Blended learning: an agile approach to change


You’ve been informed of a major change that requires upskilling the workforce. You know you’ve got a challenge ahead; change is cumbersome at your business. Employees struggle with change and require a great deal of encouragement and support in upskilling. Sound familiar? I know it does for previous companies I’ve worked for. There is, however, […]

70:20:10 in a Contact Centre Induction


Does anybody have any advice on how to implement 70:20:10 for a Contact-Centre induction? I love the idea behind the theory but I'm struggling to understand what the 70% looks like for customer-facing new starters, particularly in Financial Services organisations that are heavily regulated and have a Training & Competency Scheme. I have interpreted the 70% as […]

Learning transfer: are old-school training courses dead ducks?


As bite-sized, self-directed online learning continues to evolve, should we be saying goodbye to class-room based learning? Or is there still value in adopting formal training, alongside experiential approaches, for enhancing learning transfer? When I joined the world of work, lengthy, often residential, training courses were the ‘gold standard’ for imparting knowledge and new skills. […]

The 70/20/10 strategy – what does neuroscience say?


Is the 70/20/10 rule still applicable to modern leadership, or is it time we adapted this model for a new generation of leaders? The number many companies tell me they are striving for in their learning strategy is 70/20/10. In case you haven’t come across this or have never really understood it, the theory says […]

Tuesday Insight: Remembering Anne Frank


Sunday was Holocaust Memorial Day, a day for everyone to remember the millions of people murdered by the Nazis, and in genocides since in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur. Most of us have some awareness of the holocaust and/or other genocides and have heard the numbers involved. To take the most obvious example, during World […]

Into 2019: supporting employee development in the workplace


How can HR and L&D professionals better align development objectives for 2019? Charles Jennings, Director of Duntroon Consultants and Co-founder of the 70:20:10 Institute, provides insight on why we must focus more on opportunities to learn from working. The festivities and holidays are all over and we’re back at work. Memories of both Christmas puddings and of 2018 performance […]

Why a learner-centred approach to training never dates


Learning by doing is one of the tenets of the 70:20:10 methodology, and it continues to be one of the most powerful tools when it comes to training new starters. I am often amazed at how Learning & Development practices and experiences haven’t changed much, despite dramatic changes in the workplace. Technology, learner demands and differences […]

Reinventing wheels in learning and development


There will always be new approaches to age old problems and learning techniques in L&D are no different, but despite new packaging they tend to rely on the same basic principles. Every few months, a new diet comes out. Often supported by somewhere between A-list and Z-list celebrity endorsement, it promises dramatic results in ever shortening periods and quickly becomes […]

New roles for L&D: the reality of 70:20:10


A great deal has been written about the 70:20:10 model. Some of it suggests the authors understand what the model is about, but a significant amount suggests otherwise… If you and your organisation are planning to use this approach to help improve the way you build and support a high-performing workforce, it’s important that you first understand […]

70:20:10: It’s not about the numbers!


What’s in a name? Martin Baker urges practitioners to get over their resistance to 70:20:10, as he reveals it’s changed the learning landscape, whilst also delivering better business results. There’s been a massive surge in popularity for the 70:20:10 learning model – even though the concept itself is not at all new. But just as […]

What are the Pain Points for Training Companies ?


If you are the owner, MD or senior player in a training company, I would like to ask you a simple question. What frustrates you the most in your business ? Please let me know. I am conducting research for my company.  If you respond, I promise to give you some tips and ideas to help […]

Best places to find evidence within HR/L&D


Hello everyone, I have been working in L&D for a few years now and started my CIPD level 5 in L&D last year to gain a more in depth and strategic knowledge of the subject.  Within the qualification I have come across a number of concepts that appear to be industry standards/current wisdom but I […]

50 Activities To Use When Implementing 70-20-10


We all know what the 10% can consist of when it comes to the 70-20-10 model. That’s really easy. It’s courses, workshops, microlearning sessions etc – the formal learning bit. But where you might feel a little limited is in the 70-20 stages. Just what activities can you include in those apart from coaching and […]

The competitive advantage of deliberate practice


One of the most critical competitive advantages for any organization is the skill level at which their people have important conversations. Interpersonal interactions, whether customer-facing, coaching, diversity & inclusion or leadership, can positively or negatively affect an organization more than a marketing campaign, a recognizable logo, a great product, or a good price. Business leaders […]



Innovation is often core to business strategy. I’m keen to hear experiences, views and ideas on how L&D has successfully supported this business goal. From formal training and social learning through to everyday practices and culture, who is the best in the field and how have you helped build a ‘curriculum’ to foster innovation and a […]


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