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The TrainingZone LearningWire – Issue 70


The TrainingZONE LearningWIRE - Issue 70
11 October 1999
The Learning Community
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This Week - on TrainingZone
The big news for us this week is the complete redesign of the TrainingZone website! Its new look is designed to make it quicker to load, easier to navigate and provide you with more features. If you've not been recently, now is the time to browse around. If you like what you see, please use the new Feedback page to send us your comments.

The online workshop this week is aimed at Training Managers. We are establishing a regular series of 45 minute workshops for Training Managers so that you can discuss common issues, ask questions of each other, and generate solutions. All workshops are free and are an easy and valuable form of CPD. The Training Managers workshop takes place on Tuesday 12 October at 7.00 pm. It runs at

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Peter Honey's Zero Zero Calendar
Twelve watercolour, twelve inspirational quotes about
learning, space for all your notes. "A limited edition,
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Direct your message to our regular audience of over 3,200 professionals engaged in training, learning and development.

WebWatch brings you information about useful and relevant resources from other Internet sites around the world.

Coaching discussion groups
Coen do Groot is compiling an online list of discussion groups and forums about coaching. You can review the current directory, and make suggestionsn for other coaching discussion groups to be included at
Meanshile on the Linkage Inc website, you can read an excerpt from "Action Coaching: How to Leverage Individual Performance for Company Success" by David L. Dotlich and Peter C. Cairo of CDR International for insight into motivating your employees to success in the short and long-term

Training Professionals Gateway
This site, maintained by Mike Collins, has recently been upgraded and re-organised. Quite a lot of the material reflects Mike's own business interests and resources; in addition to some of his material, there's a wealth of interesting papers and ideas here grouped into four areas: setting up the training function; training topics and audiences; the training process; and the wider context of training. If you're new to the field, or want some fresh perspectives, it's a useful site to browse through.

Each month the LearningBuzz and BehaviourBuzz sites aim to publish some more papers and resource materials. They are excellent sites and should be on everyone's list of favourites. Updates take place at the start of every month and you can subscribe for a free updating email. We also plan to cover the content regularly here. Taking my attention this week on the LearningBuzz site were Peter Honey's review of the new book by Charles Handy called 'The New Alchemists', an article by Ray Taylor on 'Learning to Change and Changing to Learn' and an article by Mike Pedler on 'What is Action Learning and are we really doing it?'

The Global Registry
This is a new initiative from IFTDO (the International Federation of Training and Development Officers) to establish a world-wide directory of trainers. There are a couple of rather detailed search procedures to use - they may be too specific as both searches which I tried failed to find any matches. It's free to use the Registry and free to add your own details. Further services are planned for the future.

OnLine Call Manager
This is a subscription-free service that allows any Internet user to manage all of their incoming telephone calls while remaining on the Internet, without installing a second line. When calls are made to the engaged number, the system sends an automatic message to the user's computer, which offers them the option of answering the call immediately, diverting it to a mobile number or a voicemail box or sending a message to the caller saying they will call back. The service also allows customers to talk to other OnLine Call Manager users anywhere in the world, via the Internet, completely free of charge.


Any Answers?
This new area of the site is really catching on, with some pertinent questions being asked and plenty of answers from users. Send your questions to the editor and you will automatically be notified of all responses by email. Please offer your answers to each question by clicking on Comment after each question.

'Does anyone have any experience in researching the unmet health needs of people with learning disabilities? asks Robert Macfarlane

'Are there any other trainers out there working with the call centre industry?' asks Susan Cole

Keep sending new questions to the Editor
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Earn yourself free bottles of wine !

Going to the IPD National Exhibition at Harrogate?
We invite all LearningWire readers to write a short review
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HR News
Please send all relevant HR news postings to Cecilia Bingham
mailto:[email protected]

Magenta Employment Law Training
Magenta provide a range of training services around employment law. However their website now includes directories of people working in this field where you can enter your own details, and you can also subscribe to a couple of electronic newsletters offering information and updates on management and employment law issues. Could be a useful service if it doesn't run too many advertisements for Magenta's own courses and services.

New Factsheets available from IPD
A series of new Factsheets are now available covering the Working Time Regulations, Employment and Disability, and Guidance on the Employment of Offenders. These Factsheets provide excellent summaries of the key aspects of relevant legislation and provide a clear framework for the development of good practice in their respective fields. These Factsheets and all previous ones are available to download from the Professional Best Practice area of the IPD website.
Incidentally, for those following the debate about chartered status for the Institute, the ballot produced a 99% vote in favour.

