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The TrainingZONE LearnignWIRE – Issue 23


The TrainingZONE LearningWIRE - Issue 23
23 November 1998
The Learning Community
Copyright (C) 1998 Sift plc. All rights reserved.
This material is distributed free to trainers, learners, managers and coaches. It may be reproduced in any medium for non-commercial purposes as long as attribution is given.

In this issue:

  • Internet Monitor
  • Training news stories
  • Parenthood Education News
  • Institute of Continuing Professional Development News
  • Surf Spots
  • Events Diary
  • Subscription Information
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Editor's Note

This issue focuses on current news and internet monitor stories. If you have any items of news which you would like us to publicise to our growing audience, please get in touch. We're also experimenting with a new Events Diary to publicise forthcoming events of interest to our readership. Please read the notes at that section if you would like to publicise your events. Similarly, if you've found websites of interest to the training/ learning community which you think others would be interested in - just drop me an email. Thanks.

Tim Pickles,
Editor, LearningWIRE and TrainingZONE

Internet Monitor

European Social Fund
The Government has launched a website providing information and news about current training initiatives and developments funded by the European Social Fund. Objective 4 (1998 - 9) will provide 160 million for projects that help to facilitate the adaptation of workers to industrial change. It will focus on employees threatened with unemployment or affected by changes in production systems.

In Britain objective 4 will support the strategy for workforce development set out in the Green Paper 'The Learning Age'. The money is intended to support small and medium sized enterprises and has three priority levels:

Priority 1: Planning for Change
Priority 2: Tackling change through the development of the workforce
Priority 3: Reinforcing solutions to change

BBC Learning Zone
The BBC website is one of the largest and possibly the most well-used UK website. For over a year, the BBC has been promoting its Learning Zone. In addition to carrying material related to Open University and other more formal learning contexts, the Learning Zone promotes the notion that there is much to be learned from watching and following up mainstream programming. This well-indexed site will direct you to much useful learning linked to programmes on, for example, antiques, food and drink, technology, women, music. It's a wonderful example of lifelong learning in practice - and the opportunity to learn from the most ordinary materials in our everyday lives.
Well worth a bookmark!

Training news stories

Institute of Personnel and Development National Conference Report
A full report on the largest UK conference for human resource professionals held in Harrogate recently can be found in the special edition of 'People Management'

Guardian Jobs website moves
The excellent recuitment pages from each day's issue of The Guardian newspaper has moved from the RecruitNet site to
The selection is particularly good for vacancies in the public sector and the not-for-profit sector, with a wide range of training and development jobs normally included.

New resources from Peter Honey Publications
Two new titles have just been published. 'The Competence Toolkit' is "a practical way to use competencies to analyse and develop the jobs and skills of managers". Written by Paul Whiteley and Graham Robinson, the pack is fully photocopiable and costs 135.

'Improving Learning: practical strategies for schools', extends the learning approach to a schools context and will be of obvious benefit to teachers and leaders wishing to enhance their work with young people. Again, fully photocopiable, the cost is 80.

We'll try to review these titles shortly.

Experiential learning beats rules-based training
Challenging article by Andrew Leigh in the current issue of People Management challenges the value of many "10 trick for better ----" style courses as widely promoted by several companies to attract large audiences. Argues that little can beat good experiential based learning for gaining techniques and tips.

Parenthood Education microsite news

How do you tackle divorce in parenthood lessons?
The government's recent announcements on marriage and the family have caused some teachers to groan at the prospect of facing difficult and complex questions about the relative merits and pitfalls of divorce and separation. It's often useful to get the facts straight before you start - and that doesn't mean reading the Sun editorial. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has many useful research digests on social policy and family issues. One of their latest published reports is 'Divorce and separatio: The outcomes for children' Research over many decades about the impact of divorce and separation on children has generated useful knowledge, but also led to confusion and misunderstanding. JRF's comprehensive review of over 200 research reports finds:

  • Parental separation is most usefully viewed as part of a process beginning before divorce itself and continuing long after. Support may be needed and intervention required at any stage to reduce possible detrimental effects on children.
  • Although short-term distress at the time of separation is common, this usually fades with time and long-term adverse outcomes typically apply only to a minority of children experiencing the separation of their parents.
  • However, these children have roughly twice the probability of experiencing specific poor outcomes in the long term compared with those in intact families.

Use JRF's own search engine to generate other useful facts and stats for PSE lessons at:

ICPD microsite News

Surf Spots
Want a last minute holiday? Looking for ticket bargains. One of the biggest companies in this field has just established their UK website with a range of features at

In the cut-throat world of book selling, Amazon have just opened their UK store selling over a million different titles on-line. There are many more titles here than in any high street retailer. It's quite an experience if you know what you want!

Events diary
A new feature listing forthcoming events of potential interest to LearningWire readers. If you would like a listing, please send brief relevant details to the editor together with an email or web address for further information.

Risk Management for the Non Profit Sector - 26 November, London
Examines role of trustees and risk management, use of a Business Risk Model, case study demonstrating it's use and chance for delegate to map-out significant risk affecting their organisations.

Inside Outsourcing - 10 December, London
Examines trends in outsourcing both in private and voluntary/ public sectors. Factors driving outsourcing, using professional advisors.

Learning Declaration Conference - 12 January 1999, London
The Association for Management Education and Development (AMED is organising a one-day event on the recently published Declaration to be attended by seven of the signatories. A great opportunity to debate the Declaration, review its proposals, and agree what should be done about learning.

About Sift
Sift plc is a leading developer of online communities. Based in Bristol, Sift has developed AccountingWEB for professionals in theaccountancy profession, and BusinessZONE (for the SME market). At the 1997 Online Information Exhibition at Olympia, AccountingWEB was voted European Information Product of the Year (and also runner up as Internet Product of 1997).

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