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The Best Social Media Application Management


Social Media is used broadly used in marketing with the increase in globalization and digitalization. The role of the marketer is drastically changing, and there is need to use mobile apps to market products. There is too much completion, and emerging trends and investors have to constantly come up with new strategies and advertisements to attract more customers. App development has enhanced social media marketing, android, apple or windows apps are improving marketing and giving marketers a notch high in their business. However, markets should be careful when choosing the best app to use to promote their products. Ensuring that your products are at the right social media platform at the right time and considering the target market is essential. The social media app enables a marketer to share your content to social media channels by letting you choose the best time to publish them. A buffer can be used to determine the best time to publish your products. Managing social media can be a task, and many marketers end up taking too much in it or fail to meet the requirements. The right tools will make it easy for the marketers balance their time and the attention needed in social media marketing. Social media management enables you to improve your social website and save you time used to advertise everything manually.

Here are ten most common social media management tools;


HootSuite is the most popular social media management app that is used by offers dynamic features and also allows the marketers to post their products on different social media platforms. Different settings make it easy for the marketers to navigate through the different pages. You can monitor your posts from different networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, personal pages, LinkedIn, and blogs. HootSuite saves you time by managing your posts in a single dashboard. Different tools in the app are used to manage your profiles and redirected schedules and social content effectively. Hootsuites your confidence and decision making because it alerts you in new trends and how your social content is fairing. Real analytics lets you compare the performance of your content with that of the competitors. Protecting your brand is of an essence in marketing. Hootsuite allows you to protect your products safer, smarter and faster. It enables to keep track of messages, permission and reduce internal risk. Protecting your profile and managing controls protects your products from hackers and other threats. The inbuilt custom analytics systems enable you to monitor selected key words conveniently schedule posts for free. The core features of HootSuite platform are scheduling, content curation, analytics, monitoring, team management, contests, security and apps, and integrations.


Buffers help you to schedule and plan how to optimize your updates by ensuring they run throughout the day. You can easily use it with any platform like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram for your products to be accessible to many viewers. The features and dashboard are easy to use allowing you to customize your posts and view the reports on analytics. Using a buffer on your mobile app and web browser makes it easy to add links that are viewed by only clicking on them to view products.

Social Oomph

Social oomph enables to manage your twitter account for free and Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr if you upgrade at a fee. It schedules and manages your tweets, promote your profiles, masters your keywords, shortens your URLs, redirects your message box and creates unlimited accounts for free. A free account has different features that do not limit you, but an upgrading to a premium account will improve you are follow backs, automate your direct messages and give you quality followers to view your products.

Tweet Deck

Tweet deck is a common web app that is used to manage twitter accounts. This social media platform can be used to manage other accounts but is now dealing exclusively with twitter. Tweet deck is free and is effective for people who want to manage multiple accounts, follow specific interesting hash tags and reply to many users and follow actively on what is going on twitter. It has unique features that enable you to view everything you need in different columns on one screen.


Spredfast is a platform that is most appropriate for users who are enthusiastic about measuring analytics and data figure integration. It efficiently manages all data that is available from all the social media platforms and report to the marketer. It helps keep track of the performance of your social media content and view how your target market is viewing your products. Graphs and diagrams are used to show if your target market is interacting well with your social media content.

IFTTT(If This Then That)

Most social medium strategists like the freedom of managing their actions. This web app allows you to control your automated actions. You can save your Instagram photos automatically to your drop box account or public folder. Building a recipe with IFFTT will directly save your photos to your desired destination. IFTTT is efficient because it does not limit you to a number of recipes you can build at one time.


Tailwind is focused on visual social media content. Pinterest and Instagram are the most targeted social media platforms to be used by tailwind app because they ideally deal with posting photos. Many social media strategists use this tool to schedule and plan how posts will be made, monitor the latest trends and monitor your published brand. Tailwind also helps you launch and promote your products and view analytics and reports.

Every Post

The social web is lately thriving through visual content. Every post is used to publish visual content and help marketers get more views. This is a social media platform that allows sharing your content across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram , Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn. Collaborating with your team members will enable you schedule posts for later publishing and access social analytics. A free account will allow you to access limited features, but upgrading to a premium account gives better features.

Sprout Social

This is the most efficient tool for serious marketers. Marketers can assess the hidden opportunities to engage in social media in addition to publishing their posts on the social media platform. This platform gives excellent customer service and engagement. A marketer is allowed to use a free trial account but will be required to pay $60 to upgrade the account and use advanced features in the tool. The features in sprout social enable you to customize posts to meet the need of the customers.

These are the most popular social media management tools used by marketers.

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Melissa Crooks

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