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The TrainingZONE LeraningWIRE – Issue 21


The TrainingZONE LearningWIRE - Issue 21
9 November 1998B
The Learning Community
Copyright (C) 1998 Sift plc. All rights reserved.
This material is distributed free to trainers, learners, managers and coaches. It may be reproduced in any medium for non-commercial purposes as long as attribution is given.

In this issue:

  • TrainingZone Internet Monitor
  • Declaration on Learning
  • Training-related news stories
  • Parenthood Education News
  • Institute of Continuing Professional Development News
  • Subscription Information
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Editor's Note
Thanks to the many people who've emailed me with comments over the past two weeks. They seem to have been coming in from Nigeria, South Africa, USA - as well as closer to home. I endeavour to reply to all enquiries but it sometimes takes a few days. Please don't let this stop you writing.

The major feature in this issue is our coverage of the Declaration on Learning which is provoking widespread reaction around the country. This document is something we would encourage all those who are serious about training, learning and development to look at and read.

Tim Pickles,
Editor, LearningWIRE and TrainingZONE

TrainingZone Internet Monitor

IPD National Conference
A daily updated report is still available carrying news from all the main presentations.

Training events directories
Last week I mentioned the (costly) online directory at
You can find a free UK training directory at
At present, this appears to have around 1000 entries. It's fully searchable and you can also upload your own events for viewing by others.

Another directory of sorts can be found at
although this large and extensive site does tend to become very repetitive: loads of information but no interaction.

Changes at some of the main Institutes
The IPD appear to be redesigning their main site which is currently off-line.
is presently showing just a holding page. Perhaps they've taken note of some of the criticisms of this very restricted site which we've been making in recent issues. The IPD could do better than look at the newly redesigned site for the American Society for Training and Development which continues to be excellent.

Proposed changes to the voting system
If you're interested in the proposals put forward by the Jenkins Commission, you can read the text of the full report online.

Leaders in the Twenty-first Century
An opinion in a recent issue of 'People Management' argued the importance of organisational leaders being committed to learners - and was sceptical about the ability of today's leaders to take up this challenge.

National Learning Targets 2002
The DfEE has published National Learning Targets for England for the year 2002. These cover young people, existing employees and organisational targets for learning and development. Full details at

Declaration on Learning
This Declaration, drawn up by eight leading UK and Irish trainers and consultants, has sparked considerably controversy since it was first published in 'People Management' at the beginning of October. It sets out to provoke debate about the nature of future learning.

The authors argue that learning will be the central issue for the 21st century: "..the most powerful, engaging, rewarding and enjoyable aspect of our personal and collective experience." "The biggest missed opportunity for policy makers and leaders is the failure to capitalise on the collective learning ability of people." The Declaration goes on to examine the nature of learning, the benefits of learning, and what should be done to encourage learning. The authors argue that learning to learn is the most fundamental learning of all.

This short document is at different times challenging, provoking, irritating. It's probably meant to be! The signatories do not expect to generate widespread acclamation for their views. However they do anticipate stimulating a pro-active debate about the role, value and methods of learning for individuals and organisations.

Criticism has been directed at the all-male list of signatories, the existence of other central issues for the next millennium, and the perceived attitude of the writers. It attracted a whole page of letters in the recent issue of 'People Management'. Like it or loath it, I think this is an important statement about a fundamental issue with which we should all be concerned. We need to read it and examine out own attitudes to what the arguments being put forward.

The signatories to the Declaration are John Burgoyne, Ian Cunningham, Bob Garrett, Peter Honey, Andrew Mayo, Alan Mumford, Michael Pearn and Mike Pedler.

You can obtain your copy from
I would strongly recommend that you read and react to this statement.

Training related news stories
Gower have published their 1998 complete training resources catalogue with more than 200 books, packs, poster and video resources.

Parenthood Education microsite news

Supporting families
This week the Government published their consultation document on the role of the family. Jack Straw says that "family life is the foundation on which our communities, our society and our country are built. Families are central to this Government's vision of a modern and decent country. They are as important now as they have ever been."

It is the issue of promoting marriage that has hit the headlines and caused controversy but there is much more to this paper than that. For those interested in parenthood education there is much to warm the heart and build hopes for the future. There are proposals for

  • a new National Family and Parenting Institute
  • a national helpline for parents
  • an enhanced role for health visitors
  • targeted resources through the 'Sure Start' programme
Of course the most interesting section is 'Support for Future Parents' where the government lays out its commitment to parenthood education in schools as part of a wider strategy for personal and social education. They undertake to "place greater emphasis in the curriculum on the responsibilities of parenthood AT THE FIRST OPPORTUNITY". Let's hope that this commitment is translated into realistic and manageable proposals that schools can begin to implement in the next 18 months.

The consultation document is available at

The Parenthood Education site will be carrying full reports on the site over the next few days.

In the meantime, if you'd like a chance to comment and discuss the issues, why not use the Parenthood Discussion Forum at

Recruitment for the Parenting Forum
The National Children's Bureau have placed recruitment adverts for the a Chief Executive for the Parenting Education and Support Forum

ICPD microsite News

Continuing professional development programme
Details of the 1998/9 programme run by the CPD Foundation and hosted by the University of Westminster.


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