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Qualifications Trainers Should Highlight In CVs


When companies seek to hire corporate trainers, they are usually looking for a combination of soft skills, education, experience, and sometimes certifications. As a trainer interested in upward, career mobility your job is to highlight these qualifications in your CV and during the interview process.

Keep reading. The rest of this piece will detail the qualifications you should be emphasizing as well as some tips on making that happen.

Show Your Ability to Create Course Content

Subject matter knowledge isn’t enough. In order to be an effective trainer, you have to be able to take your knowledge (or the knowledge of another expert) and translate that into course material. This isn’t something everybody can do.

It takes natural talent and training to be able to coach people. This is especially the case when you are given the task of educating groups of people who may have varying levels of understanding and learning styles.

If you’ve created commercially available course content, share that with potential employers. Otherwise, be prepared to go into detail about the content you’ve created on the job during interviews and on your CV.

Detail Your Experience in Sourcing Subject Matter Experts

Good corporate trainers are not subject matter experts on every topic. In fact, the ability to recognize when you aren’t the ideal person for the job and should bring in an expert is extraordinarily important.

As a trainer, you should be able to seek out and find subject matter experts to fill in the gaps when you aren’t fully qualified to create or in some cases present effective training. This means having good connections, great communication skills, and the ability to collaborate. Your understanding of coaching and training along with your ability to work with experts to deliver top quality educational sessions must be shown to potential employers.

Communicate Your Passion For Mentorship That Gets Results

When you were in school, it was easy to identify the teachers who cared about students’ success. It was also easy to see which ones were just there to deliver lectures, hand out work, and collect a paycheck. Good teachers care about their students, and want to see them succeed.

The same thing can be said about corporate trainers. Some simply deliver the material. Others work with the employees they train. They take the time to get to know their needs, both individually and in groups. They understand the trainees goals. They design training materials with those needs and goals in mind. They provide individual attention when it’s needed, and they help students access information and resources they need.

Head to each interview with one or two success stories that you can communicate. Have you played a role in someone moving from the mailroom to management? Share that story proudly!

Prove Your Communication Skills

Anyone can claim that they have excellent written and verbal communication skills. In fact, it’s rare to see a resume or CV that doesn’t have that listed. While everyone should have good communication skills, corporate trainers must have exceptional mastery of these.

That’s why you must show these skills, not just list them on your CV. Here are a few things you can do during your job search to highlight these skills:

  • Make sure any written communication you send is clear and impeccably edited.
  • Respond promptly to correspondence.
  • Listen for understanding not for the purpose of replying.
  • In interviews, make sure your body language is open and friendly.
  • Ask open ended questions in interviews or on the phone.

Remember that hiring managers don’t just look to the claims you make on your CV and your answers to interview questions. They take close note of what you say and do throughout the entire hiring process.

Recognize Opportunities to Show Your Qualifications During The Job Search

As you navigate your search for a better job, take the qualifications listed here as well as some that you come up with on your own. Once you have done that, determine some opportunities that you are likely to have to communicate these qualifications in your interactions with hiring managers and interviewers.

You can start with your CV. A well written CV is the ideal place to highlight your qualifications. You should think of it as the primary place to communicate your abilities and experience. The next thing to keep in mind is that everyone you interact with may have some influence on whether or not you get an interview, and whether or not you receive a job offer. Don’t wait for the hiring manager to contact you to display your skills and qualifications.

Impress And Show Dedication to Your Field by Getting Certified

Certifications are more than pieces of paper. They are proof that you have completed formal training and shown that you have mastered skills that are considered valuable in your field. Ideally, your employers will recognize the value of having trainers who are well-educated and who have the skills they need to effectively educate their employees.

Unfortunately, many employers see continuing education as a cost rather than an investment. If this is the case in your situation, hopefully you have taken the initiative to earn these certifications on your own. The good news is that many certifications can be earned on line. Here are two that are widely valued:

  • Jack Canfield’s Train The Trainer course is offered online.This is widely recognized as one of the best training certificates to earn worldwide. This particular course offering is self-paced and can be completed online.
  • Corporate Trainer Certified (CTC).The management and strategy institute offers a highly respected certification course for trainers. This course is ideal for those just starting their careers as corporate trainers. Upon completion, students are given an examination. Those that pass receive their certification.

Show Your Curiosity

As an educator you should have an enthusiasm about learning new things. Hiring managers will be impressed with your sense of curiosity and interest in gaining new knowledge. They know this will have a positive impact on the way that you present material with enthusiasm and work hard to make sure your trainees gain the knowledge they need to succeed in your jobs.

If you have and are pursuing your education, be sure to mention that in interviews as well as on your CV. Show your interest in various topics when chatting with interviewers as well. Finally, keep in mind that potential employers will likely look at your social media pages. Are you sharing things that paint you as an educated person with a passion for learning?

Show Your Willingness to Evaluate And Improve Your Methods

A good trainer seeks feedback and works to improve both the materials they present as well as the methods they use to deliver them. They create surveys to pass out to students after classes, and they use instruments to evaluate results such as understanding and retention. Then, they use them to learn what is working for them and what is not.

Be sure to discuss ways in which you evaluate and improve your course materials and delivery. If you have developed a particularly impressive way to evaluate students communicate that in your CV as well as when you are being interviewed.

These qualifications are highly sought out by potential employers. If you want to land the best jobs, you will need to prove that you have these skills. The key is to take every opportunity you have to communicate that you do. This begins with your resume or CV, it continues during the interview, but you must also take opportunities to share that you have these qualifications in other situations as well. Keep this piece in mind as you search for a job. The information here will help you to identify what qualifications to highlight as well as some methods for doing so.

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