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TrainingZONE LearningWire #105 – report from e-learning exhibition, who influences trainers,special feature: any answers?


TrainingZONE LearningWIRE - Issue 105
12 June 2000


1. Reports from the e-learning exhibition and conference
2. Government split over paid paternity leave
3. Poll results: influences on the development of a trainer/coach
4. Special community feature: Any Answers?
5. Peter Honey wants to know: just how do we learn to learn?


Editor's Note

Dear TrainingZONE member,

This week, TrainingZONE reports from the e-learning exhibition
and conference in London. A number of course content providers
were present, with an equal number of companies offering software
'platforms' for companies to build their own content onto.
There were mixed views about the success of the event, though -
TrainingZONE member David West felt that most of the content
providers failed to answer two basic questions: Does this
programme teach the right things? and will the students stay
awake during it? TrainingZONE was disappointed at the content of
one of the seminars it attended - it seemed to be a promotional
exercise for technology provider ntl!

Best wishes
Stephanie Phillips
News Editor, TrainingZONE

Latest News
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Reports from the e-learning exhibition and conference
TrainingZONE attended the opening and keynote session, with
presentations from Mark Lliff, MCS leader at
PricewaterhouseCoopers and Frank Nigriello, group director of
corporate affairs at the Unipart Group. Discover PwC's top tips
for installing e-learning, and find out more about the
pioneering Unipart U at

David West casts a sceptical eye over the exhibition at

You can find a brief round-up of what's new in the world of e-
learning at:

Government split over paid paternity leave
David Blunkett and Stephen Byers have conflicting views on
whether paternity leave should be paid for by the state,
according to the recent speeches they've given on the topic.
Blunkett's opinion is that paternity leave should not be state-
funded, but Byers has refused to rule out the possibility, saying
that "any changes to benefits would have to be paid for, within
public expenditure restrictions.......but before we rule out
anything we need to explore all the options".

Do you plan to work as hard in the future?
TrainingZONE is undertaking a comparative survey across several
of our professional communities comparing working hours and
trends between those who work in training, HR, law and
accounting. The shortage of skilled knowledge workers has
triggered a "war for talent" among professional organisations and
placed an increasingly heavy workload on existing staff. Our
online survey asks whether, in the next 12 months, you expect to:
- Spend more time at work
- Spend roughly the same time at work
- Spend less time at work
- Look for a new job with better pay
- Downshift to a new job to work less
Register your vote at:

Government money available to help with stress at work
The stress caused by pressure at work has been a hot topic in the
papers recently. Last week, the Sunday Times reported on a study
from the Harvard School of Public Health, which reported that
stress is as big a threat to health as smoking. Both The Times
and The Sun have since joined in with similar stories. It's
interesting to read therefore of the government's plans to help
ease some of that pressure by providing money for employers to
promote work-life balance.

Managing E-People and E-Cultures Conference: 7 July, London. How to
recruit and retain your e-colleagues in a competitive world.
Leading speakers with real experience from the sector will draw on
their experience and knowledge to discuss what is excellence in
areas such as recruitment, people development, talent management
and training. Win your workforce - attend this conference. For
details email [email protected] or phone 01234 364844
15,700 professionals receive LearningWire. To reach our

Progress in achieving transparency of vocational qualifications
CEDEFOP and the European Training Village report on the role of
the European Forum on transparency of vocational qualifications.
The main objective of the forum is to make it easier to transfer
vocational qualifications from one Member State to another.

Virtual learning organisations
A new book entitled 'Virtual Learning Organisations: learning
at the workplace campus' has been published this week which
explores how modern technology supports the development of
genuinely learning organisations

Discussion forum
TrainingZONE's discussion forum has recently received a facelift
and now incorporates useful features such as email alerts if new
messages are posted in any of the conferences which interest you.
Two new conferences which are worth a look are the ones on online
learning, on outdoor training, and on those studying for a
training qualification. Have a look and add your views.

