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Manage Knowledge, Improve Communication and Increase Productivity with MindManager 2002


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Need to do more in less time...Improve your Personal Time Efficiency by 30% with MindManager!

Organise your thoughts, ideas and prioritise your 'to do's'. Structure your concepts, projects and plans. From a few notes and ideas, a professional Word document, Powerpoint Presentation, Project chart or website can be generated instantly. In the same way you use Excel to manage financial data and Word to create documents, you can use MindManager to manage ideas and multiple sources of information.

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Benefits of MindManager 2002

Drowning in Information...No Time to Finish Reports….
Can't See the Big Picture...You need MindManager!

MindManager is a revolutionary software based on the principles of MindMapping and through the integration to MS Office, offers you the immediate flexibility to use MindManager in combination with other business software. MindManager is the only software to be endorsed by MindMapping creator Tony Buzan. The brain-friendly power platform frees up thought, increase productivity and reduces complexity as all the issues are displayed as a 'big picture'.

MindManager provides a new way to work that dramatically improves communication, team dynamics and personal productivity.

MindManager takes the visual route to developing, sharing and communicating ideas and removes the constraints to creativity inherent in traditional linear note-taking. Group interactions can be captured during brainstorming and planning meetings. Group understanding is rapidly achieved as everyone’s viewpoints are displayed and can be seen.

Would you like to be more creative...Do you struggle at finding new ideas...Want your company to be more innovative..?

Everyone has the power to be creative. We all have the tool – our brain. MindManager breaks free the mental shackles that bind creativity and lets ideas rein free. Using colour, imagery and visual patterns users have found that those special Eureka! moments come fast and frequent..

In meetings, do you nod in agreement, but when the Minutes arrive weeks later do you find that there is a difference of opinion?

Do you get frustrated and angry that your comments and ideas were not included? Using MindManager avoids confusion and mis-communication. Minutes of meetings can be interactively assembled in a MindManager map and instantly exported as a Word report document available for distribution at the end of the meeting. MindManager actively facilitates consensus in meetings.

Are you tired of always searching for files? Wouldn’t it be great to have all your work integrated as central resource!

In MindManager as you create a map, you can hang documents, files, websites and other programmes on to branches. One click exports your map and all linked files as a self-contained Intranet website.

Need to manage dynamically complex projects, but don’t have right tools. Want Project Management to be easier, flexible and more effective..? MindManager is the solution...

MindManager enables you to brainstorm and identify issues and concepts and arrange associated tasks using start and end dates, priorities, resources and categories. Maps can be instantly exported as an MS Project document representing tasks as Gantt or Network diagrams. All text notes made are all exported at the same time. Click here for more corporate solution info!

Accelerate learning and improve training effectiveness

MindManager stimulates learning habits, increases memory and understanding, as it structures information in a natural, memorable and non-linear way. The learners’ perspective is integrated through associations and knowledge transfer thus enhancing the learning process.

Ever been in meeting where you wish you had a presentation made...?
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With MindManager you can create presentations on the fly.. instantly! Once a map is made, it can be exported as a complete PowerPoint presentation or used in MindManager Presentation Mode, an environment optimised for projecting on screen.

Want to increase your Intellectual Capital and Build your Knowledge Assets...?

MindManager provides the perfect platform to map strategies and techniques. As MindManager works the way we think, in brainstorming or structured meetings, information is drawn out of people naturally and tacit knowledge is captured in the process. This knowledge can afterwards be codified and stored or shared with selected individuals in the organisation to build internal value and competence.

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Download MindManager 2002 Trial today and Start Powering your Ideas to Success!

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