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The TrainingZone LearningWIRE – Issue 58


The TrainingZONE LearningWIRE - Issue 58
19 July 1999
The Learning Community
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From the Editor
As the first guest editor of TrainingZone since its beginnings in
May 1998 I'd like to welcome you to this edition of LearningWIRE.
The instructions seemed simple: 'Go with whatever takes your
fancy'. So this week's edition reflects my own personal interests
and favourites with no apologies! Of course there are featured
sites about women's issues, personal development programmes,
material about how the government plans to prepare young people
for adult life, together with a little plug for Apple along the
way! Items on adult learning and learning in later life appear -
Star Wars is in there just to show off that I've seen the new
film already. I also include a book review from my favourite
organisational development author of the moment and a thought
provoking quote from Aristotle appears below. Information has
also been posted from some of the many websites we monitor for
you across the globe.

The whole task has been exciting but far from easy. Quite how our
regular editor has kept up the momentum over 14 months of daily
postings and weekly WIREs will remain one of the mysteries of the
late twentieth century. I will therefore be glad to hand over the
guest reins to Gary Platt next week who will give you his very
own version of events. If you have any problems, our service
department (mailto:[email protected]) will
be pleased to help.


Penny Sharland, Guest Editor



Addressing critiques of ideas and practices of organisational
learning. For information or to offer a session contact
Tom Boydell mailto:[email protected]

LearningWire currently reaches over 2,700 organisations every
week. Put your message before this focused audience of people
engaged in training, learning and development.

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Quote of the week
Anyone can become angry - that is easy. But to be angry with the
right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the
right purpose, and in the right way - this is not easy.

Aristotle, The Nicomachean Ethics
Quoted in Danile Goleman's 'Emotional Intelligence'.

Summer book recommendation
If you only take one 'serious' book with you this summer holiday
look at Margaret Wheatley's 1999 book, A Simpler Way, which was
co-authored with Myron Kellner-Rogers. (Berrett-Koehler
Publishers, Inc.) It is a near mystical exploration of a
radically different world view that will reshape how we think
about organizing all human endeavor.

WebWatch brings you information about useful and relevant
resources from other Internet sites around the world. Unless
otherwise linked, all the following stories can be found at

Attention! Women subscribers
FEMINIST.COM is set to become a place where women can meet,
exchange ideas, get information, build a business, become
active, participate in government and empower themselves and the
world around them -- a woman's cyber community.

Ask Jeeves
This is a well kept secret - a search facility for those who find
the usual suspects dry and from which it is sometimes difficult
to get good results. Meant for kids originally.

How old was John Lennon when he died?
This useful if biased facility lists over 20,000 potted
biographies. He was 40 by the way.

TACK Training
TACK Training International provide a range of courses throughout
the UK and elsewhere in the fields of sales, telephone skills,
marketing, management, communications, finance and NVQs.

Who cares about workplace bullying?
In a Spotlight feature on the-shelf website, there is a new and
interesting feature article on this important topic which is
gradually gaining the sort of exposure which it deserves.

Further information about all these sites, and hundreds of
others, can be found at:


Edward de Bono Lateral Thinking CD

This unique 195 pound package provides multimedia training on
Lateral Thinking together with Idea Pro, a mind mapping
application based on Lateral Thinking. If you want a free
demo CD please email mailto:[email protected].



Latest News
Here's a quick guide to some of the other news stories posted
this week at:

The July edition of this Virginia based magazine has several
interesting features available for direct download.

Apple exclusively produced two Quick Time downloads of the
trailers for the Phantom Mence - see them at:

Macintosh sales increased by 27% and overall PC sales are
predicted to be up around 14% this year.

George Mudie MP spoke at the 'Learning in Later Life' conference
held recently in the UK. A brief report and further signposts can
be seen in the news section of LearningWIRE.

The quality of government-funded work-based training in England
varies from the outstanding to the very poor, according to David
Sherlock, the Chief Inspector of the Training Standards Council,
in his first report, published this week.

50,000 more sign up for adult education classes according to
figures published this week.

David Blunkett threw a lifeline to the 161,000 teenagers who have
dropped out of education, training and employment in a speech
marking the publication of a report by the Social Exclusion Unit
this week.

The QCA website now has full details of the National Curriculum
Review including lengthy download versions of all the main
consultation papers.

Passport - a programme designed to create space for individuals
to gain a greater perspective on their lives - home, work and
self - has moved into delivery within organisations - on the
basis that better developed individuals create happier and more
effective teams.

All the above News stories can be found at

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Getting involved

A weekly series of tips for getting even more out of your
community membership.

7 Look to the Microsites feature for specialist areas
including Parenthood Education - for all those wanting to
track the government's commitment to include it in the new
national curriculum framework.

8 Talk to the editor of TrainingZone to discuss whether your
organisation or interest group could benefit from developing
a microsite at mailto:[email protected]

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