Special offer 25% off Linguaphone language courses
- Choose from over 30 languages
- Flexible self study format, perfect for business or leisure
- Full language support
Product details are at order call
0208 3334870 or mailto:[email protected] quoting BU2010

TrainingZONE workshop: Accreditation: is it worth it?
Accreditation can be a confusing issue. For some people, the
award of a certificate or credit increases the 'currency' and
value of their training. And for others, it detracts from the
usefulness of the experience because of the need to meet
accrediting criteria which may not be relevant to what they want
to learn. This workshop is an opportunity to seek clarity on
these and other issues with other trainers and teachers.
Join the workshop on Tuesday 13 May 2000 from 13:00 - 13:45 BST

* * * * * * * * * * * SHOOTING STARS * * * * * * * * * * * ******
HR Generalist for a client consultancy role.
Salary 25000-50000 GBP. Based Henley-on-Thames/Lancaster.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * ** * * * **

The CareerZone at TrainingZONE is building steadily into a top
quality directory of high calibre training and HRD vacancies.
Check CareerZone out at:

Just how do we learn to learn?
Peter Honey is engaged in a new survey on behalf of the Campaign
for Learning into exactly how we 'learn to learn'. He's developed
a simple questionnaire which is available on request, and all
respondents will receive a copy of his report in due course.

Online MSc in Lifelong Learning
Stirling University and Glasgow Caledonian University have been
working together to deliver a modularised certificate, diploma
and masters degree programme in Lifelong Learning which is
delivered to students over the Web. Prior learning can be
accredited and the programme has wide relevance to trainers,
lecturers and educators in many fields.

Facilitation and Consultancy Skills Training.
We specialise in training people in these key skills. ELEMENTS
has been running in-house programmes for 10 years. An amazing
client list is available. We offer participants lots of practice,
feedback and applied theory. We build personal and professional
skills and confidence. mailto:[email protected]

Who and what influences the development of a trainer/coach
Some surprising results are thrown up by our recent survey
into the factors which have influenced the professional
development of trainers and coaches. It seems that
inspirational teachers really do have a profound impact.

Our view: We believe that training professionals can be helped
to refine their skills through good coaching and sound training,
but that the essence of a great trainer is their effective
personal style, their confidence in their material, and their
comfort with group dynamics. Inspirational leaders can set an
example, but just copying them is no substitute for developing
your own unique approach.

First chair of new Learning and Skills Council
The government has announced the appointment of Bryan Sanderson,
Group Managing Director of BP Amoco Plc and Chief Executive of BP
Amoco Chemicals to be the first chair of the national Learning
and Skills Council which will take over from the TEC network from
April next year.

Useful comments for appraisers who are short of words!
USA-based Zigon Performance Group has some interesting
suggestions recommended for that section on evaluation/appraisal
forms set aside for additional comments:
'this young lady has delusions of adequacy'
'works well when under constant supervision and cornered like a
rat in a trap'
'some drink from the fountain of knowledge; he only gargled'
'this employee is depriving a village somewhere of an idiot'
Check out these and some more practical advice from Zigon at

Special feature this week: focus on Any Answers
As hundreds of TrainingZONE users have already found out, this is
the forum for asking questions and receiving helpful answers from
other members. Thanks to Michael Sumyk, Simon Garland and Maggie
Mosley for providing just some of the answers in the past week.
Among this week's questions:
- Ian Cawthra asks for information on the success or otherwise
of job shadowing schemes
- John Lavelle is looking for ideas to improve innovation within
an organisation
- Sarah Parker wants to find Myers Briggs accreditation
- Malcolm Hornby is preparing a practical guide for newly
appointed leaders and is looking to exchange ideas
- Jane Rostron is looking for courses for online mentors in IT
- Ian Shaw is looking for the Beer Game used in supply chain
- Liz Warren wonders which are the top ten training publications
in the UK

If you can answer any of these, or have a question of your own,
just go to use the
Comments feature at the end of each question to relay your
answers direct to the questioner. It's easy and very rewarding!

The weekly webwatch has turned up these gems - we've kept an eye
on the internet for you at

IPD: request for feedback on professional standards
The Institute for Personnel and Development (IPD) is canvassing
opinion on the new professional standards they have drawn up to
reflect the Institute's soon-to-be-acquired chartered status.
Anyone who would like to comment can add their contribution to
the discussion at by mailto:[email protected].
The standards will be available on the IPD website
(membership login required to view) from 9 June at

Harvard ManageMentor resources for managers
Xebec-McGraw Hill have recently published a series of 24 online
'Management Mentor' resources covering such topics as Assessing
Performance, Leading a Team, Negotiating, Coaching and Working
with a Virtual Team. There's some problems in accessing (and
indeed paying for!) the materials, but you can get a direct link
to the Harvard ManageMentor resources at

UKHRD adds search facility
UKHRD the UK-based daily email forum for people engaged in
training and HRD, has just added an archive search facility to
the question-and-answer network.

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