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TrainingZONE LearningWire #107 – Interview of the week: Springboard Consultancy, evaluating e-learning, WOLCE Open Learning Awar


TrainingZONE LearningWIRE - Issue 107
26 June 2000


1. Interview of the week: The Springboard Consultancy
2. Freelancers take pragmatic approach to training, says study
3. Evaluating e-learning: ten questions answered
4. WOLCE Open Learning Awards launched
5. Training Solutions and IT Training Show


Editor's Note

Dear TrainingZONE member,

Where would you place the boundaries of training and learning?
This is a question which has been taxing us considerably over
recent months. Businesses have increasingly sought proof of the
return on investment in staff from their training budget
expenditure. Government policy appears to focus specifically on
employee skills with an implicit assumption that learning =
training = skills (= vocational qualifications?). Meanwhile the
new force to be reckoned with - UfI - is giving out varying
messages. Both elements of the original University for Industry
name have been dropped in favour of the more anonymous acronym;
and the public face will be known as the LearnDirect (itself a
rebranding of Learning Direct). On the one hand, UfI is
generating a network of welcome learning resource centres, which
presumably will work closely with the new network of Learning and
Skills Councils ('skills' focus again), whilst any half-awake
follower of Euro2000 cannot fail to have noticed the campaign to
"Get Your Kit On" which directs individuals to LearnDirect in
order to re-engage in sport!

It seems to us that the core message is mixed. Our policy is to
promote the broader vision of inclusive learning: one where both
organisations and individuals are engaged in learning (not
training, and not just skills). We see the need for the emergence
of a 'learning spirit' in the workplace. The TrainingZONE
Advisory Board meets at Westminster this week and this issue of
boundaries is central to the agenda; we hope to generate a policy
document shortly. However, we would also welcome your views of
this issue: just where would you place the boundaries of training
and learning?

Tim Pickles
Managing Director
mailto:[email protected]

Latest News
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Interview of the week: The Springboard Consultancy
The Springboard Consultancy are celebrating the tenth anniversary
of women's development programme Springboard. TrainingZONE spoke
to chief executive Jenny Daisley about how the programme has
evolved during that time.

Freelancers take pragmatic approach to training, says study
The 'Train to Gain' research by KnowledgePool reported on by
TrainingZONE last week also reveals that less than half of the
freelance community invests in any form of training. As
freelancers usually have to fund training themselves, this is not
surprising, but the study also reveals that freelancers who don't
train don't feel the need to.

On learning, training and performance enhancement
Although often used as one and the same, it's pretty clear to
those in the training world that learning and training are two
separate things. Although one may happen with the other (and it's
a definite positive if learning does occur alongside training!),
you can certainly keep the two apart. A short article in online
careers network throws another term into the hat and
asks 'What is the difference between training, learning and
performance enhancement?'

ONLINE LEARNING CONFERENCE- Using web-based technology for
corporate training. September 25-26 2000, London. This
conference brings combined expertise from leaders in the field of
corporate training, and organisations who've had a head start in
integrating online learning into their training strategy.
Online learning will benefit all. For more information visit ring 020 7252 2222.
17,000 professionals receive LearningWire. To reach our

Evaluating e-learning: ten questions answered
The latest issue of What Works Online magazine from ASTD, a USA-
based association concerned with workplace learning, has an
interesting article on evaluating e-learning, including a helpful
list of frequently-asked questions about how to go about
evaluating e-learning, answered using examples of current
research available.

TrainingZONE workshop: Unlock the power of difference
Tuesday 27 June 2000, 13:00-13:45 BST

The primary purpose of all learning and development is to create
valuable difference. Despite this, those who engage with
learning and development often return to a working environment
where nothing has changed but themselves and experience the
frustrations of trying to implement what they have learned.

Hazel D Lyth leads this week's workshop, which will include the
following key components:
- How experience reinforces expectations and limits potential
- How the ability to innovate, create and enterprise is inhibited
by 'in the box' thinking
- How to anticipate the consequences of change

Read more about the workshop programmes and log in for this
week's discussion at

Now you can create a flexible and effective Training Resource
Centre that will sustain your organisation's training and
development needs. Pergamon Flexible Learning's Super Series 3
and the Institute of Management Open Learning Programme workbooks
provide an exclusive opportunity for your organisation to access
quality learning materials and develop skills whilst working
towards recognized qualifications.

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e-learning specialists, London. 30,000-65,000 GBP
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The CareerZone at TrainingZONE is building steadily into a top
quality directory of high calibre training and HRD vacancies.
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Call centres assume soft skills are innate
Research from the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne appears to
refute claims that a great deal of time and money is spent on
training call centre staff. A key aim of the project is to
investigate the nature and quality of the training that call
centre employees receive, but so far, the research has revealed
that training provision is not as well-defined as the call
centres have claimed.

