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The best ways to become an ABAP specialist


ABAP is an abbreviation for advanced business application programming. Just like any other programming language people can learn and apply this advanced programming method. It originated from Germany where it was initially created for their SAP servers. According to experts at Third Wave, the programming language is considered as one of the best 4th Generation language used today. The company boasts of having some of the best ABAP experts who have helped in writing various bisiness application programs. If anyone is looking to becoming an ABAP specialist, then this article is for you.

Develop interest in programming

If you find yourself trying to understand how various software work, you might be having an interest in programming. According to research, most programmers have a passion for what they do and it all started at a younger age. So, do you have a basic level understanding of SAP GUI? Well, this might be the start of a long journey to becoming an ABAP expert. Additionally, those who can already explain that ABAP was the original language for R/3 are also among those with interest. It is easier for people a background in other forms of programming like Java to start on like the ABAP students.

Enroll in programming school

Most people already know the career path they will take as soon as they step out of secondary school. Thus, they choose a college related to computer science studies. Some take up the hardware part of the program while others take the programming options. If one is not sure of which side to take a professional career expert will help in choosing. They assess your abilities depending on academic performance and also personal interest history. Colleges and universities now offer ABAP courses to their students particularly now that businesses are looking for effective ERP solutions. Being in a programming school is, thus, a step closer to becoming an ABAP Specialist.

Online training courses and tutorials

Online courses and tutorials in SAP ABAP are usually detailed with illustrations. Experts in ABAP programming prepare them and post them. The best ones are the paid versions particularly if one can ascertain that the providers are genuine. Programming graduates need these tutorials to further increase their knowledge in ABAP programming. Other groups who need the tutorial include;

  • Starters – if you have interest in learning ABAP programming, there are tutorials for starters
  • ABAP consultants – new concepts keep on coming as the world of technology is changing. So, consultants require refreshing their knowledge.
  • IT firms staff – Most IT solution firms who have ABAP as one of their solutions need the tutorial to train their staff.

Internship in a programming firm

As part of your journey to becoming an ABAP specialist, going to school and reading the tutorials is not enough. A real working environment allows experts to learn more and interact with the software development environments. College leavers with programming background benefit a lot by getting an internship in a reputable IT solution firm. It makes the theory and school practicals become a reality. When clients order for software and they contribute to its creation through ABAP programming, this motivates them to work harder and even learn more.

Work experience

Specialists are people with a couple of years in work experience. Therefore, they can now source for their own business either as freelance programmers or consultants. An internship can only give one a chance to work in a small IT solution firm as an ABAP junior staff or even a position not related to ABAP due to its high level of sophistication. Alternatively, the company offering the internship can decide to above you if your work efforts are exceptional. As the year's pass, people become experts in programming and not only in ABAP but also others.

 One can either work in any of the following areas;

  • ABAP editor -  it is used to making reports
  • ABAP dictionary – it contains all the metadata

Starting a company

Now that one has worked and interacted with the ABAP system for many years, you can count yourself as a specialist who can provide solutions to various businesses in need of the software for their business. This includes installation, training the staff, and maintenance of programs that run under ABAP programming. Additionally, one can write various custom made business solutions for businesses upon request. As the demand for services gets high, most experts create a website to market the services they offer. By now it means you are becoming business persons and no longer employed by anyone.

To become a reputable ABAP specialist, marketing is crucial. It can be done through a website, social media platforms and direct emails to various client database created, Referrals by previous clients also work well for such people.


Becoming an ABAP Specialist is a journey without shortcuts. Programming is tough and most people give up on the way. However, the above steps work as tips to become a reputable ABAP programming specialist.


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