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Training Managers Forum – online workshop report


Hi Ann what is your role.
Nothing at the moment, I have volunteered with the Youth Service to become their career trainer - to get youngsters into work and training. Sorry I am a bit slow in typing
What is everybody elses role
Ann, I am the Head of Department for Training at an airline catering company with , employees
Senior Consultant with Human Resource Consultancy
I am an occupational psychologist at Progressive Management Solutions Ltd. which offers training and consulting services to client organisations.
Four of you are on-line now, but I don't see any comments
from Emer; can anyone recommend an article on Accelerated Learning ?
This is the first time I have done an online workshop, is there any way of saving the data, this might seem a bit silly to you but I like to look back and review data afterwards.
from Bonnie at Edinburgh University Settlement, what IS accelerated learning?
Bonnie, it is a combination of methods and theories to enhance a persons learning ability, in a small nutshell ! from Emer.
from Bonnie - Emer, how does it work?
Ann - I think you can print out a chat.
Hi guys, sorry to be late
Is there a topic in progresss?
Accelerated Learning
Bonnie, I'm just learning about it myself, it includes looking at the Learning Environment e.g. the set up of a room, comfy chairs, use of certain types of music which are in time with your brain waves at Alpha state (best for learning), use of colour, mind maps activities,presentation techniques,involving all the senses in learning,applying the learning, etc..
Bernie if you mean any Accelerated Training there is a Computer training course which is free on-line. You would need to go to - aaahhh, I can't find the web address, it something like training-GO, but its only for people based in the UK
Emer - sounds VERY modern (and possibly American) - from Bonnie
Someone recommended a web site to me yesterday about the use of music to enhance learning - there's a reference in WebWatch on TrainingZone recently
Ann, tell me more about the computer training address, what does it cover in Accelerated Learning? Bonnie, I am not sure as of yet where it actually originated from..anyone else know?
I read something about that kind of training years back, and it seemed quite impressive, though I wasn't in this field of work at that time.
from Bonnie - how interactive is the learning website with the music?
Bonnie, it's not very interactive - it has some good links and some papers about how music can be used to increase the learning of individuals and groups
The computer training course is more to get yourself around the internet and make the most out of the software you use, but there is an AEB accredition at the end of the course, and you can do it in your own time.
thanks, Tim. Sounds like it would have more real value if it WERE more interactive.
Sorry if I'm asking questions you've already covered, but are you all training managers responsible for training departmetns or similar?
They say that the old classics is very good in getting your mind in tune, maybe I should listen to some to be able to reminder details better.
from Emer; Have any of you used music while training ? I haven't as of yet, but am looking forward to trying it out! Tim I am Head of the Training department in an Airline Catering company with 2,500 staff. As for what music to use there are different recommendations...interested in knowing some ?
Tim, I' m part of a consultancy which offers training services and consulting services to clients
Tim from Bonnie - I am a member of a Leonardo da Vinci project, led by Kerry VEC (Ireland) that seeks to write and make current eventually a European Certificate of Basic Competence.
from Emer; Bonnie are you working in Ireland ?
I am going to be a careers and training advisor to youngster that come to the Youth Service
Emer from Bonnie - no, I work for the Edinburgh University Settlement.
I'm interested in just how diversified 'training' methods are in organisations: those I work with still tend to be very fixed in classroom style learning; only a small proportion are really developing coaching, job swaps, online, project-based, etc forms of learning. What do you notice happening in your organisations?
As I have just started volunteering, I can not say about the Youth Service history.
Although I have found that although they promise training, nothing seems to have appeared.
Tim, I agree, classroom still dominates. I would like to see more Coaching and Mentoring however that invloves a commitment from line managers...not always easy to get ! As the operation always comes first ! This is also why I'm interested in using Accelerated Learning techniques to improve the learning that does take place in the classroom.
I worked for several years with youth and social services - but much of the training was pretty traditional
Tim from Bonnie - the Settlement has a 2nd Chance to Learn project that hopes to increase on-line learning. But I feel that in Scotland, the Higher Still programme has skewed adult training to a classroom model. Training in interpersonal skills is going on parallel to this now as part of the volunteering industry. Millennium Volunteers are working with Community Education Validation and Endorsement (CeVe) to get volunteers accredited.
Bonnie - as someone who lives with a Higher Still Development Officer, I know the pressures; however, some of the work going into the Personal and Social Education strand of Higher Still will offer much more flexibility
I am currently on 2 different courses and they are very informal, which is brillant, we seem to be getting a lot of confidence together as well as networking and learning.
Emer, do you find much uptake of coaching/mentoring approaches?
Tim - URGENT - bcan you get your partner to give me module numbers or whatever for Pewrsonal and Social Education? The literature I have is a pared-down version of the old gSVQs and doesn't contain Personal and Social Development. Thanks!!
Sure Bonnie - just drop me an email later to remind me;
from Bonnie - is anybody involved in the New Deal?
from Emer; Tim I have conducted some Coaching Skills sessions at work and rec'd good feedback on them. However the proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say !! I asked each delegate to complete an action plan b4 they left the session and said I would remind them of it in 3months time. So far those that attended SAY they have completed the coaching sessions.D
Are all of you just looking at training others or are you also interested in self-development - I am involved with the New Deal - I am currently benefiting from it, and hope it be able to get a reasonable paid job after my training.
There are some interesting opportunities for creative learning within New Deal - I've seen mentoring schemes, shadowing, etc
Can someone explain New Deal to me ?
Emer - I like the action plan and follow up approach - but the real uphill task is to get the line manager involved in this so that they are coaching/supervising their staff during and through their learning
Emer, that is a very tall order! Worse than explaining Accelerated Learning! -Bonnie x
I am very interested in what the New Deal can do, because so far I have had to find and organise my own training and they just pay for it and my childcare.
Emer: have a look at which offers some 'starter' information.
At the end of the day you still have to go to the job centre.
I must go - it has been great fun talking to you all - bye and best wishes! -Bonnie
Bye Bonnie - drop by for another workshop soon
Tim , I agree wholeheartedly. I'd love to see people attend training sessions (if that was the suitable way of addressing their need) and then afterwards have their line manager support and coach them through the transference of learning from the classroom to the workfloor ! Thanks for the web details Tim , I'll look it up now and the one on training zones web watch so Bye for now !
Tim, I will email you tomorrow at the address you gave - many thanks.
Bye Emer
Ann, where did you say you were working?
Thanks for the interesting chat, hope to hear from you all again- (Tim)- I didn't, but I volunteer my time for The Hastings and Bexhill Youth Service.
OK. Looks like we're running out, so I'll sign off and hope to chat to you again soon


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