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The TrainingZONE LearningWIRE – Issue 13



LearningWIRE - Issue 13
30 June 1998

A FREE electronic newsletter for net enabled people engaged in training, learning, coaching and staff development.

Copyright (C) 1998 Sift plc. All rights reserved.
May be reproduced in any medium for non-commercial purposes as long as attribution is given.

In this issue:

  • Learning styles
  • Need a Quote?
  • Are TrainingZONE and LearningWIRE really free?
  • Lifelong learning news
  • Latest news stories
  • Partnership with Pavilion Publishing
  • Coping with Spam

This issue part sponsored by

Pavilion Publishing - leading publishers of training resources, journals and manuals - and organisers of major national conferences - for professionals in health and social care

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Learning Styles
This issue leads with some fascinating websites for anyone interested in exploring current ideas and research into the way in which we learn and develop.

One of the best sites on this topic is hosted by the University of Toronto where you can find an excellent listing of different approaches, each cross-referenced to appropriate webpages, giving details of relevant theories and techniques.

If you're interested in exploring the range of different tests which have been devised to measure and assess learning and learning styles, you should visit the One Minute Teacher site. This comprehensive site analyses different strategies for learning. It also offers an interesting short paper on 'How to teach others to teach themselves'.

Mindtools offer an interesting site which they describe as "tools to help you think more effectively". Some of the materials are free although they also run workshops, etc. Worth a look.

In the UK, the practical work of Peter Honey and Alan Mumford is well known for its focus on recognising and using learning styles, and creating a constructive learning environment. You can now order their publications on-line. Pause for a moment at the apt opening quote on this website - "You are what you learn".

Need a Quote?
And speaking of quotes, if, like me, you like to include the words of the wise and the (in)famous in your work, you should check out the brilliant collection of inspirational quotes about learning, thinking and self-development created by Inner Resources. Well worth downloading for future reference.

Mary Gaskin [[email protected]] sends the following tips from the Quote Motivator:

"All of the top achievers I know are life-long learners... Looking of new skills, insights, and ideas. If they're not learning, they're not growing... not moving towards excellence."
~ Denis Waitley ~

You can receive a daily inspirational quote everyday of the year. For a free one week trial send a request to [[email protected]] quoting your name and email address

"The only place where your dream becomes impossible is in your own thinking"
~ Robert H Schuller ~

Are TrainingZONE and LearningWIRE really free?
Yes. I've been receiving some comments recently from users asking how this works. Subscriptions to LearningWIRE are - and will remain - free; just use the instructions at the end to add more subscriptions. Browsing the TrainingZONE website is also free, including the option to save pages and download Toolkit items to your computer.

Two specific features are chargeable, although an initial 30-days use is included when you first register. Sift are the UK agents for the ClariNews service which provides access to around 3,500 news stories each day direct to your computer and which you can use to set up personal Alerts. TrainingZONE also offers access to a huge Company Directory providing financial and commercial information on a wide range of public companies. If you find these services useful, you're invited to pay a small monthly charge to continue access after the initial 30-day offer. If you don't take up this offer, all other features of TrainingZONE remain accessible.

Sift's services are financed in several ways. The various professional community sites carry some advertising. Electronic newsletters also accept commercial sponsorship. We are able to host sites for specific organisations and groups who want to publish and distribute information quickly and easily to a wide this audience.

Lifelong learning news
I've praised the efforts of the Government's DfEE before in their endeavours to publish information and use the latest technology to communicate. As part of their promotion of Lifelong Learning, the Individual Learning Division of the DfEE created a specific site to focus attention on this important area of development.

One aspect of the site is a bi-monthly on-line publication called 'Individual Learning News'. It's well worth keeping an eye on the site as it provides lots of useful bits of news. The fourth issue was published in May and can be found at

Amongst the items which attracted my attention in this recent issue were:

  • A listing of all 39 sectoral National Training Organisations which now cover 65% of the workforce
  • The Hobby House - the search for a suitable base for a centre devoted to a wide variety of practical learning activities for people aged over 50; part of a Carnegie Third Age Project
  • Update on progress with the Campaign for Learning
  • Details of the Adult and Community Learning Fund which will be targeted at marginalised and disadvantaged communities to create local learning activities. 5million available in each of the next three years.
  • Announcement of the Union Learning Fund to support Trade Unions to engage in innovative work in promoting lifelong learning through the workplace. Bids open in England for up to 50,000 per project.

Recent News Stories

Further analysis and details of the virtual learning community being created by pilot programmes for the new University for Industry. "Wanting to do for learning, what the Open University has done for further education" comments Gordon Brown.

Following the announcement last week of the launch of the Institute for Continuous Professional Development, news this week of the creation of an International Association for Human Resource Information Management which is seeking to create a "global network enabling human resource practitioners make the most of information technology".

Advance information on the World Open Learning for Business Conference and Exhibition to be held in Birmingham on 29/30 September. Billed as the "premier showcase of open learning solutions for large and small organisations".
Their website is still being built but keep an eye on

Partnership with Pavilion Publishing
We're delighted to announce the start of a collaborative partnership with Pavilion Publishing which will make more services available to TrainingZONE users. Pavilion Publishing are a well established publisher of books, manuals and resources materials for the health and social care sector. In the next few months, we will be providing downloadable extracts from some of their key publications in the new Toolkit area. Users will be welcome to download and use these extracts providing that due credit is given. Obviously, if you find the materials helpful, we hope you'll want to obtain the full publication from Pavilion.

In the Discussion area, we've also initiated a Health and Social Care conference to encourage people working in this area to share ideas and debate issues. Pavilion run an extensive programme of high profile national conferences and seminars around the country and we anticipate that this discussion forum will also extend the debates taking place at these events to a wider audience.

Coping with Spam
'Spam' is Internet jargon for junk email. If you've been on the Internet for any length of time, you'll start to attract more and more of the stuff. It uses connection time to download to your mailbox and where it then clogs up space. What can you do about it?

Unfortunately, the best advice at the moment is that you just have to live with it. The larger Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are doing their best to screen out bulk postings. Some ISPs allow you to pre-read you emails on a web browser before downloading, in which case you can spot it and delete it. Otherwise, you'll just need to delete it on its arrival - in much the same way you put junk mail in the wastebin. Trying to send it back rarely works since the stuff is frequently sent out by automated lists which do not recognised in-coming mail.

However, I appreciate that, in particular, if you've got children, you may want to read more about the subject. Try this page, which gives a succinct summary of the main issues, whilst also containing some action points if you want to take on the junk mail kings of cyberspace.

From the editor
We've managed 13 issues of LearningWIRE during the first six months, giving an average fortnightly publication. There will be a short break for the next three weeks for holidays but please keep your comments and suggestions flowing in.

Tim Pickles,
Editor, LearningWIRE and TrainingZONE
mailto:[email protected]


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