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Steps To Run Customer Service Training For Staff


Good customer service simply means that your company has put in place the necessary infrastructure and team to meet the needs of your customers. The easiest way to get correctly implement proper customer service training is by first understanding the needs of your customers and deriving methods to meet and exceed these expectations. Matching your employee’s abilities with the customer needs that have been identified is an excellent way to start. You can also implement a consistent training program to ensure that your employees’ customer service skills can be used to address customer issues.

Identifying customer needs

You can find out what your customers need by encouraging your employees to get direct feedback from the customers. Other methods such as the use of surveys, comment cards, and creating a feedback section on your website can encourage customers to provide valuable feedback after using your services.

 Identify your employees’ proficiencies

Some of your employees will have a natural talent regarding making sales while others will need to be trained. You can identify weaknesses among your team members regarding customer interactions and while selling. For example, if your company offers a phone tracking app, some members of your sales team will be effortlessly able to charmingly explain the features of the app, which may include benefits such as real-time monitoring of your children to know their location, and you can respect their privacy while being satisfied that they are safe. With this explanation, customers will understand the value they can get by purchasing the product. On the other hand, some of your employees will be more effective during problem-solving or pre-emptive problem solving during which they can determine when customers are not satisfied and then put in extra effort to make them happy while preventing the situation from escalating. Your goal should be to identify which of your employees have these skills and then assign them roles during which they can use these proficiencies to meet the needs of your customers.

Creating a training method

You can organize an interactive session during which your employees are given the opportunity to demonstrate how they will handle different customer related issues in the workplace. Older and experienced employees can train newer recruits to learn the best-selling and customer management strategies. You can also choose to expose recruits to on the job training during which they will learn and improve their skills in the workplace. An alternative for business owners who may be too busy to oversee these options is to engage the services of professional customer service training agencies to teach new and old employees strategies such as the proper way to greet customers, interactive strategies to engage customers and ways to handle disputes.

Monitor the performance of your customer service team

You can only determine if there is progress by analyzing the results of your teams’ performance. Allow your team to provide feedback after the training sessions to know how confident they are in using the new skills they have just learned to meet customers’ needs. Feedback and performance monitoring will also help you ensure that your employees are adhering to the customer service protocol implemented in your company. For example, in some companies employees are encouraged to greet customers within 7 to 10 seconds when they are about twenty feet away.


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