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The Influential Trainer Part 3 – Get them to like you!


The Rule of Liking is simple – it states that we are more likely to do something for someone we like. This is why Tupperware parties in people’s houses work so much better than a retail model – people are more than willing to spend money to help out a friend than a random sales assistant! In the training room, this is one of our most powerful tools. Get your learners to like you, and your job to deliver effective learning is made much easier. Factors that can increase liking are:

·       Physical attractiveness – as well as working to establish our authority, our image through grooming and the way we dress also has a big impact on our likeability factor. People like people who look good!

·       Similarity – people also like people who are like themselves. Look for ways to highlight the similarities that exist between yourself and your learners. These similarities could be based on background, interests, experiences, skills, values and beliefs.

·       Rapport – we can actively work to establish trust and connection with our learners through rapport building techniques. Matching and mirroring body language, pacing and leading linguistically, and tapping into the language of our learners through identifying and using their language modalities are some of the ways we can do this.

·       Compliments – if others take the time to notice and genuinely compliment us on something we have achieved or contributed then we tend to like them more. In the training room, favourably comment on even the smallest achievements of your learners. Not only will it increase your likeness factor, but it will also serve as a powerful motivator for their ongoing learning.

·       Contact and conditions – our attitude towards someone is influenced by the number of times we have been exposed to them in the past and the conditions we associate with that exposure. That’s precisely why we need to concentrate on creating really positive learning spaces in our training rooms. Think about using props and displays, creating fun and different ways to deliver content, using a variety of activities all help to set the expectation for a great learning experience, consequently increasing your likeability!

·       And don’t forget the power of a good coffee and lunch!


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