IT skills training for the disabled can help plug skills gap
AbilityNet and Workability are two programmes designed to help
the disabled develop their IT skills for the workplace, helping
employers and contributing towards shrinking the IT skills gap.

Minimum wage - 'four and against'
There's been a fair bit of to-ing and fro-ing over the issue of
the minimum wage over the last few days. Several of the tabloid
papers have reported an expected rise to 4 pounds an hour, only
for the Low Pay Commission to deny this completely on the 'phone
to TrainingZONE.

Later in the week, press reports stated that it is likely the
four pound wage will take two years to arrive.

Training Solutions and IT Training Show
Only a week to go to this important, lively show which runs at
the NEC, Birmingham from 4-6 July. Around 200 exhibitors will be
displaying their services, and there is an extensive list of
product launches and news announcements, as well as a series of
integrated mini-workshops and conference sessions. For a complete
programme and a highly innovative virtual reality exhibition
featuring 50 of the trade stands, go to
TrainingZONE will be reporting daily from the event with up-to-
the-minute coverage, reviews and opinion on what's happening.
We'll also have our own announcements to make and next week's
LearningWire will feature a preview of the Show. As always you
are invited to attend the TrainingZONE reception to meet other
members, partners and staff. Come along to our stand on Wednesday
5 July from 3.30pm for free drinks and networking.
We look forward to meeting you!

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You are invited to the TrainingZone RECEPTION
and NETWORKING event at the Training Solutions
and IT Training Show

Meet other members, staff, suppliers and partners

Wednesday 5 July, from 3.30 p.m. Stand E100, Hall 9

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WOLCE Open Learning Awards launched
It could soon be time to dig out that black tie and dinner
jacket, as the World Open Learning Conference and Exhibition
have announced the launch of WOLCE Open Learning Awards, which
are being billed as the 'Oscars' of the open learning world.
Nominations are being invited for the following awards:
- Best bespoke open learning programme
- Best generic open learning programme
- New learner (sponsored by LearnDirect)
- Learning Resource Centre manager of the year
- A special award for 'outstanding contribution to the open
learning industry'

Launching and Managing a CORPORATE UNIVERSITY. Developing a model
to run Training Like a Business and deliver real results in
learning programmes. 19th - 21st September 2000, The Cafe Royal,
London. 3-day conference plus workshops, including case studies
from Motorola, Shell, Siemens, Unisys, AA, Honda, GTE, Barclays,
AstraZeneca & Unipart. More details on http://www.iqpc.comor
mailto:[email protected].


Any answers
TrainingZONE readers are seeking answers to the following:

Presentation skills course (open) sought
I am seeking an English-speaking UK or European-based
Presentation skills course in order to develop our programme co-
ordinator. She has no previous experience (formally), but is a
confident person and outgoing. We are based in Utrecht/
Netherlands, although the business language is English. Do you
have any recommendations? The Industrial Society is not an option.

Thank you
Guy Hunter

Other pressing questions needing an answer:

- Kath Gledhill seeks a course in production of training guides
for software
- George Edwards is looking for Braille readers/translators/
- Mark Outhwaite wants input from others for a tele-communications
competencies checklist

If you can answer any of these, or have a question of your own,
just go to use the
Comments feature at the end of each question to relay your
answers direct to the questioner.
Go on, you'll have done another TrainingZONE member a favour!

You can check out the latest hot links at

DfEE launches 'meeting point' for small businesses
The Department for Education and Employment has launched a web-
based service for small businesses to communicate with the
Department, receive updated information and, perhaps most
importantly, discuss and share good ideas with other small
businesses. The site, which is being piloted initially, can be
found at

Access to Opportunities from Surrey TEC
Surrey TEC launched their Access to Opportunities website in 1997
in response to the Fryer report on Learning for the Twenty-first
Century, which recommended that 'the provision of up-to-date,
accessible and impartial information and advice will be essential
if a strategy of lifelong learning for all is to be successful.

The site has a link to a useful list of learning skills resources
put together by Plymouth University at

The Surrey TEC site also links to the Serif website, which has
been created to give access to information about thousands of
training courses across the South East of England. The site is at

Vote your office 'Office of the year'
Do you want to carry your chair home or devote yourself to your
desk? Office technology firm Gestetner are currently searching
for the best-looking (and most user-friendly) office in the UK.
You can 'rate your room' at, but unfortunately there's no prize
for the most dull and dire workplace....

Communication and NLP
A selection of free extracts, resources and tips around the issues
of communication and NLP are provided on the current Gower
Training Page of the Month, based on materials published by Gower
and available for sale. The current materials cover managing
communication, NLP Training and internal communication.

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