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Simple tricks to get out of your head


People get stuck in their heads all the time and for some persons, more than others. Although it’s nice to ruminate on life and be curious about yourself, the problem is that some of these thoughts are not particularly fruitful, instead are an endless stream of back, forth and circular thinking. These thoughts are usually everywhere but nowhere in particular and not focused on any one thing.

This self-induced state of worry comes naturally to so many persons, often, without even realizing how they got there. This feeling results in unhappiness and absent-mindedness, two obviously negative states. Therefore, getting out of our heads is very important and below are some tried and proven methods to get out of your head.


One way to get out of your head is to actively track your thinking and stop them from wandering about excessively. To do this, you should minimize sources of distraction because the more sources of distraction there are around you, the more likely they are to activate certain hidden emotions or thoughts in your subconscious. In addition, when alone, take note of your thoughts. In fact, you should get a pen and paper nearby and jot all your thoughts down and set out time to attend to these thoughts.


Mindfulness involves striving to “be here now” in whatever you are doing. The key to mindfulness is to take note of every part of what you are doing while not having your attention on other things. You must be strict with yourself on this decision and once you find your mind straying to some other things, bring it back to the moment. However, you must be careful not to overdo it so as not to get so fixated on a part of the whole, rather enjoy the whole from a safe distance without missing out on the intricate details. It’s a fine line but with practice, it can be done.


One great way to get out of yourself is by helping others, as it forces you to focus on something outside of yourself. Take time out to talk to another person and enjoy their thoughts, opinions and presence as a whole. This not just forces you out of your head but surely lifts your spirits up and gives you a sense of fulfillment.


Exercises does a whole lot for the body, helping you feel strong, fit and alert. Exercising releases a whole lot of funny love chemicals which makes you feel good about yourself. In addition, exercising makes the brain feel ‘lighter’ and less foggy, helping you stay in the moment.


One of the easiest ways to get stuck in your head is being disorganized. When you are disorganized, you have to think about so many things going on around you.

You have to remind yourself to buy milk, memorize your appointments, sequences and procedures. Having to think about all these things not only distracts you but creates an opening for deeper unproductive thinking.

Once you are organized, you can do all of these things and do what needs to get done in your life.


A tired mind is a distracted mind. One reason people stay stuck in their heads is not getting enough sleep; ideally, 7-9 hrs. of sleep is recommended for an adult. Some good pillows and mattress goes a long way in giving you a good, long sleep.

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