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The TrainingZONE LearningWIRE – Issue 15



LearningWIRE - Issue 15
10 August 1998

A FREE electronic newsletter for net enabled people engaged in training, learning, coaching and staff development.

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In this issue:

  • Distance and open learning materials
  • Management development
  • New Internet virus alert
  • Recent news stories
  • Internet Monitor
  • Website review: Learning Fountain
  • From the editor
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Distance and open learning materials
If you're looking to find resources on the web to support distance learning, there are a number of UK-related sites which should provide lots of ideas and materials.

The British Association for Distance Learning maintain a website with information about what distance learning is, how it differs from open learning, and how you can find some of the most significant providers. Their site is at

Similar in some ways, but more comprehensive, is the site for the International Centre for Distance Learning which appears to be maintained by the Open University, and which has recently moved its address. There is a very comprehensive and searchable database of both institutions and courses on a wide range of subjects. There is also an extensive library of materials including abstracts from published journals over the past fifteen years. If you're looking for something specific, this site is well worth a visit.

If your interest is more restricted to business and business development, there is an excellent site maintained personally by Chris Jarvis at Brunel University called the Business Open Learning Archive. Amongst the interesting resources I found here were notes on marketing, power and management, business start-ups, and ethics. It's a great site to browse and I found myself downloading several pages to read in more detail.

Management development
One LearningWIRE reader has pointed me towards a couple of great sites maintained by Prof. Gareth Morgan at York University, Toronto. Gareth is clearly interested in organisational and personal effectiveness and has written a wide range of resource materials which include models, practical theories and easy-to- read handouts. His personal website is at

Gareth also appears to have a business in organisational development, consulting with several corporate clients. Many of his resources concerned with managing in the new economy, networking and organsiational effectiveness are well worth reading and have been published at

TrainingZONE has recently extended it's Links section to include more web links of direct interest to UK managers and management development. For example, the Institute of Management site is now linked at

The Institute's bi-monthly journal, 'The Professional Manager' is published on-line at

Meanwhile the commercial 'Management Today' is published on-line at

Also, don't forget the extensive site maintained by the Association for Management Education and Development (AMED) who captured the best URL at

Although several parts of this site are restricted to members of the Association, the open access areas are informative and interesting to visit.

New Internet virus alert
There are several warnings being posted in the last few days (by Microsoft and AOL amongst others) about a new virus masquerading as a desirable screen-saver called Budweiser Frogs. Avoid downloading any file named BUDDYLST.ZIP. The virus destroys hard drives and there is no remedy at present. Some warnings suggest the virus is transported in email messages with the subject "Returned or Unable to Delivery" and advises immediate deletion of such messages without opening.

Recent News Stories

Navigator - personal development for men
Information has been received from a correspondent, James Traeger ( about Navigator - an innovative personal development programme for men which has been created over the past few months and is derived partly from similar work established by Springboard in the field of self-development for women.

Another exciting programme developed by women for women has been run successfully by Passport. A version of the programme has also been used by the Home Office. This initiative too is looking to create a parallel programme for other groups wishing to review their lives and careers and generate a personalised passport into the future.

40% increase in business use of the Internet
Business use of the Internet rose by 40 per cent in the UK in 1997, according to a new report - Moving into the Information Age - International Benchmarking Study 1998. The report concludes that firms in the UK are increasingly aware of the opportunities that new technologies offer, with 86 per cent believing information and communications technologies are important for business competitiveness. But with their European competitors taking the lead in the use of high technology equipment such as ISDN lines, mobile phones, Local Area Networks and PCs, UK companies with under 100 staff need to respond to the challenge of exploiting these business opportunities.

Internet Monitor
Information about how to claim tax relief for approved vocational training undertaken and paid for by individuals is at

If you're interested in knowing what the Myers-Briggs model of personality (and its associated test) actually do, take a look at Personality tests such as this well-known one are being increasingly used as part of recruitment and selection procedures. (Thanks to Dave Davies for this reference.)

Website review: Learning Fountain - contributed by Ian Cook
I was intrigued by the approach of this site ( It was a model of quick access and practical information. It was designed to sell and its whole message is about selling. The self confessed aim of the site is to enable you to design your web pages so that people will learn and linger and buy. Give people learning and they will give you their business. The approach is subtle and well thought out.

Produced by Paul "the soaring" Siegel I was intrigued to follow the on-line tutorials in how to create my own learning fountain. These were basic enough to be quick. They were descriptive enough to guide. If you are concerned to set up an effective web site then I can recommend this page. It "walks its talk" with admirable ease of access and speed in loading. Having explored all the links I felt a little over burdened with his message.

I do feel that I learned something.

If you want to see a great example of a learning fountain then visit Roger Greenaway's site reviewed in LearningWIRE - Issue 5.

Overall I would give this site

  • **** Friendliness
  • *** Usefulness
From the editor

TrainingZONE has recently announced an agreement with three publishers - Pavilion Publishing, Russell House Publishing, and Framework on Print - to make resource materials available for download on the site. Look out for the new Toolkit area of TrainingZONE which will be appearing shortly. Downloads will be in Microsoft Word format and will be free to users who have registered with the site.

We anticipate announcing further such agreements to make valuable training and learning resources available shortly.

Tim Pickles,
Editor, LearningWIRE and TrainingZONE


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