Navigating generational perceptions of GenAI

brown train vehicle machine: Gen AI GENAi

Deloitte research highlights both worry and excitement among Gen Z with regards to Generative AI. Erica Farmer explores how accounting for different generational experiences of GenAI is a strategic imperative for employers and L&D.

Reckoning with Pride… and the rest of the year

blue and pink textile in close up photography: Pride DEI colours in sand

In the final instalment of this content series on reckoning with DEI, Lior Locher and Dr Christy Allen explore life after Pride month, and how to ensure your DEI activities continue for the other 11 months of the year.

Marketing mastery: A guide for learning leaders

silhouette of man holding flashlight: programmes. Marketing mastery: A guide for learning leaders

As a learning leader, you’re not just an educator or facilitator, you’re also a marketer. This dual role is critical in today’s competitive business environment, where the success of L&D initiatives often depends on effectively marketing them within the organisation.

How your childhood affects your leadership skills

child in black jacket and blue shorts holding green plastic bucket - childhood leadership

Did you know that early childhood experiences can shape the leaders we become? Leadership expert and consultant Nik Kinley and IMD Business School Professor Shlomo Ben-Hur explain how our understanding of this can help optimise performance under pressure.

Is our learning world really changing?

silhouette photography of person, learning world

In the learning industry, there’s a gap between L&D programmes and their impacts that needs to be closed. But how? We need to do more to be led by the needs of each person and be clear on purpose and expectations. We need to act as true agents of change.

Is your LinkedIn profile doing you a disservice?

focus photography of woman's fist: optimising your LinkedIn profile

The L&D industry has a competitive jobs market and having the right knowledge and skills isn’t enough. You must also showcase them. How? With a fully optimised LinkedIn profile that packs a punch. The advice below will help you curate an impactful profile.

Is your leadership style spreading fear?

woman with white hair in black shirt: Is your leadership style spreading fear?

According to a global study, nearly one-quarter of UK leaders are leading with fear. How can we tackle and alleviate fear and, most importantly, ensure we aren’t propagating it ourselves?

Could AI coachbots replace human coaches?

man in white shirt sitting on chair, coachbot

We’ve already seen an explosion of AI-enabled services in every area of business, education and training that have the potential to radically change how we work. Coaching is one such area that is following suit… but how effective could a coachbot really be?

Training line managers to be wellbeing leaders

Strong leader looking after it's flock: wellbeing flamingo

When supported by fit-for-purpose health and wellbeing provisions, employees can thrive and be at their most productive. Christine Husbands explores how to achieve this through manager training.


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