Unfair dismissal awards up to £50,000: free factsheet
Better Business, a magazine aimed chiefly at small businesses, has a free factsheet on how to "dismiss without tears" (yours) downloadable from its website. With awards for unfair dismissal now up to £50,000, it's worth a look.

Tips for staff retention
Five essentials for retaining staff are listed in Compaq's ProfitPAQ newsletter, quoted in T&D Extra.

Who wants what from a company website?
A study by and Decision Tree shows wide gaps between what managers think company websites should provide and what staff actually want. Are we surprised?

New rights for people with disabilities now in force
Small and medium enterprises need to be fully aware of their obligations under the latest provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act. The DfEE has launched a booklet setting out their duties, and claims that the benefits for disabled people are also "opportunities for the businesses they use. Accessible services are attractive services." Not directly an HR concern, as it deals with provision of goods and services, but there will be implications for staff training.

Making the most of HR software
HR departments need to extend their understanding of what software can do for them, says Joel R. Lapointe, senior vice president at The Hunter Group, a Renaissance Worldwide company. His article, and others on related topics, appears in this month's issue of Workforce. On the heavy-reading side, but interesting.

Andrew Kakabadse on Leadership
An internationally renowned consultant gives his views on leadership - with the conclusion "Among the one-third of organisations that were being led well, success was no accident. Key leadership capabilities were required from the top leaders; there were key disciplines that had to be introduced into the corporation; and there was a very clear philosophy about what that corporation was trying to do. This was not achieved overnight. It was extremely hard work and involved a clear policy to make it work."


Other News

Certificate in Distance Education coming online
A new CPD opportunity for trainers online arrives with the Certificate in Distance Education from the University of Wisconsin.

Is time management training a waste of time?
Traditional time management techniques may, it seems, be inadequate in today's organisations. People need individual coaching to develop "time awareness" and personal strategies for coping with workload.

BBC launches self-development channel
The BBC is promoting its new digital, interactive channel, BBC Knowledge, "for people wanting to get ahead in life". Topics at present appear to be more in the leisure field than skills or work- related, but the project manager stresses "it's not just purely about being entertained."

Half of UK directors fail to grasp the impact of technology
What Dilbert's pointy-haired boss has been demonstrating for years has been borne out by new research by Internet technology companies, Cisco and Oracle and endorsed by the Institute of Directors (IoD). Many UK directors are failing to understand the impact of technology, believing that conducting business on the Internet is "someone else's job," according to the research.

Survey on distance learning
A researcher invites views on distance learning from any point of view, whether based on experience or not. Check out the survey (quite short) at

"Training providers have a crucial role to play"
Education and Employment Minister Malcolm Wicks tells the National Training Federation Conference "Training activity is still lower than we require", and - among some familiar government-speak - promises more funds and less bureaucracy.

Latest news on the 'Learning to Succeed' White Paper
Following publication of this important White Paper in early July setting out the government's proposals for the future of post-16 education, training and learning throughout England - including the establishment of Learning and Skills Councils and the removal of TECs - the DfEE is publishing a regular series of updates to keep people informed with progress. This first one outlines details of the consultation process and discussions with major players concerned with training and learning.
Meanwhile, the Lib Dem response mixes praise and challenge
Lib Dem spokesman on Further and Higher Education, Phil Willis,
gave a detailed critique of the White Paper "Learning to Succeed" to
a meeting of the Association of Colleges. Much to praise, much to
challenge, he says - rightly.

Ten steps to build web stickiness
Research has shown that around 80 percent of first time surfers tend not to return to a web site once they have made their initial visit - yet building a strong brand and a loyal customer base, ensuring repeat visits, and ultimately repeat sales, is critical to ensuring a company's online success. According to Nvision, the areas which businesses must concentrate on include: easy access, improved navigation, establishing a community, keeping the site current, rewarding customer loyalty, and remembering the basic rules of customer service.



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Product Reviews
Every week we publish reviews by a team of active professionals of recent publications, resource materials and products. To have your products reviewed, check out

'Perception Software Suite, version 2' from Question Mark Computing Ltd, reviewed by Claire Robinson

'Explore your Values' the new practical resource by Peter Honey, is reviewed by Leslie Rae

'Making Teams Work' - the first of a series of new videos from Gower receives a scathing review from Chris Green

'Visual Concept' software and tools for creating dynamic and graphical ideas mapping receives a rather more favourable review from Matt Simkin


New postings in the PressZone
Publish details of all your news in the PressZone. To become a member, see

SkillSoft enters the international marketplace with its range of soft skills training products

Intuition Publishing announces the release of the latest version of its Intuition Web software

Asymetrix ships ToolBook II Instructor 7.1 in the United Kingdom


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