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The TrainingZone LearningWire – Issue 35


The TrainingZONE LearningWIRE - Issue 35
15 February 1999
The Learning Community
Copyright (C) 1999 Sift plc. All rights reserved.
This material is distributed free to trainers, learners, managers and
coaches. It may be reproduced in any medium for
non-commercial purposes as long as attribution is given.

Editor's Note
The past week has been a bumper one for news and internet postings relating
to training and learning. As a result, this week's issue can only bring
you a selection of the items which have been reported or linked into the
main TrainingZone site. The selection may be even more diverse than usual
in order to reflect the range of material included for our fast-growing
audience. An unusual feature this week is the request on several sites for
your assistance with various online training-related surveys.

There was an excellent response to our request for Topic Experts able and
willing to advise us on particular issues. There is already a good range
of topics covered - but if you would like to get involved too, please do
let me know.

The short feature three weeks ago on workplace bullying has prompted a
series of responses. Read on for information about training events, an
opportunity to contribute to a handbook on the subject, and a free guide to
best practice.

Tim Pickles,
Editor, LearningWIRE and TrainingZONE


Cities of Learning
"A learning community is a city, town or region which goes beyond its
statutory duty to provide education and training to those who require it
and instead creates a vibrant, participative, culturally-aware and
economically buoyant human environment through the provision, justification
and active promotion of learning opportunities to enhance the potential of
all its citizens."
Sounds like a nice place to live. For more information on the European
Learning Society, see

European Lifelong Learning Initiative
With a secretariat at Napier University, Edinburgh, ELLI promotes and
develops lifelong learning throughout Europe by running a series of
projects, developing 'Eurotoolls', and publishing an informative journal
entitled 'The Learner'.

Learning Skills survey
Peter Honey has web-published a 40 point survey of individual learning
skills and practices which takes around five minutes to complete online.
The findings will be summarised and published in May as part of Learning at
Work day. See if you are as effective a learner as you think you are!

New learning technologies survey
Meanwhile an American doctoral student is researching the importance of
various competencies in the design of training over the Web. The research
is based on some work completed last year by the American Society for
Training and Development on learning technologies.

'On the Job Training' best practice guidelines
Downloadable factsheet from the IPD summarising models, approaches and best
practices in this re-discovered approach to training whilst people actually
concentrate on the job they are employed to do.

IPD website relaunched in improved version
For the past year, TrainingZone has criticised the rather restricted and
unfriendly format of the Institute of Personnel and Development's website.
It may not be down to us, but the revamped site is a great improvement.
However, don't bother trying to go through the front door at
as you will still need to use a login procedure which asks for your
membership number. It appears that you can bi-pass this deterrent and gain
access to the wide and valuable range of information published on the site
by entering the more specific address of

'Stress management' best practice guidelines
Downloadable factsheet (in Adobe Acrobat format) on the subject offering
advice on various approaches and best practice in workplace stress

Free Access and Free PCs!
A company in the States announced last week that it will be offering
its customers Free Compaq computers - that is on top of free
access and free email. The proviso, is that customers must be
prepared to receive targeted advertising on their desktop. The
company (Free-PC) point out that set top TV boxes are free or
heavily subsidised, and so are mobile phone handsets; so why not
computers? Apparently the ads will be drawn from a collection
stored on the hard drive of the computer, which is then updated
when the user is online. What it doesn't say is quite how
extensively you have to 'detail' yourself and quite how often you
have to watch the ads rather than work. If US TV is anything to
go by, presumably every 5 minutes

Our feature on this controversial topic a couple of weeks ago has prompted
a series of responses. We mentioned the acclaimed website offering
analysis and advice on the subject at

Two trainers contacted us to details of training events they run as part of
Dundee University's Lifelong Learning programme. These have been heavily
oversubscribed in the past. A repeat course is planned for April 17 and
May 15. For information
Meanwhile, a UK publisher has expressed interest in publishing a practical
manual/handbook on the subject. We've already had initial expressions of
interest but wanted to open this up to see if there were other people
interested in collaborating on such a writing project. Do let me know if
you would like to participate in the planning/writing of such a manual
There are further details of both these initiatives at:

Coincidentally, the IPD has just published a best practice guide to
managing bullying in the workplace. You can download a copy of the guide

Is it too late for Virtual Valentines?
A love poem generated just for your Valentine! Each one unique
and yet strangely familiar - choose your poetic style and let the
site do the rest.

The european auction site has some interesting ideas for a
Valentine's gift. What about a pair of tickets on the Orient
Express? Also they have a page where you can submit your best
chat-up lines - some of these are really tacky!

One of the best sites, with lots of fun ideas. For example, try
out their "Build a date" in which you create your perfect

Find out if you and your partner are compatible - never mind what
you think - what do the stars say?

Create your Valentine cards online.

Romance auctions, love contests - what do you mean you don't believe in


Virtual Learning Network
Arthur Anderson launch "the first comprehensive web-based learning solution
for business and industry". A somewhat exaggerated claim - but an
important development from one of the larger consulting organisations.
They claim to have more than 400 courses already loaded and ready to

BBC promotes WebWise
WebWise - become a confident Internet user' is the title of a campaign to
be mounted by the BBC in May as part of Adult Learners Week. Promotional
TV shorts will direct enquirers to a helpline from which they will be able
to access a national network of local organisations providing taster
sessions and tuition in Internet use.


Realising Your Potential - Encouraging a Learning Climate in Voluntary
2 & 3 March 1999, Edinburgh
Investment in training and staff development in the voluntary sector has
traditionally been poor and low down the list of priorities. Appropriately
skilled and motivated staff are essential to the success of any
organisation - small or large. If voluntary organisatons are to attract and
retain the right staff they need to offer relevant learning opportunities
and support a commitment to lifelong learning. This event offers delegates
the chance to meet many training providers and attend workshops and
briefings on numerous topics including Coaching and Mentoring, Creating a
Learning Culture, Creating Effective Induction Programmes, Customising
Flexible learning Materials, Learning Through Drama and many more. The
event is especially relevant for managers, management committees, trainers
and training staff.

Learning Company Project
March 15-17, University of Warwick
Eighth conference of the Learning Company Project run by Tom Boydell, Mike
Pedler and co still has a few vacancies for the dynamic and creative mix of
4 plenary sessions, 35 workshops, performance activities and delegates from
more than a dozen countries. Themes include: practical tools; a critical
review of the learning organisation; and knowledge management.

HRD Week and Training Exhibition
April 13-15, Olypia, London
The largest UK training conference and exhibition returns to its customary
venue again this year. Full information of the programme, exhibitors and
online booking.

About Sift
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BusinessZONE (for the SME market).
At the 1997 Online Information Exhibition at Olympia,
AccountingWEB was voted European Information Product of the
Year (and also runner up as Internet Product of 1997).

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