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New Leadership Paradigms


This article was written by Michael Mallows to accompany the online workshop on 17 October 2000.

New Leadership Paradigms

Leaders are effective because they listen and respond, they assert themselves with respect and consideration. they know how to encourage and to delegate. They can be tough but sensitive and powerful without persecuting. They also have a capacity to take themselves a little less seriously at times because they know that it is not always necessary to be solemn in order to be serious. These qualities are as useful to the self-employed freelancer, the new or would be manager / Leader, or the old hand who's been everywhere and seen it all before!

New Leadership Paradigms teaches the following qualities, which are necessary for effective Leadership.

{In bold are specific NLP techniques or concepts for developing the particular skill listed}

Listening - Leaders know how to listen to other people's ideas, and to listen between the lines and behind the words.
{Meta Model. Milton model. Predicates}

Effectiveness - Leaders do not confuse efficiency and effectiveness. Though both are desirable, because Leaders have a longer vision and a bigger picture, they know when it is appropriate to choose the one over the other.
{Well Formed Outcomes. Sensory Acuity}

Assertiveness - Leaders know and live the difference between assertive and aggression. They say what needs to be said, clearly, directly and effectively.
{State control. Rapport Building. Time Lines}

Direction - Leaders know where they are going and have a clear idea of how to get there.
{Well Formed Outcomes. Logical Levels}

Encouragement - Leaders listen, nurture and support potential, enable and encourage people to believe in their potential and to overcome limiting beliefs.
{Pacing. Meta-model. Logical Levels}

Responsibility - Leaders take responsibility and accept accountability for their decisions. If they make mistakes, they don't dump; if they achieve success, they share the glory.
{Congruence. Integrity. Well Formed Outcomes}

Sensitivity - Leaders may be clear, focused and assertive. They may make tough decisions and have high expectations, but they can be sensitive to the needs and sensibilities of others.
{Sensory Acuity. Rapport Building. Representational Systems}

Humour - Leaders do not take themselves too seriously. Without trivialising, they can often share a laugh and lighten the moment.
{The Bigger Picture}

Intelligence - Leaders base decisions on a longer term vision and what I call High Value Information.
{Emotional Intelligence. State Control. Internal Strategies}

Potency - Leaders are aware of, and comfortable with the power and potency of their position and status. As Leaders, they assert themselves with personal Authority, enabling others to develop their potential.
{All of the above, and comfortable Self Confidence}

New Leadership Paradigms incorporates elements from various models of professional and personal behaviour e.g. Senge, Covey, Bandler, Enneagram, Transactional Analysis, NLP.

About the author:
Michael Mallows founded Social Effectiveness Training (SET) in 1980, working with groups, teams and individuals at all levels of organisational hierarchies in Europe, Australia and the UK. Through SET, Michael also offers training in a broad range of topics: Leadership, Assertiveness, Delegation, Celebrating Cultural Diversity, Team Building, Presentation Skills, You Are Not The Target (working with difficult colleagues and clients), and many more.
He is currently designing and working on a number of Mentoring programmes in schools and exclusion units and is piloting the Leadership programme for the Windsor Fellowship - which he helped redesign.

Empowering Managers Empowering People (EMEP) an NLP based, modular Leadership Programme tailored to the specific needs of each client group. Author of 'The Power to Use NLP' and co-author of 'Peace of Mind is a Piece of Cake', Michael writes regularly for a number of journals and magazines. He will be running a workshop: 'The Power to Partner Up' at the NLP Conference in London (November 25th). Power2 is a series of tapes, talks and workshops for Personal Development and Empowerment.

Michael has also had many of his lyrics recorded, and is currently working on a number of TV projects.

If you would like to know more, e-mail the author at [email protected].


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