Teaching clients to coach themselves


Coaches may be excellent leaders, but we are only human, and we cannot be there for our clients 24 hours a day. In fact, in the midst of the current coronavirus pandemic, we cannot even be there physically for them at all, in many cases. Moreover, with so much uncertainty in the air, our clients’ […]

Coaching: how to reframe an isolation mindset


Covid-19 has drastically changed what everyday life looks like for all of us. Struggling to cope with stay-at-home orders and learning to live under self-isolation protocols are challenges that many of our clients have never faced before. Indeed, in the midst of the current coronavirus crisis, we are all – physically, at least – more […]

Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Deserving Criticism?


Why has the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) been so widely criticized by professionals and lay people around the world? What can NLP trainers and practitioners do about it? After 25 years practicing as a clinician, NLP and life coach trainer, here are my conclusions and top suggestions for NLP trainers and practitioners who must […]

What Your Resume Should Look Like in 2018


Making the perfect resume takes a lot of effort. You only get one chance for your resume to make an impression. A job-seeker cannot succeed nowadays with just the traditional resume. It is still important, but it can no longer be the only tool in your kit. Before you convert your resume to this format, […]

A Guide to Using Emotional Release in your Life.


Utilising emotional release in your everyday life If you have been suffering from mental health conditions, from anxiety to depression to post-traumatic stress, you have no doubt been researching many different treatment options to try and overcome the challenging associated symptoms. If you go to your doctor’s surgery, they will typically suggest taking some type […]

Emotional Intelligence in business and education


Have you ever, before doing something or taking some sort of action, thought to yourself that maybe what you are about to do is not a good idea? Or maybe it was the opposite – maybe you thought you should have had taken a certain action but chose not to. Later on, you would find […]

NLP Communication Model


Has anyone got any tried and tested innovative exercises for the NLP Communication Model, particularly around giving feedback. Thanks in advance…all ideas welcome. Has anyone got any tried and tested innovative exercises for the NLP Communication Model, particularly around giving feedback.Thanks in advance…all ideas welcome.

The TrainingZone podcast: July 2015


This month Jamie and Jon tackle NLP, the dark side of HR, the recent budget announcements and a whole lot more. Skillsoft’s Liam Butler is our guest interviewee. Links to the stories: Skills and the budget, Facebook’s not-really-digital assistant, that ludicrous Salon piece about HR, The talent deficit according to Lumesse Subscribe free Please ensure […]

Five things I learned on an NLP course that changed my life


It's a divisive subject but nevertheless a popular technique, in coaching and other areas of L&D. Sally Hall attended a course recently.  Having heard and read much about the effectiveness of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) I signed up to a ‘basics’ course to learn a little more about the principles, and can honestly say it was […]

Leading with personality pt4: Planning – is it essential or constricting?


In his fourth and final article exploring leadership in terms of the dimensions of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Tim Schuler explains how the judging/perceiving preference helps us understand how we relate to the outer world, as well as holding the key to exploring the MBTI in greater depth. I sometimes hear people dismiss the Myers-Briggs […]

Leading with personality pt3: Thinking or feeling?


In the third of four articles exploring leadership in terms of the dimensions of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Tim Schuler looks at how Thinking and Feeling preferences impact upon decision making. In most things, I don’t really mind if people agree with me, as long as what I say or do provokes a reaction. I […]

Leading with personality pt2: What role does intuition play in leadership?


In the second of four articles exploring leadership in terms of the dimensions of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Tim Schuler suggests that balancing sensing and intuition is essential to great leadership. Many years ago, I was a few months into a new job and my manager and I were struggling to communicate. She kept bombarding […]

NLP: The pseudoscience that should be ‘mothballed’


Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a technique used by many trainers and coaches within the world of L&D, but many have serious reservations about its validity. Donald Clark presents the case against. NLP is one of those topics that has been abandoned by academia and psychology but still soldiers on in the training world. To be fair, […]

The keys to successful training presentations: An NLP approach pt 1


Desi Christou from Mind Fountain NLP looks at some of the key points that make a favourable difference to trainers’ presentation skills. Most of us have been in a situation of delivering a training or coaching session and not being sure how well the audience embraced the content or the delivery. There are a few reasons […]

Book review: NLP – principles in practice


Paul Turner has reviewed a new book about the practical uses of the controversial technique of NLP. Would this book be useful to you? Book:          NLP: Principles in Practice Author:        Lisa Wake Publisher:    Ecademy Press, 2010 For those curious to discover what NLP really encompasses, for those who want to extend their knowledge of NLP […]

NLP: Discovering excellence


Sue Knight discusses the power of NLP and how ‘modelling’ can help us learn. I sit in God’s Own Country as it is known – Kerala, in Southern India – looking out over the Arabian Sea thinking about how this natural and tropically beautiful land might very soon be spoilt with the commercialism that seems […]

Using persuasive communication


Persuasive communication is a key skill to develop in almost any day-to-day work context – from motivating a team member to putting your case forward for a budget increase. Christine Knott gives us her tips.   The importance of action commands  There are always occasions when you need someone to do something in a certain […]

Selling yourself with NLP


Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as a communication tool can offer trainers a useful insight. Christine Knott gives her tips on using the discipline to sell more effectively. Identifying the ‘preferred’ language The selected words in sentence construction will give a good indication of someone’s ‘preferred’ language. Some of us use visual words such as: ‘see,’ […]

A calming force


Marielena Sabatier gives her top tips on conflict management to promote harmony in the workplace. According to report in 2008 from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and OPP, a workplace psychology company, poorly managed conflicts at work costs UK businesses £24bn a year. Whilst workplace conflict is nothing new, the impact of the […]


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