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Spice Up Employee Training: A Custom LMS Approach


There was once a time when hiring an employee was easy enough. You didn’t have to worry about technical skills, or training employees to become better. All you needed to do is hire a person who was hard-working enough to learn and grow on their own in their position.

Those days are long gone now. Today if you want to survive and thrive as a business, you not only have to find the right employees with the right skill set, but you have to invest in training and upskilling them too. It is not just about teaching them new things though. It is about expanding their knowledge on the industry and its inner functions, and how they can use that improved knowledge to enhance their performance and bring better ROI to the company.

Despite the importance of employee training in the current business scenario, the process still remains harrowing. There is a serious discrepancy in various industries on how to conduct employee training to improve company performance. However, that discrepancy can be easily solved by the development of custom LMS.

Custom LMS in Employee Training: A Matter Worth Looking Into

LMS has become quite popular in the market. It is a platform that helps organizations to manage various educational and training data, and produce and handle organization-specific courses that make for engaging employee training material. 

However, when it comes to LMS, there are two varying approaches to go with. One is a readymade approach, where you can buy any off the shelf software and integrate it within the system. And then there is building a custom platform that is very much organization-specific and provides a tailored experience. 

While buying a readymade software seems like the perfect way to go, it is still not healthy enough for the employee training program. At the end of the day, the requirements of employee training in various organizations are different and sometimes, a readymade software can not deliver upon those requirements. And this is where the importance of a custom LMS comes in. 

Spicing Up Employee Training: A Custom Approach to LMS

Why go for a custom LMS when you have readymade solutions available for such an affordable price?

This is one of the legit questions, asked by many. However, the reason why a custom approach to employee training is worth the investment is that at the end of the day it is the employees that are going to make or break the organization’s success. No matter how amazing software and solution you have in place to improve upon the CX, until and unless the employees can make sense of it, there’s not going to be an improvement on company performance. 

How can the custom LMS approach spice up the employee training though? Let’s find out. 

1. Asynchronous Learning 24/7

What’s better than a classroom lecture?

At-home training! Granted that at this point in time, due to the pandemic we are all stuck at home, so at home, training is a given. But even then, being able to learn at a personal speed is incredibly important to gain the skills and training necessary to improve upon the work performed. And that’s why a customized LMS can be really important in giving the employees the chance to learn anywhere at any time. 

This way the employees are able to learn on their own, increasing their individual efforts towards becoming better. Not to mention, considering the recent circumstances, giving the employees the ability to access training from home is absolutely necessary. 

2. A Plethora of Resources Ready to be Used

When it comes to training employees, there can be no skimping on resources available.  Videos, eBooks, podcasts, and many other resources can help train the employees in an effective manner. And that’s why it is important to take the custom approach and choose to build a platform that doesn’t limit you from utilizing all kinds of resources to train employees. 

Despite the ability to personalize on a readymade LMS, the experience will still be limited. So rather than focusing on the easy and affordable, choosing the path less traveled will open a wide and limitless horizon that will make for a better employee training process.

3. Better Bonding Among Colleagues

Employee training is one of the best ways to encourage bonding among the employees of the organization. No matter what team they belong to, having interdepartmental partnerships and camaraderie going on will help in further improvement of the organization’s functionality.

Through the integration of features such as quizzes, trivia competitions, live chat, and gamified actions, it becomes easier for employees to communicate and chat with each other. The friendly competition on an LMS improves the bonding among them, boosting employee morale and resulting in better performance. 

4. Assigning Custom Roles to Platform Members

Not everyone is going to play the same role on an LMS platform. Some are going to be the administrators, while some are going to be trainers. And some other employees are going to be the trainees. With a custom platform, it becomes easier to assign these custom roles to employees. Otherwise, the roles can become a little blurry and the entire employee training program can fall flat on its face.

Not to mention, this role assignment also has a security point of view. By assigning specific roles to specific users, the company can integrate proper security on the platform. The roles are assigned and the limit of access depends on the role a user plays. For example- a trainee can not edit the platform data, or upload any courses. A trainer can only upload courses and delete them, and a system administrator has complete control over user data, and courses. This hierarchy of characters makes for good security integration, keeping the integrity of the system intact. 

5. Customized Email Functionality

The self-activating email sending functionality of a custom LMS platform can be the difference between efficiency and disorganization. It is not exactly easy to handle sending emails to different employees one by one about their activity on the platform, certificates, and progress on various courses employees are enrolled in. But this is a necessary feature since through these emails the employees will get important notifications and information.

And that’s why customized email functionality helps. It can generate automated emails to a number of users simultaneously, informing them about various activities, progress, and events on the LMS. This might be a too-small thing to notice but at the same time, this will make all the difference for your employee training efforts. 

6. Reports Help in the Evaluation

There’s no point in training unless there is some type of evaluation integrated within the practice. How else are you supposed to know if your employee training efforts are actually bearing fruits? And that’s why rather than aimless training, going with a custom solution will help you in evaluating the employees based on generated reports. 

The custom LMS can generate evaluation reports that provide information about the overall performance of the employees, who are lacking in a certain area, and who needs to put in more work. It can also suggest which employee might benefit from a specific kind of course and help the administrators set it up. The report generation and evaluation feature is something that will ensure that you get an accurate return on the employee training investment. 

It’s a wrap

Employee training is worth all the investment in the world. Not only because it will help your business to thrive, but also because it nurtures and helps the employees to blossom at what they do. At the end of the day, it is all about improving employee experience because improved employee experience makes for better and happier employees. And happy employees can help you take over the market faster than undertrained employees ever will.

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