going to be very different. What will be Values, Psychology, Technology, Sociology, Business world and management world in the year 2020? We have to prepare young children in classrooms for the year 2020. TRUST me, it is going to be a great challenge for all of us. Right now how many of us are working on it.? How many of us have put up some amount of efforts after this huge task.
Leadership 2020 should be taken as a mission of the all countries and futurologist should put some sincere thoughts on it. I sought for thinkers and doers.
Each country has to develop leadership 2020 cell and missionary team with empowerment

Let brain bank starts thinking on the future.

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